Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Somehow I missed this comment from the 18th.  If a comment comes through as spam I will miss it.  I do try and check a secondary listing of comments periodically.  This is how I found this comment which is now posted under the story from the 18th.

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
If Saenz represented the state against the politiqueras and more indictments are coming as he stated, you need to question you're sources credibility. Montoya's posting today shows quite the opposit to your article.
July 18, 2014 at 2:54 PM"
All Saenz's office did was appear  for the arraignment - nothing else.  There was no reason for Jonathan White to fly in from Austin for a simple arraignment.  I have an email  from the public information office for the AG.  It says they completed all of the charging instruments and conducted all of the interviews.  I will go with the AG's office over Montoya who is on Saenz's payroll.
Today's visit to the court house was to obtain a copy of the Informations to learn what is in them and to show my readers they are all signed off by Jonathan White of the AG's office and not Saenz or anyone in his office.  What limited information you see on the screen on the 2nd floor of the Administration building says the cases were filed under the jurisdiction of the AG's office.
So again between what anyone can see in the data base and what the AG's office told me, I will go with those sources over that of a paid for hack by Saenz.
I did not have my cell phone with me, but I will be down that way on Tuesday - if I get a chance I will take a picture of the screen so you can see for yourself.  I am certain you will then come back and say Montoya lied and disclose your name - not.  And  for the record even the staff on the 2nd floor tried to print the screen and it would not print so I could not get a printed copy.


Anonymous said...

Saenz is indicting politiqueras, so when would he be indicting candidates/ sitting officials, him included??

BobbyWC said...

Saenz had nothing to do with it - you seem too dense to understand that. Misdemeanors do not require an indictment - The AG just typed up the Informations and filed them. He could have asked a grand jury but it is not required. The file clearly shows everything was done by Jonathan White of the AG's office in Austin.

The file clearly says prosecuting agency - Attorney General.

What will it take for you to understand something so simple?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

First you say that Saenz had nothing to do with it...then you say he does. First you say that the politiqueras did not get indicted...that you could not find any information that would suggest it....then you say they were. This trying to discredit Montoya at every turn is getting pretty old Bobby...and pretty pathetic. Why cant you give him credit? He was spot on!