Monday, June 30, 2014


You can see the Ford opinion here  If what the opinion says is accurate the DOJ or Saenz should be able to seek the indictment of the plaintiff's lawyer and juror with no problem, unless limitations has run.

In the Villalobos trial Judge Hanen originally held closed hearings with the jury foreman over jury misconduct.  The jury foreman made clear to Judge Hanen, even after the closed hearings that Judge Hanen's orders meant nothing to him and immediately went back to his job at the city and told anyone who would listen everything which was discussed at the closed hearing.

Judge Hanen eventually ordered the transcript of the two closed hearings released to Villalobos' appellate attorney for use in his appeal.

Jury misconduct related to internet issues has result is a number of reversals.  In this case what is really interesting is, the juror not only was reading Emma Perez-Trevino's FB page, but also posted comments to her reporting.  Emma being Emma trashed Villalobos attorneys on her FB page during the trial.  Any normal newspaper would have pulled her from the trial and fired her - but not the Herald because this is the Herald and now AIM which owns the Herald - ethics has no place in journalism.

The record will show that the jury was leaning towards a mistrial.  The court was informed that two jurors said they would never change their position.  We do not know who those two jurors are.  We also do not know how the jury foreman's conduct may have impacted those jurors' decision to change their mind.  It may take a habeas corpus to get to the evidence.  Inasmuch as I have not seen the testimony of the closed hearings, I do not know if the other jurors were interviewed.  If they were never called in by defense counsel then we have even a bigger problem.  It is possible defense counsel made the request and Judge Hanen refused their request to interview under oath the other jurors.

If the Ford opinion is accurate, Jim Solis spoke with a juror during the deliberations.  If you remember Jim Solis is serving time for his part in the Limas corruption trial. 

Once a juror is compromised no verdict can be considered trustworthy.  The reasoning in the Ford case could actually help Villalobos.

Jury misconduct along with Emma trashing Villalobos attorneys on her FB page while covering the trial forms the best chance of Villalobos getting a new trial.

There were problems in his  case.  One, Oscar de la Fuente's testimony was clearly scripted and not credible.  In my opinion the deal he had with the DOJ was to protect DOJ lawyers and had nothing to do with testifying against Villalobos.  If his testimony was as credible as the DOJ claims to believe they could have proven most of it without Oscar testifying.

Second the money payment evidence was very weak.  In my view the DOJ had very weak circumstantial evidence to prove any money was paid to Villalobos. 

Do not get me wrong, I think is was as guilty as sin and should have gotten 20 years.  But there is a difference between what I believe and the admissible evidence at trial.


Yea, we all knew it was for show only - Saenz will never prosecute Oscar de la Fuente even with his sworn to confession.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


When the Herald wrote the same bogus attack piece Montoya is now putting out he attacked it.  He now attacks me for agreeing with him.  The difference in time, Adela Garza's check has cleared.

Montoya's latest attack piece was to counter the fact Dynamic Campus and Lily Tecero working as professionals and doing their job raised TSC's bond rating.  This success is unacceptable to Adela Garza so she writes a check to Montoya to now print the same bogus innuendo and disinformation the Herald originally printed.

Sound familiar?, when Ernie was paying Montoya he attacked Ruben Peña and I for going after the politiqueras.  Then when Ernie refused to meet how much Alex Begum was willing to pay, Montoya all of a sudden attacked Ernie for his ties to the politiqueras.

It is very dangerous when a community has a voice which changes lies based on the size of a check.  Anyone who pays Montoya should never be allowed to hold public office.  It is really that simple.  The mere fact they pay him is all you need to know about their character.

Of course he published not even a quote or one piece of evidence to suggest wrongdoing - just innuendo.  Innuendo is all he has.

The bottom line is Lily Tecero turned around the relationship with UT and raised TCS's bond rating.  This is what will appear in the Herald once Steve Clark gets the story assignment.  Montoya will then attack the Herald for telling the truth.

I worked hard when I started the BV nurturing the business community as readers.  It is not that I do not care about the other readers, but the business community puts up the money for elections.  These people are educated and know all of Montoya's posts are garbage.  They know how business works, unlike Adela Garza.

When you sign a contract with someone as part one, you know there will be a part two and so on.   Competent CEO's stay with the original company for continuity purposes - this is understood from day one.   Any competent MBA would know this.

Further, out of state corporations do not have to have authority to do business in Texas when they sign a contract.  Standard practice is, once you secure the contract you file the proper paperwork with the Secretary of State.  But inasmuch as Adela Garza knows nothing about corporate practices or continuity when dealing with an outside company, she is making a fool of herself among the business community - which is the BV's core target readership.  They actually know how things work.

But the bottom line is, once Steve Clark of the Herald runs the story on the Bond Rating, Adela will learn her checks to Montoya only caused her damage.

Now, there are problems developing - but it is too soon to pass judgment.  I am not happy with the instructor who told some students they were not university material and should not be taking courses they intend to transfer to the university.  This instructor fails to understand the difference between teaching at a community college and university.

This is where Lily Tecero needs to start next in her building.  Her Dean of Instruction needs to begin the process of getting rid of the instructors who are not working out.  By the end of the summer session TSC should be in a position to move a few instructors out.

 One area where review must be done now is the pay scale for adjuncts.  Had the government department hired me as an adjunct [none were hired] I would have refused the offer.  The pay scale is so low it is actually less than minimum wage when you consider what the adjunct must do if they want to do the job right.  But for now TSC has very few adjuncts so it is not yet a problem, but it needs to be fixed soon.  I cannot imagine competent people are accepting the adjunct positions.


"In today's issue of the scurrilous publication, Armendariz breathlessly informs us in a front-page story that (gasp!) incoming TSC president Lily Tercero recommended and the trustees approved, the hiring of two eminently qualified administrators to help her put the community college back in shape after its sacking by the UT System.

Their sin, apparently, was that both had been among five people who had written recommendations for Tercero's hiring as TSC president. This is, indeed, a small hook upon which to hang an "expose."
The TSC administration didn't help matters much by asking the Texas Attorney General for an opinion to determine whether Tercero's personnel file was confidential and whether releasing it was a matter of public interest. The AG approved their release.

