Tuesday, July 8, 2014


UPDATE:  I called a contact at TSC to find out about the impact he new Standard and Poor rating  will have on the refinancing of existing bonds.  The answer was clear, TSC will get a better interest rate - maybe not as much as they would like, but nonetheless a better interest rate.  I was told they will be going with the advice of their Bond advisor and not that of Adela Garza and Montoya.

Further, Montoya claims I am going after Adela for reelection.  I defy him to copy and paste anywhere wherein I made such a statement.   I said at least three Board Members want on the agenda an item to have counsel look at their options for dealing with Adela Garza.  This has nothing to do with an election.

Finally, the TSC official asked me, is Montoya so stupid that he thinks educated people will find him credible with his endless homophobic attacks?  I said yes - homophobic people truly believe everyone agrees with them and their hate is an effect weapon when they need to create a distraction away from the fact they have no meaningful retort.

QUESTION:  Since all of these problems Montoya alleges were in place since before the election, why is it Adela Garza is now crying incompetence by Tecero only after Adela was rebuffed as Board President, and Lily Tecero refuses to give in to Adela's efforts at micro-managing TSC? 


I'm not sure why Montoya hates me.  Without me idiots like Adela Garza would not keep on writing him checks to attack me every time I put out the truth. I keep Montoya employed.

Today, Montoya working with Adela Garza attacks Lily Tecero, president of TSC and Board President Kiko Rendon because they have yet to take action to refinance outstanding bonds now that TSC's rating has improved.

You see Adela Garza and Montoya are faulting President Tecero for waiting for the better rating which means a lower interest rate.  Garza and Montoya fault Tecero for not refinancing under a higher interest rate.  Adela Garza and Montoya's business sense and practices are non-existent.

It was on June 27, 2014, the report came out informing TSC of their improved rating.  That is a mere 12 days ago.


Designations signal a strong and stable outlook for TSC’s financial position   
(BROWNSVILLE, TX) June 27, 2014 – Texas Southmost College (TSC) has received a new, positive appraisal of its financial stability and strength, signaling the substantial progress that has been made by the TSC Board of Trustees and the administrative leadership team.

Standard & Poor’s Rating Service (S&P), one of the world’s leading credit rating agencies has revised its outlook to positive from negative and affirmed the 'A' long-term rating and underlying rating (SPUR) on Texas Southmost College District’s (TSC) existing revenue bonds. S&P has also revised its outlook to stable from negative and affirmed its 'AA-' long-term rating and underlying rating (SPUR) on TSC’s general obligation (GO) debt. "

The TSC Board has not even met since the news of the better rating has come out.  What Adela Garza, a self serving con artist fails to have Montoya print is, TSC staff were ordered last week to begin the process of bringing the matter to the Board.  President Tecero got on the matter immediately.

You cannot just order new bonds issued within 12 days of getting a better rating from Standard and Poor.  This rating is essential to TSC saving millions of dollars and it is mere 12 days old.

It is obvious that Adela Garza or someone else is paying Montoya to destroy Lily Tecero with lies.  There is also the question of who will get the business to market the bonds.  This is Cameron county and I already smell a rat looking to buy the business with kick backs or promises of campaign money.

If you believe a word of Montoya's post you are beyond stupid.  It has been a mere 12 days.  You cannot put a package together, get all of your legal eggs in a row, call a board meeting, and authorize a company to sell the bonds all in 12 days.

The entire post by Montoya was an intentional defamation on President Tecero without an ounce of regard for the students or the institution's reputation.  But we all know, once the check cleared Montoya was  prepared to print any stupid lie Adela ordered printed,  Adela Garza and whomever she is working with are so stupid they actually believe the people of Brownsville will buy into this nonsense that if President Tecero were competent she would have had this new bond issuance matter complete in 12 days.

There is a danger in unethical elected officials paying people like Montoya to destroy our community all for profit for the politician and Montoya.

News flash for Adela - sources close to TSC are looking at having counsel advise the Board as to what action if any can be taken, to include removal of Adela from the TSC Board for her willful destruction of TSC's reputation for personal gain.   Whether in political stature or financially.


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No Sylvia Atkinson!

BobbyWC said...

based on my research I do no believe Sylvia Atkinson is even a variable here - the argument is a distraction.

The best anyone can understand is Adela is mad she is not Board President and Lily will not allow her to micro manage TSC. Adela being of limited intellect thinks using pathetic intimidation tactics is going to get her what she wants. She is wrong. It is my understanding at least three Board Members are solid in wanting her gone and the sooner the better. She has shot herself in the foot.

Bobby WC