Sunday, June 29, 2014


When the Herald wrote the same bogus attack piece Montoya is now putting out he attacked it.  He now attacks me for agreeing with him.  The difference in time, Adela Garza's check has cleared.

Montoya's latest attack piece was to counter the fact Dynamic Campus and Lily Tecero working as professionals and doing their job raised TSC's bond rating.  This success is unacceptable to Adela Garza so she writes a check to Montoya to now print the same bogus innuendo and disinformation the Herald originally printed.

Sound familiar?, when Ernie was paying Montoya he attacked Ruben Peña and I for going after the politiqueras.  Then when Ernie refused to meet how much Alex Begum was willing to pay, Montoya all of a sudden attacked Ernie for his ties to the politiqueras.

It is very dangerous when a community has a voice which changes lies based on the size of a check.  Anyone who pays Montoya should never be allowed to hold public office.  It is really that simple.  The mere fact they pay him is all you need to know about their character.

Of course he published not even a quote or one piece of evidence to suggest wrongdoing - just innuendo.  Innuendo is all he has.

The bottom line is Lily Tecero turned around the relationship with UT and raised TCS's bond rating.  This is what will appear in the Herald once Steve Clark gets the story assignment.  Montoya will then attack the Herald for telling the truth.

I worked hard when I started the BV nurturing the business community as readers.  It is not that I do not care about the other readers, but the business community puts up the money for elections.  These people are educated and know all of Montoya's posts are garbage.  They know how business works, unlike Adela Garza.

When you sign a contract with someone as part one, you know there will be a part two and so on.   Competent CEO's stay with the original company for continuity purposes - this is understood from day one.   Any competent MBA would know this.

Further, out of state corporations do not have to have authority to do business in Texas when they sign a contract.  Standard practice is, once you secure the contract you file the proper paperwork with the Secretary of State.  But inasmuch as Adela Garza knows nothing about corporate practices or continuity when dealing with an outside company, she is making a fool of herself among the business community - which is the BV's core target readership.  They actually know how things work.

But the bottom line is, once Steve Clark of the Herald runs the story on the Bond Rating, Adela will learn her checks to Montoya only caused her damage.

Now, there are problems developing - but it is too soon to pass judgment.  I am not happy with the instructor who told some students they were not university material and should not be taking courses they intend to transfer to the university.  This instructor fails to understand the difference between teaching at a community college and university.

This is where Lily Tecero needs to start next in her building.  Her Dean of Instruction needs to begin the process of getting rid of the instructors who are not working out.  By the end of the summer session TSC should be in a position to move a few instructors out.

 One area where review must be done now is the pay scale for adjuncts.  Had the government department hired me as an adjunct [none were hired] I would have refused the offer.  The pay scale is so low it is actually less than minimum wage when you consider what the adjunct must do if they want to do the job right.  But for now TSC has very few adjuncts so it is not yet a problem, but it needs to be fixed soon.  I cannot imagine competent people are accepting the adjunct positions.


"In today's issue of the scurrilous publication, Armendariz breathlessly informs us in a front-page story that (gasp!) incoming TSC president Lily Tercero recommended and the trustees approved, the hiring of two eminently qualified administrators to help her put the community college back in shape after its sacking by the UT System.

Their sin, apparently, was that both had been among five people who had written recommendations for Tercero's hiring as TSC president. This is, indeed, a small hook upon which to hang an "expose."
The TSC administration didn't help matters much by asking the Texas Attorney General for an opinion to determine whether Tercero's personnel file was confidential and whether releasing it was a matter of public interest. The AG approved their release.

 Armerndariz reported that Tercero had recommended that the board hire Roberto Aguero as TSC vice president of instruction and student services and appoint Leonardo de la Garza to the TSC transition team in November."

" Both said that de la Garza was recommended by the University of Texas System and Aguero is leaving the Alamo Community College District.
"These individuals are highly qualified and were the individuals recommended by our President," Mendez told the daily. "I trust our administration and see no reason to believe that anyone has been hired because of the perception that they were owed a favor."
TSC chairman Rendon said that Aguero was "taking a step down from his position as VP of Academic Success. ... Because he believes in our mission and would like to be part of this important moment in TSC’s history."


Anonymous said...

This is a message to all Republicans, do not vote for this lady, she is dumb as a stump and is using the Republican badge to promote herself. Think,,,,, LFCISD, this lady that was the deciding vote to put the SPA in as Superintendent. Just do not vote for her, maybe she will get the message that she is un-electable.
She has no core values.

Anonymous said...

She left a trail of tears and was responsible for breaking many friendship through her machinations in Los Fresnos. She was voted out of Los Fresnos politics for a reason. I am continually amazed that el rrun rrun acts as her Greek chorus announcing her "greatness" at every turn. Incredible!