 Armerndariz reported that Tercero had recommended that the board hire Roberto Aguero as TSC vice president of instruction and student services and appoint Leonardo de la Garza to the TSC transition team in November."

" Both said that de la Garza was recommended by the University of Texas System and Aguero is leaving the Alamo Community College District.
"These individuals are highly qualified and were the individuals recommended by our President," Mendez told the daily. "I trust our administration and see no reason to believe that anyone has been hired because of the perception that they were owed a favor."
TSC chairman Rendon said that Aguero was "taking a step down from his position as VP of Academic Success. ... Because he believes in our mission and would like to be part of this important moment in TSC’s history."

Saturday, June 28, 2014


This comment by President Tecero shows she is a real leader.  She puts the Board of Trustees above herself while doling out credit for the Standard and Poor new rating of TSC.

"TSC is pleased that Standard & Poor’s has recognized the extensive efforts of the Board of Trustees as well as of the College’s faculty and staff," said Dr. Lily F. Tercero, TSC President. "In the coming months, planning and operational initiatives such as the facilities master planning process, will continue to further strengthen the College’s financial and operational position."

Adela Garza is said to be furious that Standard and Poor would acknowledge President Tecero's hard work without first getting her permission. [sarcasm for the Garza supporters - we know you are challenged]  The Standard and Poor rating is what happens when a President is allowed to do their work without having to answer endless emails from Adela Garza.  Adela is so obsessed with trying to be president of TSC she has now demanded a full report weekly which details every little thing President Tecero has done each day.  If President Tecero were weak she would give in to such childish demands.  But President Tecero is not weak.  She is a leader who has now proven from an outside source to be an effective leader and it is killing Adela Garza.

It is no easy task to build a community college when you are at battle with Juliet Garcia, Tony Martinez, and trustees like Adela Garza.  To all of the trustees, you either need to be patient and allow her to focus on getting the rebuilding and accreditation done or you can continue to demand she keep you informed of everything.  She cannot do both.  Your job as trustees is to measure her success or failures and not to tell her what to do.  Learn your job as trustees.  [same goes for BISD] When you learn of a problem - take it to her - but do not be nagging her day in and day out for information.  Let her do her job - if she fails then hold her accountable.  But according to Standard and Poor she has done a great job the first year.

Also for the record she took the hostile relationship with Juliet Garcia and flipped it into UT using their resources to help TSC to receive accreditation after it was proven Juliet Garcia and her team failed to maintain the needed data from 2008-2012.  I say flipping the relationship from hostile to positive is further evidence of her competence.

Here is your full press release from TSC report.


Designations signal a strong and stable outlook for TSC’s financial position   
(BROWNSVILLE, TX) June 27, 2014 – Texas Southmost College (TSC) has received a new, positive appraisal of its financial stability and strength, signaling the substantial progress that has been made by the TSC Board of Trustees and the administrative leadership team.

Standard & Poor’s Rating Service (S&P), one of the world’s leading credit rating agencies has revised its outlook to positive from negative and affirmed the 'A' long-term rating and underlying rating (SPUR) on Texas Southmost College District’s (TSC) existing revenue bonds. S&P has also revised its outlook to stable from negative and affirmed its 'AA-' long-term rating and underlying rating (SPUR) on TSC’s general obligation (GO) debt.

As noted in the Standard & Poor’s report relating to the College’s revenue bond rating, "the positive outlook reflects our view of the substantial progress made on the financial, operational, and enterprise risks identified during our last review as a result of the dissolution of the partnership with The University of Texas at Brownsville. While it is unusual for us to revise an outlook to positive from negative, we believe that in addition to the progress made as a stand-alone entity, the terms negotiated with UTB were very favorable to TSC and will likely result in a substantial increase in financial resources."

General obligation bonds, also referred to as GO bonds, are backed by the "full faith and credit" of the issuer, with no specific project identified as the source of funds. Revenue bonds are backed by specific revenue streams generated by the project being financed by the bond.

The financial strength rating is designed to provide an opinion of an institution’s ability to meet its financial obligations. S&P defines an 'AA-' rating as a "very strong capacity to meet financial commitments" and an 'A' rating indicates a "strong capacity to meet financial commitments, but somewhat susceptible to adverse economic conditions and changes in circumstances."

According to S&P, the revisions to the College’s revenue and general obligation bonds are due to several factors, including TSC’s strong financial resources; diverse revenue streams comprising of tuition, state appropriations and property taxes; low capital needs, coupled with a low overall net debt burden; and a nimble management team.

"TSC is pleased that Standard & Poor’s has recognized the extensive efforts of the Board of Trustees as well as of the College’s faculty and staff," said Dr. Lily F. Tercero, TSC President. "In the coming months, planning and operational initiatives such as the facilities master planning process, will continue to further strengthen the College’s financial and operational position."

S&P cited several positive expectations for TSC, including continuing enrollment growth, positive operations, diverse and increasing financial resources, and operating surpluses despite the smaller enrollment and appropriation base.

Standard & Poor’s also noted that Dr. Tercero has expertly led the institution through the transition since she was hired by the TSC Board of Trustees in 2011.
About Texas Southmost College
Originally established in 1926, Texas Southmost College currently offers the first two years toward a bachelor’s degree, along with career and technical education leading to certificates and associate degrees, college preparatory studies to prepare students for college-level work, workforce training, and continuing education. TSC became independently operational in the fall of 2013.

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Friday was a day of swimming and relaxing at my house.  Boy did we cook - ribs, split chicken quarters, Nicaraguan beans, homemade potato and macaroni salad, and shrimp cocktails.

Left to right - sister in law, brother, brother in law, nephew, nephew's cousin,  sister, me, brother in law, niece, niece, grand niece, and grand nephew.  The nieces are my brother's daughters and the kids are two of his grandchildren.

Next year will be about 15 more people as my sister brings her daughters, son in laws, and 9 grand children.

Today was a good time.


