Monday, May 26, 2014


From what I am hearing there is major election fatigue.  The only people I know who have voted, voted based on a commitment to a specific candidate.  About 30 or so people asked me who they should vote for in the other races.  I gave my opinion with the same caveat to each person - these are my choices based on my values.  You may think differently.  But of course for each of these people I was also already committed to the candidate they were supporting - so that helped things along.  I think one person on the county judge race said he was going to go against who I voted for, but that was based on him being old guard and old guard tend to vote for old guard - I said - good for you go with who you trust.

Guys, about 60% of the votes are already caste.  I suspect no ad in Monday's paper is going to change any one's mind unless it is a negative ad.  Then they will probably vote against the person who went negative.  Last minute voters tend to be committed voters to the tradition of election day voting or very undecided.

But do what your values tell you is right - but whatever you do, do not vote based on campaign signs, push polling [candidate A is endorsed by God and candidate B is endorsed by the devil, which one will you be voting for?]  Candidates who pay for push polling are inherently dishonest.

In the district clerk race who ever wins will be okay.  The county clerk race - if the wrong person wins the office will be turned upside down and I fully expect lawsuits to flow against the county.

The JP races are a wash.  The only thing which Gracia has going for himself is at least he is a lawyer.  I am hopeful in this up and coming legislative session the legislature will finally make being a lawyer a requirement to being a JP.  Some of the laws are complex and being a lawyer is an asset.

On truancy - until truancy court is abolished nothing will change. In fact federal lawsuits have ended much of truancy court around the country.  Special needs children are not subject to truancy court.  That lawsuit is coming soon enough.  Once it comes to Texas such as it has hit other states, our truancy laws will change big time.

The problem cannot be solved in a courtroom - it must be solved at  the BISD level.  Far too many students constructively drop out - meaning they miss a lot of school- for reasons no judge can fix.  BISD  desperately needs an in house counsel to work with the parents of these children and special needs children to find the solution.  No one is listening to the outcries of these children so nothing is going to get fixed.  An in house lawyer at BISD to be an advocate to insure BISD is doing everything possible for truant children and children with special needs will save BISD a ton of money, while keeping these kids in school.
So go vote - vote your values - and let no on tell you otherwise

Also guys, who ever wins - let it go.  The candidates fought hard political campaigns.  Once the people vote we should wish the winners well and move on.  I did not support Congressman Vela, but in my mind he is a great representative of the people.  So even if your guy looses, you may learn the person who won turns out just fine.

To each winner - my congratulations and I hope you succeed, because your success is our success.

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