Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I am told an amended  lawsuit naming Begum, Barton, and Montoya is being filed in Houston today.  I have read the lawsuit.  I added some comments, but I was unwilling to check some of the lawyer's research.  It is not my research.  I just asked that he add two legal principles and correct a reference to a paragraph.  It is certainly not how I would prepare such a lawsuit.

My lawsuit against Begum, Dominguez, Montoya, and Saenz will also be filed in Houston where Begum has business.  Under the rules it will go to the same judge who has indicated a willingness to see the Josefina Fisher case through trial.  But he may change his mind on Friday if the Amended lawsuit is flawed.  If that happens I will sue in San Antonio.

For weeks I have been trying to finish my complaint to the FBI agent assigned to investigate Saenz and Begum over the official oppression claim filed by Josefina Canales Fisher.  Included is a ton of evidence of laundering unreported campaign money through Montoya.  The FBI has had this issue for some time related to the Mary Rey testimony and J.A. Sandoval bogus ads.  Mary Rey has verified that she was invited to Alex Begum's office and offered payment directly from Alex to work on Yolanda Begum's campaign.  There are others, but Mary Rey is the only one with the courage to come forward with her name.

The BV is monitored by people other than me. IP addresses are recorded and linked to comments.

Today I will complete my complaint to the FBI seeking further indictment of Begum, Saenz, Dominguez, and Montoya for retaliation for my successful complaint written for Josefina Fisher Canales.  Begum has crossed the line several times in his anonymous posts.  Last night he crossed the line.  He will not stop.  He cannot be controlled

Everything including all documents and the name of the witness claiming Begum paid workers at the adult day care center will go to the FBI agent in charge of the case.  It will be for the agent to interview the witnesses and decide if they are trustworthy.   This would be laundering of campaign money,  It is a crime.  Again it is an allegation for the FBI to decide if there is sufficient evidence to move forward with an indictment.  Since I am not a witness I have no way of knowing if people are lying.


He will go to his grave clueless that Montoya and Begum have already thrown him under the bus.  Really guys, after all I have been through in my battles you think you can publish something which will control me.  Montoya and Begum are as clueless as they can be.  Tuesday's lie that Ernie wants to run for mayor only resulted in Saenz being trashed.  Begum knew that would happen, but he wanted the distraction so Saenz had to be sacrificed.

Alex Begum is a too bit bully using a drunk and money to silence the truth about himself and his mommy dearest the fake Yolanda Begum. It has not worked. These two have a very dangerous and unhealthy relationship.

Documents go both ways - I am not the one running for public office.


A battle is brewing on this issue.  As a disabled veteran every year I receive a letter for use in state benefits.  Texas is very generous with its benefits.  They can get very  complex.  I do not have a 100% rating - but it is true my health is failing fast.  Just yesterday I was informed a highly trained eye surgeon has been hired by the VA to try and determine if the hypothalamic dysfunction is causing me to lose my vision.  The cataracts cannot explain the level of loss of vision.

The first class scumbags Yolanda and Alex Begum and Alex Dominguez paid Montoya to try and secure confidential medical information related to me held by the VA.  The State objected.  In fact because of the information in the annual letter I receive summarizing my VA benefits is so sensitive, Texas has an express law prohibiting release of same. 

Begum and Dominguez said screw all disabled veterans and have paid Montoya to get AG Abbott to order the release of all of these confidential letters received by all veterans.

They will not win because Texas law expressly prohibits their release.

But here is the deal - why is any veteran's rating and benefits any one's business.  I am at a very high risk for  colon cancer because of something which happened while in the military.  Precancerous polyps are removed on a regular basis.  There are days the colon pain make getting out of bed impossible.  A simple bowel movement or emptying my bladder can put me on the floor from excruciating paid.  ALEX BEGUM AND ALEX DOMINGUEZ SEEM TO THINK THIS IS FUNNY.  It is not - just tonight only because I know there is nothing they can do for me is why I did not call an ambulance.  The right sided pain was unbearable.  I just had to let it pass.  It felt like the colon was going to bust right through the skin.