Chris Davis has informed me that the PACs Jim Barton is claiming Joe Rivera is using has no appointment of campaign treasurer filed with his office.  This would then mean a violation.  Before I move on it I will also check with the county.

I have been very open concerning my opposition to Joe Rivera.  I openly supported Ruben Peña constantly reminding my readers Ruben won the war against the politiqueras and not Yolanda Begum or CAVA.

From the Texas Ethics Commission Web Page


A specific-purpose political committee for supporting or opposing a candidate or assisting an officeholder files its appointment of campaign treasurer with the same filing authority as the candidate or officeholder.
Texas Ethics Commission. The appropriate filing authority is the Texas Ethics Commission if the specific-purpose political committee supports or opposes a candidate for or holder of one of the following offices:
  • a statewide office;
  • member of the State Legislature;
  • member of the State Board of Education;
  • district judge; or
  • a district office filled by voters of more than one county.
The Ethics Commission is also the appropriate filing authority if the specific-purpose political committee supports or opposes a candidate for an office of a political subdivision other than a county, the governing body for the political subdivision has not been formed, and the political subdivision is situated in more than one county.
Also, if a specific-purpose political committee supports or opposes more than one candidate or measure that would require the committee to file with more than one filing authority, the political committee may file with the Ethics Commission and not with any other filing authority
County filing authority. The appropriate filing authority is the county clerk (or the elections administrator or the tax assessor-collector, as applicable) if the specific-purpose political committee supports or opposes a candidate for a county office, a precinct office, or a district office other than a district office filled by voters in more than one county.
The county clerk (or the elections administrator or tax assessor-collector, as applicable) is also the appropriate filing authority if the specific-purpose political committee supports a candidate for an office of a political subdivision other than a county, the governing body for the political subdivision has not been formed, and the political subdivision is situated within one county.
Other local filing authority. If a specific-purpose political committee supports or opposes a candidate for an office of a political subdivision other than a county, the appropriate filing authority is the clerk or secretary of the governing body of the political subdivision or, if the political subdivision has no clerk or secretary, the governing body's presiding officer. "
"Such a Political Action Committee is not registered with the Texas Ethics Commission and therefore does not exist."
I knew the law but wanted to verify such as I always do so I called the TEC and spoke with Sherry who verified for me that Joe Rivera would file his designation of campaign treasurer for his PAC's here in Cameron County and not Austin as alleged by Jim Barton.
Why is it such a challenge to do 30 seconds of research to get to the truth?  Because on The internet shit flies like an infestation of locusts.
I do not know if he has filed anything in Cameron County.  I have made the request and am waiting to find out if any filing has been done in Cameron County.  If he has then nothing is wrong.
The BV has no problem filing complaints on any candidates who violate the rules.  If Joe Rivera has failed to make the proper filings in Cameron County I will file the complaint.  But the fact remains he has no duty to file anything in Austin as alleged by Jim Barton. 


Those who remember Adela Garza's obsession at Los Fresnos CISD and her need to micro-manage the district know her paid for lies against Lily Tecero and now me know she will never change and will always be ignorant.  Her decision to pay Montoya to print lies about me  while ignoring the documented evidence which shows Lily Tecero had nothing to do with TSC's failure to secure accreditation only proves Adela's true agenda is settling the score because she was denied the TSC Board President position because everyone knew she was not qualified and would have used her position to micro-manage TSC into failure while pushing Lily Tecero out.


Her intelligence level is best understood in the above video.  Listen to her announcement to run for Congress - pay close attention to Washington.

Go to minute 2:44

"I am going to implement everything you have told me the last few years"

She makes the above statement after stating when she goes to DSC - our capital is Washington DC, or DC for short - not DSC.

Adela through her paid for attack on me only proves the above.  She is just plain stupid.  Montoya on any given day at best has 500 readers.  Everyone who knows the blog know he does nothing without getting paid. 

So what Adela has proven to all of Montoya's 500 readers is, she will pay money to destroy TSC in order to settle a score and gain power.  Everyone already knows Montoya will take the money without any regard for the consequences of his actions.

All she did was dig her hole deeper.


"Garza said there was no need to separate,"

Source:  The Monitor

We have a repeat of history, she tried to get something out of UT and when she could not at the last minute she voted for the divorce which by her own words she did not believe was necessary.


I published at least 20 articles detailing the incompetent instruction, and Juliet Garcia's refusal to address the problem.  After I detailed how the math tutors were goofing off at the math lab instead of helping the students, they were ordered to remain in the lab at all times with the students.

I detailed how the medical terminology test was for sale all over campus and that was the only way students could pass it.  I documented how the instructor was not even teaching.  I documented how doctors told me they could not pass the test because it was so difficult.  Juliet Garcia refused to take action and students in order to pass the course continued to buy the test and study the multiple choice answers.

I documented how Juliet Garcia to keep the money coming in defrauded thousands of students into believing they could secure a degree in some type medical field when in fact the system was set up to fail most of them during the prerequisites because there was in fact no place in the programs  for the numbers of students entering the program.

I documented over and over again parents should encourage their children to join the Air Force to obtain training in any number of medical fields, such as a radiology tech, because the UTB/TSC program was a joke.

I document how the textbook being used for computer literacy was translated into English and filled with mistakes - mistakes Microsoft verified to be mistakes.  Juliet Garcia did nothing to fix the problem and the students continued to fail.

I documented how at the community college in San Antonio the Pell Grant money was enough to cover tuition and books, but did not even cover tuition at TSC.

I was on the ground with the students - even in the classroom documenting the incompetent instruction.  Why?  So the community could secure the facts so when the time came they would vote for the candidates who supported separation.


No where - she had no association or contact with the students.  She was not speaking up for the students, and as a trustee she could not commit to the separation until she knew for sure UT would not give her the deal which best suited her personal interests.


In as much as Montoya has no competent lawyer explaining anything to him, he just makes up lies about the law and me.  On everything sacred to me his claim about my disability rating is false.  He has no understanding how the VA rating system works or how Texas law works - so he just lies.  It is funny how he admits the AG agreed he was not entitled to the information on me, but yet then goes on to claim to know the information.  His brain is so far gone on the alcohol he cannot even see how even an idiot can see he is just making up lies.


