Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have said this many times, I am a patient man.  Since before moving to Brownsville nearly 10 years ago, I along with many others pushed as hard as we could to obtain Commissioner Price's indictment.  When you read the indictment you see this took them 14 years.  The FBI can be slow.  They actually encourage criminal conduct by taking so long.  They knew for more than 10 years of his criminal conduct but allowed him to continue just so they could stack up the number of counts.  Isn't that a wonderful system.

I am a patient man.  I know the FBI.  It may take them 10 years to nail some of the people who still need nailing in Cameron county, but it will happen.

You can review the Price indictment here.  It is long - it is a lesson in patience and just how the FBI actually allows for criminal conduct for years just so they can increase the number of counts against the alleged defendant.  Anyone - please tell me how this helps us the victims of public corruption?  It does not, which is why the FBI is really the problem and cause for most of the public corruption.

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Anonymous said...

While I was listening this as breaking news on the Dallas news I thought of you telling how long it can take the FBI to finnish an investigation.