Thursday, July 17, 2014


People love to say they are tired of the corruption and then run to vote for the worst candidate because deception and lies seem to work.  When we can find a simple character trait about some one which tells us who they are that character trait should guide us in our vote.

When Alex Begum paid Montoya to have the Attorney General in violation of black and white Texas law to open to the public confidential records held by Texas concerning veterans and in particular disabled veterans, I went to Oscar Garcia and Juan Magallanes with the problem.

Oscar Garcia was clear - not his problem and he was going to continue to fund Montoya's work into violating the rights of veterans.  Juan Magallanes response was also clear - "I will do an amici brief defending all veterans."  Oscar Garcia for power had no problem throwing every veteran in the state under the bus for his own personal gain.  Juan Magallanes did not have to think twice - he offered to come to the defense of all veterans.

Juan Magallanes response to the problem clear - it showed his positive character.  Oscar Garcia showed he is only about himself.


CORRECTION:  There is an investigation into candidates giving politiqueras and cyberpolitiqueras money under the table.  If a politiquera can prove a candidate paid her and the candidate failed to report the payment, then I believe the AG will prosecute the candidate for failure to report the expense.  There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Personally I want candidates whether they won or lost indicted.  But here is the problem, as Saenz himself knows - the mere hiring of a politiquera is not a crime.  Unless the politiquera has an email, text message or recording of the candidate telling them to engage in illegal conduct then the candidates are protected.  To be fair, every candidate knew or should have known some politiqueras were breaking the law.

AUSA Hanen did not believe a word of Sonia Solis which is why he demanded the maximum punishment on her.  He did not get it. Hanen by his own conduct admitted Sonia Solis is not trustworthy.  So even if true, any information Sonia Solis gave the FBI is now worthless.

As these cases develop the first big issue will be evidence tampering.  It will be a battle which could end up with everyone walking.  It takes just one proven case of evidence tampering by the witness for the prosecution to make the entire thing fall apart.

I want people in jail.  I want candidates in jail.  But I want it done by the book and not a lynch mob mentality.

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