Lily Tecero inherited a nightmare.  She does not have time to go to Adela and keep her informed of every action she is taking.  This is what is wrong with Adela as a trustee and so many BISD trustees.  It is not their job to micromanage Lily Tecero.  When you are rebuilding from the bottom up, if you have to go to 5 different people for their opinion and consent on everything, you will never get anything done.

Adela is too incompetent and self serving to understand this.  Once TSC is finally rebuilt, Lily Tecero will have more  time to interact with the trustees.  The problem is Adela fails to understand basic management.  President Tecero can either spend her days answering Adela's thousand questions, or oversee the rebuilding of TSC.  Adela much prefers her questions get answered while TSC suffers.

Montoya just sees all of this as a way to make money without an ounce of regard for the students or TSC.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


First - sorry I never finished Thursday's post. By the time I got back from the VA clinic I had to head to the island.  Although it had been less than 24 hours since the surgery my doctor said the eye looked like it had already been healing for like 3-4 days.  The eye is still dilated so there is some blurred vision.

 After lunch the rain started on the island so we decided to go to the movies, my brother, brother in law and myself went to go see 22 Jump Street - real funny.  My sister, sister in law, two nieces and a grand niece and grand nephew saw some Dragon movie.  We then hung out at the Pearl South for a while before heading to Louie's for cocktails and finger food.  We stayed until the fireworks.

Wow - I cannot believe in my near 10 years here I have never been to see the fireworks.  It was worth the wait.  They put on a great show.  Alicia and William [8 and 5] really enjoyed it, along with the rest of the family.  While I love when the family visits, I am always glad when the visit ends.  Entertaining 8 people is a lot of work.  Thursday is their last night on the island.  They will now head back to California, Missouri, and New York.

We have another group coming in July.  I think I have three weeks before that happens.

With the 10th Circuit victory I would like to say the Supreme Court is the next step, but it is not. Utah will file a motion for rehearing before the entire court. With this delay and the time frame allowed to appeal to the Supreme Court, it could be December to February before the Supreme Court decides to hear the case - which in turn means another year before they rule.

I do have a more developed post on this issue - WHAT IS MARRIAGE?

It will have to wait a few hours - running late to have the bandage taken off my left eye - but feel to post what you think marriage is.  But I will say this - if you think marriage is nothing more than the uniting of a penis and vagina - I feel real sorry for your marriage and spouse because you are missing out on the best part.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


UPDATE:  I AM HOME - I enjoyed the surgery.  I was able to watch a lot of it because I was awake.  I could not see everything, but I saw a lot - very cool indeed.  I cannot wait to do the right eye.

Original Post

I will be slow in approving comments. Once I go into the operating area I will not have my cell phone. I should be about 3 1/2 hours total without the cell phone. The prep and post op take a lot longer than the surgery itself. Once I have my phone I will check my emails which may or may not include comments concerning the Adela Garza post.


I have held on doing this story because I wanted to interview as many sources as possible to get to the truth while showing Adela Garza is at it again.  She is intentionally seeking to destroy TSC because she did not get her way.

Her intelligence level is best understood in the above video.  Listen to her announcement to run for Congress - pay close attention to Washington.

Go to minute 2:44

"I am going to implement everything you have told me the last few years"

She makes the above statement after stating when she goes to DSC - our capital is Washington DC, or DC for short - not DSC.

This is the least of my problems with Adela's speech. This woman is either a complete idiot or psychotic liar, only she knows the truth. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 US Senators. None of the 535 members of Congress have any authority to implement anything. In fact it is illegal for a member of Congress to direct any US government office to do anything. The most a member of congress can do is send a letter to a congressional liaison for the particular federal agency asking that the constituent's concerns be addressed. That is it people - this is reality.

The president of the United States cannot force congress to pass his legislative agenda. Obama is powerless, but Adela Garza claims she will implement everything the people of the district has discussed with her.

Adela Garza is a complete and total joke and an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

"Adela Garza is either a complete idiot or con artist - only she knows the truth. She did not favor the TSC UTB divorce. She tried to get something from UTB and when UTB refused to meet her demands she voted for divorce. The hard core fact is, had Adela Garza's demands been met, TSC would have been given to UTB.

"Garza called for cautious evaluation of any future agreements, while Mendez cited figures supporting the possibility for TSC to go it alone."

"Garza said there was no need to separate, but it was important to “get the best deal for our community” and that she did not believe taxes would double if TSC and UTB separated, as has been rumored."

Source:  The Monitor

The most important thing every student and or their parents needs to know is, there is zero chance they will have a problem transferring over their credits to any UT university.  This is the bottom line, even if TSC is not cleared by December 2015.


Juliet Garcia failed to maintain data from 2008-2012 needed by SAC [Southern Association of Colleges and Schools] to provide TSC accreditation.  In 2008 no one had even heard of Lily Tecero.  She had zero involvement in Juliet Garcia's mess-up.  Even the Herald's article on the matter was trash, because true to form they cared more about protecting Juliet Garcia than informing the community of her incompetence "the little brown girl who couldn't"

This same data is needed by UTRGV to seek its accreditation.  They do not have it so in order for UTRGV to obtain its accreditation it is going to have to hope that the data from UT Pan Am is enough, or take the same path as TSC.

Juliet Garcia during the initial stages of the accreditation process for TSC wrote a letter to SAC without consulting TSC or Lily Tecero.  She was informing them of the separation and that each institution would need its own accreditation.

There is an easy way and a long way.  Juliet Garcia committed TSC, without their knowledge, to the long way.  Dr. Wheelan, the president of SAC upon learning the truth agreed to allow TSC to take the short path known as the "substantive route."

You are basically using existing data to flip from your existing accreditation to a new accreditation.   For Lily Tecero to seek accreditation under the early accreditation you must send evidence of continuity of program.  The  office of Institutional Effectiveness must provide the data.  This was an office controlled by Juliet Garcia.  It was Juliet Garcia's job to insure this data was maintained.

