Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Herald is reporting two juries found the defendants not guilty in two high profile cases.  Nat Perez showed his skills again when a jury found a deputy not guilty of excessive force.  In another case, the man accused of trying to kill Justice Hinojosa was found not guilty. In the latter case a first year law student could have reviewed the evidence and seen it did not exist. 
"A Cameron County Pct. 2 deputy constable testified Wednesday that he didn’t believe there was probable cause to charge a Midland man with the attempted murder of a state district judge."

Why is Saenz prosecuting these cases with no evidence.  We will see no press conference explaining his incompetence.

The Pedraza case was particularly egregious.  In that case Nat Perez got Justice Chew to order the jury to find his client not guilty before they could even deliberate.  Pedraza was prosecuted in retaliation for making claims against more senior officers within the BPD.

We have a problem - but people will ignore these wrongful prosecutions until it is their family member charged.

But again - to be fair - a not guilty or guilty never has to do with innocence or guilt - verdicts are about evidence and not true innocence or guilt.


Anonymous said...

stop hating on Saenz Bobby, you are looking desperate.

BobbyWC said...

I get it, Saenz can publish all of his lies, but we cannot respond when then evidence shows he is prosecuting bad cases.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

All it means is the State failed to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt not that they were bad cases

BobbyWC said...

isn't that what my last paragraph says