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Apparently among the known non-zombies at Palm Resaca the following email is going around.  I know a lot of the residents, so it was forwarded to me with a thank you for the article.  They are tired of Palm Resaca  being run like a concentration camp wherein self anointed leaders can do what ever they want to the detriment of the rest of the residents.

"Have you noticed the time and money spent maintaining the fountain in front.  Do you notice how quick after all the work is done the water in the fountain is almost immediately polluted.  Who or what do you suppose is responsible.  If not the geese then other birds in my estimation.  Maybe soil should replace the water and it used as a flower bed.  Maybe it should be shut down in the hot summer months so the workers can tend to other more important work.  Maybe you have other ideas to deal with the matter.  Here is an article on subject. 

The above article is very telling of feces in public pools and ponds.  I can tell you on any given day you will find bird droppings all around the pool area at Palm Resaca.  This is not about feces in the pool - it is about silencing dissent and removing from the park anyone the white supremacist deem uncleansed.
Can we get a  Rabbi or Priest in here please?

A former nurse on Monday oversaw a meeting of a handful of residents. The flyer which went out said "Town Hall Meeting Requested by Board of Directors." Some residents infuriated with the meeting are claiming the Board Members they spoke with claim to not know of any such request.

This former nurse - lacking the simple skill of learning how to google feces in public pools got the residents in an uproar over a rumor with no proof that feces was found in the pool.  As a former nurse you would think she would know that in a retirement park you are going to have a lot of residents who drip feces into the pool.  Maybe a good thing she is a former nurse.

It blows my mind that someone actually trained as a nurse or doctor would be unaware that feces will automatically make its way from the anus to the pool, especially among senior citizens.

The residents are in an uproar and threatening action because they were told, not by the board but by this former nurse the pool will be permanently closed until they can learn how to keep feces out of the pool.  Inasmuch it is a physical impossibility, Palm Resaca residents no longer have a pool.  The residents are in good standing to sue the Board of Directors to reopen the pool.

Last year from the CDC

"A study of public pools done during last summer’s swim season found that feces are frequently introduced into pool water by swimmers.  Through the study, released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), researchers found germs in samples of pool filter water collected from public pools."

This former nurse failed in her training to learn of a god created species known as birds.  Yes people these are animals which fly over your pool and leave feces in the water. 

Making matters worse was a former doctor chiming in about all of the dangers of feces in the pool.  Yes again a good thing he is a former doctor because he was too challenged to research the issue.  The key is to keep the chlorine high and the filter constantly backwashed and completely clean. My filter is backwashed every two weeks and my chlorine is kept on the high side of normal.  I cannot control the birds.  Also I do not inspect my guests' anuses prior to them entering my pool.  So I act responsibly in how I maintain my pool.  I do not pretend to assume everyone properly cleans themselves.  Grow up people and learn reality.

In what was a surreal moment, without any legal authority, this former nurse - who has no legal authority to do anything, allowed for a vote by the residents to demand a 72 hour eviction of the responsible party.  The fact they could not even agree feces was found in the pool meant nothing to these brain dead zombies.

The fact it was established at the meeting that the so called eye witnesses were unable to state they even saw feces was meaningless.

To everyone not a brain dead Zombie - I say sell your trailer now while you can and leave Palm Resaca to  the White Supremacists, and this former nurse and doctor.  They all deserve one another.

Power hungry brain dead zombies everyone of them.

Smile you're on Bobby View - idiots

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