Rather than simply provide the data to Lily Tecero Juliet Garcia demanded to be involved in the matter.  She knew she failed to maintain the data and needed to try and fudge the process to cover-up her incompetence.

Lily Tecero knew the incomplete date meant disaster by UT and Juliet Garcia told her not to worry - it would be fine.  Well it was not.  Lily Tecero had nothing to do with Juliet Garcia's office of Institutional Effectiveness failing to collect and maintain the data needed by SAC.  The missing years were 2008-2012.  UT did not even push the issue of divorce until November 2010 [claiming they were  – “unwilling to be held hostage to TSC Board demands.”] and TSC did not vote for it until 2011.  The one person with zero involvement in the mess-up was Lily Tecero.  You would not know this by Montoya's writings, but he is being paid by that faux Christian Adela Garza to lie and destroy Lily Tecero and TSC.

Once SAC rejected the TSC accreditation application over UT's Juliet Garcia's incompetence,
UT accepted the fact they messed up and offered to recreate the data.  TSC does not trust UT to recreate the data which was suppose to have been maintained by the UTB Office of  Institutional Effectiveness –
Lily Tecero to her credit went to SAC and sought out other options so as to be able to avoid involvement by Juliet Garcia.  SAC at Lily Tecero's request agreed to use the one year historical data from its first year. UT Pedro Reyes, who oversees all of the UT campus presidents, agreed to help.  He formally acknowledged that the blame was 100% on UTB or by association UT.  Reyes agreed to send accreditation personnel to help TSC, at UT's cost. 
UT has gone out of its way to let Lily Tecero know her days of dealing with Juliet Garcia are done.  She is now dealing directly with Austin.  UT has made clear they will do everything they can do to make this happen, given the fact their failed oversight of the "little brown girl who couldn't" Juliet Garcia, caused the problem.

 SAC and UT have both acknowledged that TSC and Lily Tecero have nothing to do with the failed accreditation process.  They both know the blame is 100% on the inept Juliet Garcia.  This is why both institutions have committed to work with TSC to make it happen.
UT has dispatched an expert at their expense to make up for Juliet Garcia's incompetence.  This was done under the extraordinary leadership and management of Lily Tecero.
Lily Tecero had to deal with Juliet Garcia's and Tony Martinez's endless game playing to undermine her.  She is now dealing with Adela Garza paying Montoya to destroy her reputation.  The fact she is sticking it out tells us she is the type fighter we want standing behind our students.
She is having to rebuild a bombed out city left behind by the "little brown girl who couldn't" Juliet Garcia.  Everything is a step at a time.  We can expect the first turn over of staff to come soon.  I do not doubt one bit that once Lily Tecero sees which administrators and instructors are not doing their job she will can them - unlike Juliet Garcia who kept them around.
If Adela Garza continues to pay Montoya to trash Lily Tecero she will be in for the fight of her faux Christian life.
I can tell my readers - I got endless calls from elected officials and community activists to do this story.  I just needed time to interview people and verify.  The community is standing with Lily Tecero  - a lesson Adela Garza will learn during her next election cycle.  Adela Garza has picked a fight with the wrong person.  Lily Tecero has the support of the community and every negative word against Lily Tecero will be attributed to Adela  Garza and Adela Garza will be handled on her next election day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Mother dies in jail serving time for her children's truancy

"The Associated Press reported that District Judge Dean R. Patton, who sent her to prison reluctantly, blamed a judicial system that imprisons poor people who can’t pay fines for minor offensives such as truancy fines. He said:
“This lady didn’t need to be there.  We don’t do debtors prisons anymore. That went out 100 years ago.”"

See full article

Before I get an earful - I agree sometimes the problem is the parent.  I know of a woman who intentionally pulls her daughter from school or keeps her out of school so the child fails.  She wants to keep the child support going past age 18.  I have heard this woman state she will not give the school her child's ADHD medicine because she wants the child to fail and needs the child to act out so she can get SSI for the child.

Yes, the father went to CPS and they said drop dead - not their problem.  Poor people have no place to turn to protect their children from abusive parents.  Where does a father who lives paycheck to paycheck get the money to hire an attorney to seek custody?  Further, once the child turns 13 or so good luck getting the child to follow any court order.


BISD needs to have closed campuses until 11th grade.  Parents with no effort are allowed to sign their children out of school in the middle of the day.  If the parent is too lazy to get out of the car they just tell their child to come out and not to worry about signing out.  BISD needs security at the door to prevent any child from leaving during classes unless they have been properly signed out.

BISD does nearly nothing to determine if the child is suffering from classroom anxiety.  In many cases by midday the child cannot stand the anxiety and walks out.  This is one reason why I oppose inclusion in all cases.  Such children must be in smaller classrooms with teachers who can help them when the anxiety kicks in.

The bottom line is our truancy system is broken and must be fixed at both the state and local level.  Until then, nothing will change.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Good afternoon -

I would be very honored to have you attend my campaign kick-off on Wednesday June 25th 5:45 pm at Cobbleheads Restaurant. I know I have a hard road ahead of me, but with God, family, and loyal friends, I will survive. Thank you for your continuous support.

Respectfully, Mary Rey


All candidates get free advertising.  If anyone knows of a Facebook page for Luci Longoria or campaign events they will get posted.

And again, on the free ads - the BV will not post negative comments against anyone - period.  Ads are safe haven


I hate people believe that politicians are never honest.  I accept all politicians are dishonest.  But then once elected I measure their dishonesty with their accomplishments.

Here is proven that it is a complete myth Lincoln cared about slavery as an issue which lead to the civil war.  But yet we celebrate him for freeing the slaves.  No, his goal was to keep the union together.  So although he is a myth in regards to slavery, we celebrate him because he kept the union together, although that is not what we teach our children. 

