Friday, July 25, 2014


I have read 8 emails and they sicken me.  This thing [it is not human and I mean thing] has no moral compass when it comes to TSC and its students.

I am tired.  After I return from my eye doctor appointment I will post another email which shows her conspiracy with Tony Martinez and Rose Gowen.  Its needs explanation and I am just too tired- plus I have to get up at 6:30.  And for the record, any comments defending her will be rejected - I have no interest in hearing the excuses of other people without a moral compass.   Her abusive conduct will be evident even to idiots.


I took several criminal cases over the years which may repulse some of my readers.  I always told the client the same thing - "my job is no to get you off, but to make sure that what ever the state does it do according to the law."   Translation - that my client get a fair hearing and due process is met.  It was never no mind to me if the result was innocent or guilty so long as everyone followed the law.

But some lawyers take clients merely for money without any regard for their actions.  I am working on a matter right now wherein a corporation witness committed felony perjury before the Texas Workforce Commission.  The chief counsel for the corporation knows he committed felony perjury.  But then this corporation hired her because they knew she had no moral compass.  These are the most dangerous lawyers and the ones who should never be allowed to practice law.

Diane Dillard chose in exchange for money to aid Tony Martinez in his conspiracy to do injury to TSC and in effect its students.  This was not a case of a client being charged with a crime and Diane Dillard simply insuring due process is followed.  This is a case of Diane Dillard for money aiding Tony Martinez to do injury to TSC while keeping it from the City Commission.  On Monday I have an email wherein she is trying to have a meeting at her home where it is more secure, or at the home of an assistant city attorney.  This is not how business is done.

The email.  What is clear is Diane Dillard is being tasked to look into a reverter clause concerning land the COB deeded to TSC while Juliet Garcia was in charge.  The deed required that TSC use the land in a certain way by a date certain or the COB could force that TSC deed the land back to the COB. 

This is perfectly legal.  But the significance is Tony Martinez, Rose Gowen and Diane Dillard are communicating on this while keeping the remainder of the city commission out of it.  And its purpose is to take away land from TSC.  This is the second of many posts to come wherein it is clear Diane Dillard, wife of federal judge Hanen is working with Tony Martinez to do injury to TSC..

Something I have not discussed in the past which is now very relevant is, Judge Hanen offered to try and mediate the differences between TSC and UTB.  The problem is he never disclosed to the TSC trustees he proposed this to that his wife was actively working against TSC.  It is incredulous Judge Hanen did not see the conflict of interest in offering to mediate between the parties, while his wife was getting paid to conspire against TSC.


Anonymous said...

Diane an her fucked up no good snake in the grass husband are so fucked crooked. He has the gull to judge ppl whle he has his hand in the cookie jar.

BobbyWC said...

I wasn't going to allow for the comment, but I have spoken to enough attorneys to know Judge Hanen and his wife have lost the respect of a lot of people. He is simply no longer trusted by many of the lawyers who appear before him.

Bobby WC