Thursday, July 3, 2014

Palm Resaca may be heading for bankruptcy - insurance company refuses claims over extortion scheme

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Palm Resaca Park which has been in the press for its attempts to rid the park of Brown people, tried to evict a resident for bowel incontinence.  Once their lawyer explained to the Park Board President, Pat Pratt, a Canadian national who has authorized the use of medical marijuana at the retirement community in violation of both federal and state law, eviction was not an option the eviction process stopped.

The resident was given a warning by the police to not suffer bowel incontinence again or he would be charged with criminal conduct.  Proof positive only idiots are hired by the Brownsville Police.  The warning was given on March 25, 2014.  But after Pat Pratt learned she could not evict the property owner, she had the police called again.

Palm Resaca Park is run by a group of white supremacists who want all Mexicans out.  Bowel incontinence is not a crime - well unless you are Detective Clipper and want to aide Palm Resaca in extorting $423 from a senior citizen on a fixed income.

Detective Clipper did no investigation,  he just went along with the extortion scheme.  Every case before the DA's office sent by Detective Clipper needs to be reviewed for fraudulent evidence and sufficiency of the evidence.  This corrupt cop went to Teddy Wheeler, park manager, and accepted as true that the bowel incontinence was a bogus claim.  Detective Clipper made clear to the resident pay for the cleaning costs or he would be back the next day to arrest the resident.

No one disputes the resident should pay the costs of the clean up, but rectal anal cancer in not a crime.  Now that we have all of the medical records and dates and times in order a formal request for the indictment of Teddy Wheeler, Pat Pratt, and Detective Clipper will be made.  Everything is going to the DOJ and FBI as a civil rights conspiracy violation. 

I am also moving to have Pat Pratt's US Visa pulled for promoting the illegal use of medical marijuana in Texas.

The fact the city commission and our worthless mayor are aware of this and have taken no action against the chief for his inaction is going to cost the city.  I will find a very high profile Dallas law firm to handle the City, Detective Clipper, and Palm Resaca.Rectal-anal cancer is not a crime no matter what Chief Rodriguez claims.

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