 If we were to look at Lincoln solely in the context of the truth, a story of tyranny can be written - To justify his war the Supreme Court in Texas v. White had to declare abolished the inherent right of the people to throw off a government no longer  responsive to the people  - [this is the legal justification for the Declaration of Independence]  but we do not because we look the other way in favor of what he in our eyes did right - saved the union, and in the process ended slavery.

A lesson when voting  - this notion of 100% honest and perfect politicians is what is making it impossible for us as a nation or community to move forward.  We would rather vote in another liar who has done nothing for the community than accept a certain amount of dishonesty from a politician who has actually helped the community to move forward.  We do it to our selves.  It is time we leave la la land and accept the reality of politicians not being perfect.

Executive Mansion,

 Washington, August 22, 1862.

Hon. Horace Greeley:

 Dear Sir.

I have just read yours of the 19th. addressed to myself through the New-York Tribune. If there be in it any statements, or assumptions of fact, which I may know to be erroneous, I do not, now and here, controvert them. If there be in it any inferences which I may believe to be falsely drawn, I do not now and here, argue against them. If there be perceptable in it an impatient and dictatorial tone, I waive it in deference to an old friend, whose heart I have always supposed to be right.  As to the policy I "seem to be pursuing" as you say, I have not meant to leave any one in doubt. I would save the Union. I would save it the shortest way under the Constitution. The sooner the national authority can be restored; the nearer the Union will be "the Union as it was." If there be those who would not save the Union, unless they could at the same time save slavery, I do not agree with them. If there be those who would not save the Union unless they could at the same time destroy slavery, I do not agree with them. My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union. I shall do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause, and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause. I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors; and I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views. I have here stated my purpose according to my view of official duty; and I intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men every where could be free. Yours,
A. Lincoln.

Source: LincolnonLine

Saturday, June 21, 2014


I much prefer Boca Chica over SPI.  I would love it a lot more if this place still existed.  Bathrooms are an issue.

Today I spent the day on SPI with 9 family members.  We went to beach access 5 - early - by noon.  Absolutely packed.

I must say it was my first time since the garbage bag fee has been imposed.  The beach was spotless.  We turned in our bags when we left and got back our $5.00.  The adults and kids alike had a blast.  I spent a lot of time just visiting under the canopy. 

Afterwards we went to Pirates Landing.  I was disappointed to learn not all of their shrimp is Gulf shrimp.  The Gulf of Mexico is dying and no one seems to care.  It is sad when I am sitting in a restaurant on the bay attached to the Gulf, and all I can get is farm raised shrimp and Alaskan Pollock.

They did have one plate with Gulf shrimp.  I got that one.

Just click - the YouTube copy leaves out some of the best parts.  This is real funny.  The Gonzales Gonzales discussion is a funny as "Who's on First."

Friday, June 20, 2014


The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a criminal case involving alleged threats posted on FB. This case could change how we interact with one another on the Internet. Texas already has laws on the issue but the Brownsville Police chief refuses to enforce them.

See Article

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Here is my request which the AG ruled on.
Sep 25, 2013 
"Please produce all emails, text messages, and any written communications from Diane Dillard related to real estate matters for the city of Brownsville since May 2011."
I will be following up with the AG because I believe Allison Bastion intentionally mislead the AG with her samplings.
The AG in his opinion clearly states all emails related to business are subject to disclosure.  He is clear emails from individuals merely communicating with the governmental entity are protected.  But my request was limited to business emails, so the exception asserted does not apply, because I only asked for business related emails.
Now we know the emails will be from Diane Dillard because she is the only person from whom  I request emails.  The finding is silly. 
Here is the kicker.  It is up to Diane Dillard to decide whether or not she wants these email addresses released.  My question is, why is Diane Dillard sending emails to the city regarding real estate matters which are not part of her business with the city as a real estate attorney?  Note my request - I limited my request to her business dealing.  I made no request concerning her private emails.
By refusing to release the full emails, Diane Dillard will only be raising more questions of conflict of interests between herself and her husband federal Judge Andrew Hanen, and  Tony Martinez.  Did the emails relate to Judge Hanen's review of evidence which may have implicated Tony's son in the Villalobos/Limas criminal trials?  It is an issue of transparency.  If she refuses to agree to release the emails she is basically saying she and Judge Andrew Hanen have something to hide.
Once the documents ordered released are released the BV will post them.


Note - Male to Female [mtf] or Female to Male [ftm]


I know this is a theme with a small audience, which is sad.  The theme is not transgender people, it is the fear of the medical community to join the 21st century.

Several years ago a female from the South African Olympic team was banned as a female because genetic testing showed she was a man.  But yet, with this technology readily available doctors as the child is born continue to say it is a "girl" or "boy".  No you quack, without genetic testing and possibly some other testing such as a brain MRI you cannot declare the gender of the child.  But these quacks will continue with the practice.

Gender is not, I repeat, is not qualified by a penis or vagina.  Your gender is defined by your genetic makeup. 

I have profiled children who as young as 5 are being allowed to transition from their imposed gender identity to their real gender identity. 

I will not mislead anyone - this is a difficult field.  There are politically active psychiatrists and psychologists who push the child or adult in one direction or the other instead of guiding them through the process which includes genetic testing and brain MRI's.  But even if the medical testing proves you are transgender it does not end there.

There is a Victoria Secret model who is MTF transgender.  She got irritated with Katie Couric because Katie wanted to know about the penis issue- did she or didn't she have it removed.  This is the problem - the penis has nothing to do with gender.  You can have a penis and be a woman.  But some doctors and activists insist you cannot fully transition without severing the penis.

No, part of the process is accepting that your penis does not identify your gender. Only after you accept this reality can you make an informed decision about severing the penis.  There are many MTF transgender woman happy with a penis.  It is not for everyone.  The spectrum is huge.  The surgery is actually quite advance at this point.  Remember in utero we were female before being male.  The nerve endings in the scrotum and penis are used to make the constructed vagina very sensitive to sexual intercourse.

But my point is - until the MTF transgender understands the penis  does not take away from her being a woman, she cannot make a truly informed decision about the surgery.  Because our medical community is still living in the dark ages, they cannot understand this and in far too many cases fail to help the transgender patient with the right decisions. 

