Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The picture is Bela with her brother. She finally has a solid family with a great step-dad. I was helping the mother look for a new apartment and the mother and grandmother went in to a complex to learn if there were available apartments while leaving us in the car. For the record I kept the air conditioning running.

 I said to Bela that it was rude for them to leave us behind and she said "let's go and leave them behind." She said lets go to the movies and come back later. She was only joking, but when I pulled away and drove around the block she was laughing so hard. She kept saying "hide don't let them see us." We had a good time.

Oh, Bela loves telling the story about when she was changing her brother's pamper [for the record she asks to do the changing - no one is telling her to do it] how he peed all over her.  She thinks boys are funny that way.  I  do not think she fully understands the gender differences - she just changes diapers.  Her mother said she has not asked any questions.  She was simply told this is how you know the baby is a boy and the conversation was done.

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So cute!