Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Let's begin with the nonsense.  I am working on stories, but I cannot force people to comply with the law.  Sometimes I just abandon open records requests because it is not worth the effort.

The summer can be slow on the blogs. People are on vacation so sources are hard to get ahold of.  Right now a lot of people are remaining silent out of fear they may say something related to the politiqueras.  Most elected officials are anxious to get their BS on the blogs.  They like the BV because they know if I accept it there is no cost.  But when you reject enough BS they stop calling.

The other day a woman told me she was sent to me by an unknown elected official because I could be trusted to get to the  truth.  While I believe the woman's story is 100% truthful and merits a criminal investigation, I do not have time to review well over a thousand pages of documents to unfold the story.  And the reality is, the story was sent to me because it would benefit the politician who referred the woman and not for some altruist motivation to make Cameron county a better place. - Finally they did not want to pay Montoya.  If they want the story out there they will need to pay Montoya - the story is good - the criminal conduct is real - but I am not going to put my life aside to review so many documents.


His post on Rene Oliviera yesterday was filler he needed to create because sources are silent right now.  Limitations is 2 years so this couple has no right to sue - period.  Beyond there being an accident I have never been able to verify any part of his story.  In fact his entire story is mostly quoting anony's posting on his blog.  I do not doubt there was an accident. Beyond that I doubt most of the remaining part of the story.  For example unless Rene paid cash for the car- there had to have been insurance because the bank requires it and if you do not buy it the  bank buys it for you and makes it part of your payment.

I suspect the insurance company quietly settled with a confidentiality agreement which is why the couple cannot claim having been paid.

The entire story was a repeat of old unverified anony posts - why? - the summer is slow and sources are scarce.  Olivera has no chance of not being reelected.  An old story does nothing to him.

No one wants Oliviera gone more than me.  He and I have been going at it for some 12 years - long before I moved here.  He is highly disliked by many Mexican American organizations and I was always there for them when they had issues with him.

Getting rid of Oliviera is not even a challenge.  He orchestrated the multi-million dollar theft of rent money from TSC and he was sanctioned for his actions in the Villalobos case.  Any qualified Latina with the money can kick his ass from one end of Texas to the other.  That would give me great pleasure.


Really, do any of you idiots believe the politiqueras, four of which are represented by Masso, are talking?  I want them to talk.  But here is the problem.  Because Masso is their counsel the investigators must notify him even if his client walks in voluntarily.  They would have to fire Masso on their own before they could talk to an investigator, and then they would have no skills to negotiated immunity.

On Facunda and Beatrice Garcia that is another story.  They are being worked in terms of finding out who they worked for and who paid them.  I am hoping they already cut a deal with the AG.


The sole source that Space X chose Brownsville was the Florida Space Agency.  Since their announcement Musk has had enough time to formally make the announcement.  I think the Florida Space Agency intentionally put out a bogus story as a way of telling Mush, "we are done negotiating - take it or leave it," and Musk panicked. 

Brownsville may still get Space X, but at best I think we remain just a pawn between Florida and Space X.  Also with Space X in court with the US government making enemies of them it is not all that certain they will get the government launches they want.  Without these launches Brownsville will not need the 12,000 runway.

I think with Florida and the feds, Musk overplayed his cards. 


Anonymous said...

March 21, 2013 Rene Oliveira runs into the back of a car sitting at a red light in downtown Austin. His new Caddy paid for by his campaign money had to be hauled off. My point in this, oh who cares. March 29, 2000 Brownsville Herald story he tried to get on a plane with loaded hand gun, my point oh who cares. You do this and you will care.

BobbyWC said...

you just ad fuel to the fire why we need a highly qualified well funded Latina to run against him.

And you watch - the second he fears losing he will pay Montoya $500 a month to make him into a Saint

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why a highly qualified Latina? How about just a honest, dedicated qualified individual who is willing to work for his/her community? A person who careless about the opinion of the local bloggers but is more interested in providing the best representation to his/her constituency.

Anonymous said...

Montoya scooped you again. Erin is still under investigation by the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

BobbyWC said...

I only say highly qualified Latina because it improves the chances of the candidate winning. Properly funded Latinas seem to be able to beat men.

But I do not care if they are from Mars so long as they are qualified and can beat Oliviera.

On the Montoya scoop - scoop what? His article beyond Sorola receiving a letter stating the investigation continues says nothing. I got those letters for nearly 4 years on Ben Neece.

The letter says nothing about what is being investigated. Montoya true to form just assumes what they are investigating. The letter makes no mention of what is being investigated.

Further the AG did not say Erin Garcia violated the law - that is just another of Montoya's fabricated lies - the AG said a court could conclude - big difference.

The only thing scooped is your brains for believing his lies - lies you would have seen had you even clicked on the letter or known if you knew anything about the process.

And yes, we know Louis Sorola is going to call me and tell me he got the mandatory update letter the commission sends to all complaining parties..

I wonder how much Louis had to pay Montoya to print it and then lie.

Bobby Wc