Christine Jorgensen, pictured above, was the first well known MTF transgender in the U.S.  You can see from the post how happy she was to go through the operations.  Back then it was not so easy.  But she did it.  Years later she stated that she wanted other MTF transgender to know that she wish she had understood the penis did not define her gender.  She did not regret the surgery, she just wish she had understood then what she understood now - she was a woman with a penis and that the penis did not define her gender.

Some MTF transgender will feel more complete with the complete surgery, and for this reason they should pursue it.  But some MTF transgender feel better by keeping the penis.

It is very complex.  Some are MTF lesbians, some are MTF who want to continue having sex with men and find the penis important.  I would suggest that we include the MTF or M hermaphrodite.  It is a very, very complex spectrum of choices.


You cannot even have this discussion with doctors.  Anal intercourse can be a form of medical treatment for a host of colo-rectal diseases.  But doctors simply refuse to even  consider the anecdotal evidence coming from the patients.  Now gay gastroenterologists understand the issue, but they are not ignorant to reality. 

We know that the vagina and rectum for example absorb anti-depressants which are in semen.   We know that a man should ejaculate at least 5 times a week to keep a healthy prostate.  Good luck having that conversation with your doctor.  It is not sex when you are discussing it with your doctor it is medicine.

On this issue I can write pages - but the religious community will have a melt down.

Sex is a very complex spectrum of choices.  Some people can emotionally handle multiple sexual partners over the course of their life.  Others cannot and lose the ability to be intimate with one person.  Some can be swingers and still love their spouse with all their heart and remain married for 60+ years.  Personally, I am not comfortable with sharing my partner.  In my personal world - key - personal world - I would have preferred to have met Mr. Right or Mrs. Right in college and married with that person being the only sexual partner in my history.

There is another issue you cannot discuss with your doctor because social norms are considered medicine.

The spectrum on sexuality is huge.  There is a well known soccer player in the UK who came out with his wife to announce she likes to be on top sometimes and he likes to be penetrated sometimes.  He is not gay, he is just embracing his desires while allowing his wife to embrace hers.  They actually did a video as part of the coming out process.  They are happily married and intend to stay that way.

People should be able to go to their doctors and discuss these things, but they cannot because doctors care more about social norms and their religious beliefs than medicine.

Had I known what I know now, at age 12 or so I would not have been so  confused about my sex drive for both boys and girls.  I lived in the world which said the sex drive for boys was a crime and wrong and the sex drive  for girls would be cheating.  Twice I could have married, but I walked away from the relationship because it made no sense to me.  I wanted to be with both men and women.  There was no way of telling her how I  felt - the times were different.

Today I understand if I were to fall in love with a woman, it would be like any other monogamous relationship - yes I will get excited over other men and women, but I am monogamous.  I now understand this and tell this to men who are married who are cheating on their wives with men.

These men are a dime a dozen in Brownsville - I tell them "if you were straight would you step out on your wife for another woman just because they make your horny?"  If the answer is no, then I say why do you feel compelled to step out on your wife if it is a man?

And even there - if the partners agree to partners outside of marriage - something I could never do - maybe I am too insecure - I say go for it.  So long as you are honest with your partner you should explore your desires.

But I always caution - wear a cover - STD's are real.

I  have not been to the airport since December. Yesterday I was on Iowa heading towards Southmost to check out the Chachalaca ranch [ not worth the research], and was shocked to see the city has finally repaved Iowa street.  It only took nine years of complaining.  I am a patient man.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The pic is of Chaz Bono before and after.

Being a parent is probably the hardest job on the planet.  We can all agree that parents want their children to be happy and succeed.  But this is where is should begin and end.  Your child is not defined by his/her genitalia. 

For a parent it can be devastating to learn your child is transgender, but remember this they are still your child.  Nothing has changed.  You may think you love your child based on their genitalia, but you do not.  You love your child because they are your child.  They are still your child and your primary goal remains the same.  You want them to be happy and succeed - so nothing has changed.

It is never easy - but once you as a parent realize they are still your child and your primary hopes for your child remain the same, you realize nothing has changed.

Corporatists use their billions to nurture future candidates for public office to push their agenda.  Under the guise of conservatism they argue corporate taxes are passed on to the consumer as a way to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. 

Inherent in capitalism is the benefit of the bargain - this simple concept is opposed by corporatists.  They do not want to pay for the benefit they receive from the people.  Our taxes pay for the best military in the world to protect their assets.  Without our military the corporations would have no protection on the international level.  They want the American people to pay for their police protection, without having to pay for the benefit of the bargain.  This is the proof that corporatists are not capitalists or believe in the free market system.


Here is the bottom line - I will only pay so much for any given item.  There is a reason stores have clearance sales.  The prices are more than we are willing to pay.  It is that simple.  Corporations cannot pass on the taxes to the consumer - because if they do - we will not buy.

The corporatist consistory is killing this country through its anointing of candidates who will sacrifice the best interests of the people all in the name of corporate profit and keeping the major stock holders happy.

Obamacare's failure is in the forced buying of insurance from corporations - a Republican demand - instead of the one payer system. 

Medicare Part D, is bankrupting our system because the Corporatists opposed the federal government buying the medications on the open market and providing them directly to seniors and insisted that seniors buy the medications at a higher price directly from the corporations.

The Republican Party is fractured into three parts - traditional Republicans - a dying breed, the Corporatists, on the rise, and the Tea Party. 

If we as a people do not identify the these individuals being elevated by the corporatist consistory to take control of our government and send then packing from public office, we will lose our freedom sooner than you think.

The corporatists do not care about our freedoms.  They are prepared to back whatever draconian laws necessary to get what they want.  They are prepared to send our child to war to protect their interests and not ours.

Iraq was a failure because democracy was never our goal.  On one hand it as a terrible president trying to settle a personal score with Saddam and a vice president working for the interests of the corporatists.

The point of no return is coming.

I am the first to say the Democrats are not always on the side of the people, but until we can reform the Republican Party and bring back the great Republicans who have served in the past,  Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, [no one is perfect] we have no chance of saving our democracy.

