Thursday, July 10, 2014


I am not going to say this is the greatest zoo in the world - in many ways I feel sorry or the animals.  But it does have its advantages in educating the children. 

Bela does love the gorillas.  It is the  first big exhibit when you enter the zoo, and trying to get Bela to move on is a challenge.  I think she could watch them for hours. 

The new aquarium is very small, but it does show the children, and adults a good spectrum of aquatic live.  It was actually quite interesting to watch the jelly fish and sea horses.  They have a few small sharks and a good choice of gulf fish on display.  Bela enjoyed all of the fish. 

I ended up buying a family pass which allows for my roommate to go with his one daughter still under 18, Bela, her brother Begnino and mother and step dad to all go together.  If the step dad does not go I can go as the one adult non-family.  To my surprise they gave me credit for the original $37.00 I paid to get in.  The pass saved the $4 on parking.  Just one more visit and we are already saving money.  With the family pass I know we will go at least 6 times a year.  I cannot wait for Boo at the Zoo.

The butterfly exhibit was interesting for what Bela learned.  But be careful, the $3 to get in sign is not clearly posted - so you do not learn about the fee until you are actually already in the exhibit.  There is also a nice play area with sprinklers for the kids when they get tired and hot.

So go have a day with your kids and if you can afford it buy a family pass.  The exercise alone is worth it.

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