Monday, June 16, 2014


I laugh every time I get a post I reject stating "I use to trust you now I know you are a paid liar, I will never read the BV again." Yea, 8 billion people on the planet and I am worried about one lying idiot who does not like me.

I would not normally post such a horrific picture like this, but this is a conversation we must have.

The American Revolution was a fluke.  The so called great democracies of today could not have formed today.   Just in the UK today now that freedom is an option the Scots and the Irish continue to fight for their independence from the UK.  Their association with the UK was forced upon them through war.

The American Revolution is a myth.  We came together to be stronger against Britain - once the British threat ended we as a nation split and only through Lincoln's contempt for the principles embedded in the Declaration of Independence, was he able to force the union to stay together - at a very high cost. 

Lincoln was prepared to embrace slavery so long as the south continued to pay into the national treasury.  The south was awash in tariff money the north was desperate for in order to survive.  So Lincoln said - keep your slaves just give us the money.

The Civil War was about money and power, and not slavery.  In order to justify the war Lincoln had to declare the Declaration of Independence null and void.  A view held by King George by the way.

We are a myth trying to impose that myth upon the world - but the reality is - our leaders use the myth to justify their actions.  Every child in Iraq with knowledge of its history knew the Sunni's and Shiites could not live in peace together.  The collapse of Iraq was inevitable.  You cannot expect people who have hated each other for over a 1000 years to all of a sudden be friends.

We had two choices in Iraq - back a friendly dictator, or split the county into three countries.  The Kurds got the best deal and will end up with the most when this is over.  They are already moving on Mosul and winning the battles the Iraqi soldiers could not win.  I am willing to bet the Kurds will not give  Mosul back to Iraq when it is over.

Syria and Egypt cannot operate as a faux democracy.  There are too many factions wanting to control the other factions.  Our failed policies, which are inherent in our mythical manifest destiny, keep us at war trying to enslave other people into our values.  We are no better than the Taliban,  except we are more efficient at killing.

Egypt was at peace with all religious groups working together.  The people eked out a living, albeit a poor living in the tourist industry. All of this has been destroyed by the call for democracy.  Freedom is more than a ballot - it is the sense you are safe in your home.  It is the ability to feed your family.  We have taken both of these things from Iraq, Syria, and Egypt through our obsessive need to impose our values on others.

The lyrics of this song are over 100 years old.  What I am saying is none of this is new.

It is time we stop meddling.  Iraq, Syria, and Egypt are better off under a more oppressive system in terms of dissent and Freedom of Religion than we have in the U.S.  There are too many factions for true dissent and open Freedom of Religion.  Any so called religion which calls for oppression of other religions loses the right to demand freedom of religion.

The funny thing is for nearly 700 years in southern Spain the Mores kept the peace with Christian, Jew and Muslims all working together.  Then came the Catholic victory and the slaughter or forced conversion of Jews and Muslims.

History has Jews, Christians and Muslims all guilty of the slaughter of the innocent in the name of their faith.  Its called power under a false label called faith.  It is a lesson modern politicians have learned - tell people you are bringing them freedom and they will joint you while never realizing you are really only trying to enslave them into a system which works for you and not them.

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