NOTE:  The quote in the pic is highly suspect - but the point is still there.  Concepts evolve and the reality today is very close to the quote, although highly unlikely it was ever made.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Giving the states extraordinary powers is where the constitution is its strongest. People who fail to understand the electoral college oppose it.  Had little old New Hampshire voted for Gore Bush never would have been president.  Our history would be completely different.  This is what holds us together.


"While Congress drags its feet on immigration reform, New York State lawmakers are mulling an immigration bill of their own: It would grant state citizenship to some noncitizen immigrants, including undocumented residents, allowing them to vote and run for office. Under the New York Is Home Act, noncitizen residents who have proof of identity and have lived and paid taxes in the state for three years could apply for legal status that would let some qualify for Medicaid coverage, professional licensing, tuition assistance, and driver’s licenses, as well as state and local—but not federal—voting rights. The responsibilities of citizenship would also apply, including jury duty.
“It’s mind-boggling,” says Michael Olivas, a professor at the University of Houston Law Center who specializes in immigration law. “I don’t believe there’s ever been a serious attempt to codify so many benefits and opportunities.”

See full article

NY will either succeed or fail.  If it succeeds other states will follow.  This is the core strength in our system of government.  State governments can move forward when Washington fails to act.

Colorado will either succeed or fail in its legalization of marijuana.  If it succeeds, other states will follow.

Gay marriage started in one state.  The world did not end as predicted by the Taliban Christians who seek to control our genitalia.  Gay marriage by this time next year will be legal in all 50 states, after the Supreme Court issues it ruling.

The ability of the states to experiment in policy is one of the things which make this country work.  This is my favorite subject when I teach American Government. 

Come January 1, 2015, there will be a sucking [pun intended] sound of U.S. dollars going to Canada as prostitution - highly regulated, becomes a reality.  States along the border will rethink its policies on prostitution and in time begin to mimic Canada.  Their choice will be to accommodate the practice or see millions of dollars go to Canada. 

It is funny how social norms change the second profit becomes a variable.  Ah, the heartbreak of capitalism


I can tell my readers there is only one reason Healthsmart has not settled with BISD, they are waiting on the November election.  They want to see if they can get another majority to dismiss the lawsuit, which is costing BISD nothing.

Healthsmart is worth millions to BISD, and it should not be lost on the voters after working with Ted Parker and his convicted felon side kick Carlos Quintanilla, Luci Longoria voted to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit.

Healthsmart fought for years the release of this audit.  They lost 5 rounds - one each at the trial court level in Dallas and Austin, one each at the court of appeals level in Dallas and Austin, and finally with the Texas Supreme Court.  What the Lubbock audit showed was, the city of Lubbock was cheated by Healthsmart.  Is it no wonder Healthsmart spent so many years and so much money to try and keep it secret.

"In brief, the audit reveals the city was overcharged by $6 million to $8.9 million as the direct result of administrative errors caused by erroneous fees and “kickbacks” paid to The Parker Group while it managed the city’s health plan from 2004-06.

The City Council approved a $4 million settlement from the group in 2012."

Click for Article

Any candidate unwilling to sign an affidavit agreeing to not dismiss the pending Healthsmart lawsuit should be soundly rejected by the voters.

The Lubbock newspaper fought this battle after exposing influence peddling with the city commission by Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla.  With the conspiracy exposed Ted Parker's candidates lost, one was sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission, and Healthsmart paid the city of Lubbock $4 million dollars in addition to the $800,000 + in attorneys fees and sanctions paid over the Dallas lawsuit.

Healthsmart is just waiting to see if they can buy the seats on the BISD Board to get the lawsuit dismissed again.  If they fail, they will settle and BISD can begin the process of restoring its Fund Balance.

Will this fact ever appear in the Herald - never - Daniel Cavasos and Gary Long were intricate players in protecting Healthsmart and their conduct.  Lubbock had a real newspaper and they were paid.  We had the joke known as the Herald and got nothing.

Again, everyone gets free advertising on the BV.  If anyone knows if Carlos has a FB page they can email me and I will post it.  This gif has been added to the left under campaigns.

I saw this bumper sticker the other day and liked it.  But I do not vote bumper stickers.  I am still researching this candidates background.

I will want to know from each and every candidate - will they promise to not vote to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit?

If anyone knows if he has an opponent please let me know so he/she can get equal free advertising

Remember all candidates get free advertising.  If anyone has any information on Luci Longoria - FB, web page - please forward it so I can post it and ad it to the campaign link to the left.
Unfortunately, based on the number of comments I have already rejected, Luci Longoria intends to go very negative.  I want to hear about the issues.  I want to know if either candidate will vote to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit.  I want to know what they intend to do about Special Services.
Transportation is a big issue right now.  BISD had the opportunity to hire any number of former military personal who ran transportation at the battalion level but instead chose a teacher to run Transportation. The result has been a disaster.
We need competence in hiring - these are the issues I care about.  But I can assure Luci, if she intends to avoid the issues and go personal, I will go tit for tat on exposing her private life.  No one's private life matters.  It needs to stay out of the campaign.  Lets hear about the children and the issues.
For example I believe Luci is standing and sure footing concerning her opposition to Martin Arambula.  This is an issue which will resonate with the voters.  Luci actually has several really good substantive issues - the question is does she know how to use them or will she simply go negative as a distraction from her own actions. 

Luci cannot ignore her own failings -after all it was Luci and her compadres who put Carl Montoya in charge.  But she can speak to the problems which are being ignored.  People who never admit to mistakes never change and are doomed to fail.


Someone told me Mary Rey is doing a meet the candidate so I went to her FB page and found this.  Nothing on a meet the candidate - but I am told something will be posted for the 25th at Cobbleheads

Sad? Sad to know that although you go to the gym you will never look like the instructor.  But if you eat quesadillas you will look like the woman who makes them.

Literal translations never contain the original intent of the statement which is why you must translate substantively and not literally.  For example "But if you go to the quesadillas" makes no sense