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"The three-judge panel ruled that Indiana’s marriage statute discriminated arbitrarily among religious and ethical beliefs, favoring certain religions over others and disfavoring members of humanist societies who wanted their marriages sanctified by someone holding the same beliefs."

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I have said this before.  I believe Texas should open up who can and cannot perform marriages in Texas.  There should be a simple application process to be licensed to perform marriages.  This would create more competition and force the judges to drop the fee they charge.

In other states, people can have nudist marriages - not in Texas because no one authorized to perform the marriage will do it.  But a humanist would have no problem doing it.  Oh, I guess there might be an open minded judge somewhere.


 (a) The following persons are authorized to conduct a marriage ceremony:

  (1)  a licensed or ordained Christian minister or priest;            
  (2)  a Jewish rabbi;
  (3)  a person who is an officer of a religious organization and who is authorized by the organization to conduct a marriage ceremony;  and

 (4)  a justice of the supreme court, judge of the court of criminal appeals, justice of the courts of appeals, ... in listing basically all judges.


But in Texas a humanist cannot perform a marriage ceremony even if that is the wishes of the couple.  If I wanted to open a marriage hall and perform marriages based on any desires of the couples should I not be allowed to do that?  Should the couple not be allowed to have any type marriage ceremony they want?

Imagine your best friend who knows you and your future spouse better than anyone in the world.  You know he/she can perform the ceremony of your dreams because he/she can speak from the heart about your love for one another - wouldn't it be nice to be able to ask this person to officiate over your wedding?

I think so - and as a friend they would probably charge zero.

Texas law is designed to protect the churches and the judges, while ignoring the needs and wishes of the couple.

It is time Texas law reflect this federal judge's ruling and open the door to anyone officiating over marriages.  It is in the interest of the couples to choose the person they want, and it will certainly bring down the cost of getting married.  I would certainly have no problem doing Brownsville marriages for $75.00 and SPI weddings for $150.00  A bidding war with the judges is in the interest of the people.

Plus I would charge zero for poor couples.

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