Dominguez and Begum seek to publish this letter to the Internet in hope of humiliating me.  Any veteran or anyone who cares about veterans who  votes for Begum, Dominguez, or Mary Ester Garcia can go to hell and rot for eternity.  These scum of the earth would have nothing without veterans.

It is up to my readers to let all of their family members know how these low lives, Dominguez, Begum and Mary Ester Garcia are paying Montoya to fight this battle to deny all veterans their right of privacy.  If you as my readers are unwilling to send out emails telling people the truth, then you have no right to the freedoms veterans have secured for you.


Now to understand how poorly educated these idiots are they actually believe AG Abbott is going to issue an opinion ordering the release of confidential veterans records while he is running for governor.  If he does Wendy Davis will be the next governor.  Veterans  groups are poised to sue AG Abbott if he is  dumb enough to order release of these confidential documents.

I hold no public office and have no desire to hold public office - but Alex Begum is emotionally disturbed.  Because I simply speak the truth about the fake Yolanda Begum being a liar [I did not create her last ad - she did - but refuses to take responsibility for it].he is prepared to have all Texas veterans punished.  As soon as his check clears tomorrow you will see another attack bought and paid for by Begum.  He is too ignorant to understand the FBI will download it as further evidence of his retaliation.  He is too ignorant how angry veterans are going to be to learn how much he hates us and how willing he is to do injury to our privacy - ALL FOR HIS HATRED OF ME TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS MOTHER - THE FAKE YOLANDA BEGUM

Alex Dominguez, and Alex and Yolanda Begum are pure evil.  They are con artists at every level.

On Yolanda's moronic claim to have interns it shows Barton and Alex are two of  the dumbest people on the planet or willfully participated in a con job.  Accreditation rules would require Yolanda Begum have at least a masters degree in the field before she could oversee any interns. Does anyone believe Alex did not know this?  It is all lies to con the people.

Alex and Yolanda Begum have played bully since day one - they lie - they cheat - they seek to destroy anyone who challenges their lies.  If you think this is acceptable then you  deserve bad government.

I did this post late so I can start early to  finish my retaliation complaint to the FBI along with copies of Alex's threats.

YOU DECIDE - DO YOU STAND WITH THE VETERANS AGAINST BEGUM, DOMINGUEZ, AND MARY ESTER GARCIA, or do you say drop dead to the veterans who gave you your freedom.

For the record I brought this matter to the attention of the dishonorable Judge Oscar X. Garcia and he basically said to hell with the veterans - that is when I pulled my support.  I went to Juan Magallanes and he immediately offered to write an amice brief for the veterans.  Juan Magallanes had no problem showing true loyalty to veterans and appreciation.  Oscar X. Garcia was real simple in his response - screw the veterans - he can win without their vote.


Anonymous said...

MY father-in-law cant get an appointment with the VA. They always schedule him for months waiting list. How is it that you can get to see them regularly?

BobbyWC said...

An appointment with my PCP typically takes 6 months - what have I ever said which indicates I do not wait months for an appointment.

Specialty clinics typically take 3 months or more for an appointment.

Sometimes you have to call and call and call to get the clerk to give you the appointment even though your PCP has referred you over.

If you need to be seen right away you do a walk in - when I need a walk in I may sit there for 8 hours - I do not complain because I am grateful for the service. For walk ins it is best to go the first 3 days of the month. They are slow on those days.

A lot of my specialty care appointments are scheduled months in advance as follow-up.

You need to learn the system instead of complaining.

We all wait - you never hear me complaint about waiting.

From the first indication I need cataract surgery to the date of the scheduled surgery will be nearly a year. I am not complaining - I am grateful.

Buy any veteran who believes they need to be seen right away just needs to do a walk in - you may wait 8 hours - but I never mind - I am grateful - the veterans with scheduled appointments go first.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So you basically just have advice, on how to work the system!!!

BobbyWC said...

No, I am saying how the system works. this is the government

bobby wc

Anonymous said...

Not the way it should be but most certainly the way it is and not only in the Valley.

BobbyWC said...

I'm glad you see it as a national issue - I hate the racists who see everything in the Valley the result of our history.

Politics and government are the same everywhere

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I'm glad you see it as a national issue - I hate the racists who see everything in the Valley the result of our history.

Politics and government are the same everywhere

Bobby WC