Friday, July 25, 2014


Dear:   BPUB General Manager and CEO John Bruciak,

I understand that most of the time power outages are unpredictable.  I understand that in many regards you have a thank-less job.

But let me explain a few things to you, you do not seem to understand.  You Mr. Brusiak have a duty to insure you have the crews ready to go when power outages happen.

I am up at this hour because without electricity I cannot use my CPAP to force air down into my lungs.  Had I tried to sleep I could have died in my sleep as I stop breathing.  If my sister were alive she could better explain this to you.

Now again, I get you cannot predict outages - they happen.

But in the case of Cowen Terrance there are two interesting facts.

One, for a very long time BPUB has known the original developer did not follow code and improperly installed the electrical lines which is why annually we have long term black outs and at least every other month the electricity will go out just long enough for me to wake up chocking.

As it was explained to me last night during the many conversations I had with the BPUB the shifting of the ground causes the defects in the installation of the original lines to cause the breakers in the transformer to blow or some other problem.  The BPUB has had more than 30 years to address this problem and has chosen instead to endanger the residents of Cowen Terrace.  Now I would say heads should be put out on stakes to send a message, but we all know nothing will be done.  BPUB has $500,000 to give to a convicted felon for a bogus start-up airline, but it does not have the money to address this danger to the residents of Cowen Terrace.


I was sitting out back to be cool waiting on anyone to show up in the alley to start the repairs.  It took about an hour for one truck to show up.  In the process of trying to replace a breaker in the transformer it blew and my windows shook and smoke filled the air.  They shut down the line and moved on to another transformer on the other side of my yard.  After working on this transformer for a while they just packed up and left.

I called the BPUB and Albert told me they were dispatched to another trouble area in Brownsville and we would have to wait another hour or so while they get other workers out of bed to come back to our area to work the problem.

I would love to learn what neighborhood deserved priority over ours even after they had already started working on the problem.

Well a neighbor and I were playing tag calling the PUB.  He called them and demanded an explanation as to why the grew had left from behind my house.  Albert got real nervous and the crew was sent back.  And guess what, they tried to place another breaker in the problem transformer and it blew shaking my windows a second time.

Well three hours later and unable to sleep the lights finally come back on.

Again, I get BPUB cannot predict these things.  But they get an "F" in my community because for years they have known the source of the problem and refuse to address it, and 2 they abandoned us in the middle of the repair because some other community was more important.  These are controllable issues and for this John Brusiak gets an "F"  for his management.

I guess when John has a family member die in their sleep from sleep apnea he will begin to understand why you do not intentionally not fix a chronic problem.

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