Friday, May 23, 2014


The full story Tuesday - but I will say this  - Arambula and I have a long history.  We do not like one another.  Using the proper BISD documents I requested the transcripts of a friend.  The authorization for release as prepared by BISD was signed by the former student.

Arambula refused to release the documents - he and his staff had a ton of excuses - I lost it when his assistant accused me of presenting falsified documents, after she met with Arambula.

This is when it got ugly - I left knowing I was going to get no where and went to my car.  I called his boss Guerra and filed a formal complaint.  About 10 minutes later Guerra called back proposing a compromise which is not in compliance with BISD policy, I rejected it and said I will Dr. Montoya.

That is when Arambula called the police on me - two cars show up.  I was in my car on the phone with Dr. Montoya's office bothering no one.  Lets say I got the police to back down and then later apologized saying I misdirected my anger on a very fine officer over my anger with Arambula,  The officer was amazing -  he understood - I was wrong and made clear I was wrong - an A+ kind of guy.  BISD is lucky to have him.  He is very well trained and a credit to the badge.

Since when its it acceptable to call the police on a citizen because they file a complaint against you with your boss?  I will not be hiring counsel.  I intend to work this out as a professional with the Board.  If they do the right thing we will all be fine.

The BISD Board will deal with this.  We will now see Longoria's and Presas-Garcia's true colors.  Will they stand with me and use the incident which is documented and go after Arambula who they have made clear is not competent, or will they change sides and defend him because of their contempt for me?

This story is a lot more complex.  I will explain the rest including my history with Arambula on Tuesday.

Oh, I left with the documents I was seeking.  Dr. Montoya ordered them released.


Anonymous said...

With all the trash that people are speaking and writing about Aramubula, why does he act in that manner?????????????? Not Wise!

Anonymous said...

Sounds Like Service Training is needed at BISD. Don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

"I lost it..."
"This is when it got ugly. . "

Did they call the police because you file a complaint with his boss or because of your behavior in requesting the information?

BobbyWC said...

My behavior had nothing to do with it - I left after the blonde accused me of presenting falsified documents. She refused to allow me to speak with Arambula.

I was never asked to leave or asked to change no tone except after I told her she was not going to accuse me of presenting falsified documents.

I then left. the police did not show until a good 20 minutes or so after I left the building, filed the complaint with Arambula's boss and then got a return phone call from Arambula's boss.

If they were concerned with my behavior they would have asked me to leave and called the police.

Once I was in the parking lot out of the building how did I present a problem to anyone one - well except to Arambula by filing a complaint against him.

IO do not know what planet you live on but when you accuse someone of presenting falsified documents you better be prepared to prove it.

If anyone has a complaint based on behavior it is me against the blonde for accusing me of presenting falsified documents without an ounce of proof just because Arambula had decided to not comply with request as prepared on their form.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

BISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability or genetic information in employment or provision of services, programs or activities.

What is the basic reason you are filing a civil rights complaint against Mr. Armabula? Based on BISD's compliance statement, how did Mr. Armabula violated your civil rights? I have seen the BISD transcript records form and it is a very simple form for requesting a transcript with the approval of the former student.

BobbyWC said...

I have a First Amendment right to file a complaint with his boss. By calling the police on my he violated the right through an act of attempted intimidation.

You know nothing about the law - why do you try and defend that which has no defense.

My phone bill will prove how long I was outside before the police came.

Further, once she said I was presenting a falsified document and claimed identify theft is a crime she hung herself.

because if she and Arambula believed for one second that is what was happeninging when she came from seeing Arambula she should have told me to wait while they work on it and then called the police to detain me until they could confirm the documents were not falsified or that I was trying to steal this person's ID.

If their purpose was to protect the former student they should have never allowed me to leave the building.

Arambula did not give a crap until is boss called him and my phone records along with the records of the police will prove it.

My phone records will prove how long I was outside bothering no one before Arambula had the police called.

And maybe you find it okay for Arambula to have his staff accuse you of falsifying documents - but I do not - and I am willing to bet the people of Brownsville are on my side on this one.

if he believed it he should have t old me to take a seat while they called the police.

There is no defense Martin - you can write all the BS excuses in the world but my phone records, the police record, and commonsense will tell this story

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The question is, will the other 4 board members that approved the $20,000 pay increase to Martin will side with you or Martin?
Who will your friend Minerva Pena side with? Can't wait to see this.

Anonymous said...

You honestly don't know Caty nor Luci, they will do what's right it doesn't matter who it is. If they did wrong there will be consequences. So be sure this gets to the Board, don't let Dr. Montoya sweep it under the rug to keep it from the Board as he did the 28 grievances presented at the last Board Meeting by their attorney. What a screwed up superintendent.

Anonymous said...

BISD has a grievance procedure for school personnel and non-school personnel to be able to file a complaints against a school district employee. Mr. Arambula as the administrator in charge of school policies can provide you with further information on how to proceed in filing a complaint. Complaints do not get to the board until it has proceeded through level I and II.

BobbyWC said...

Because of some of the things you said about the blonde I cannot post it - but rest assured I do not doubt you - her attitude is real nasty and carries a sense of privilege - like she can never get in trouble not matter what she does and that is a reflection on Arambula

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Matin is not the HR Aministrator, so don't refer him to go with him for guidance filing a grievance. He will want another $20,000 pay increase. Pinche mamon.