Saturday, June 21, 2014


I much prefer Boca Chica over SPI.  I would love it a lot more if this place still existed.  Bathrooms are an issue.

Today I spent the day on SPI with 9 family members.  We went to beach access 5 - early - by noon.  Absolutely packed.

I must say it was my first time since the garbage bag fee has been imposed.  The beach was spotless.  We turned in our bags when we left and got back our $5.00.  The adults and kids alike had a blast.  I spent a lot of time just visiting under the canopy. 

Afterwards we went to Pirates Landing.  I was disappointed to learn not all of their shrimp is Gulf shrimp.  The Gulf of Mexico is dying and no one seems to care.  It is sad when I am sitting in a restaurant on the bay attached to the Gulf, and all I can get is farm raised shrimp and Alaskan Pollock.

They did have one plate with Gulf shrimp.  I got that one.

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