Sunday, May 18, 2014


This was going to be my only post today, but as my first post explains I really had to respond to Montoya's lies.

Having been raised as a Christian Scientist, I am pretty well versed in mind over matter.  I left the church because I out grew it.  The historical evidence shows the founder Mary Baker Eddy was always evolving in her understanding.  After her death the leaders basically declared the continued evolution of her ideas hearsay thereby leaving the church stagnant and against the actual teachings of Mary Baker Eddy.

I did not bench 315 lbs on my 50th birthday with all muscle - it was a matter of mind over matter.  My former work out partner several weeks ago was shocked I can still go one on one against him even though I have not worked out regularly for years - and certainly not at those levels.  Why?- mind over matter.  I was not going to allow him to out do me. He is 9 years my junior.

So on Sunday, everyone near my home was unavailable to drive me the two miles to PEP Boys to retrieve my truck.  In the morning I spend an hour working on cutting the grass in the alley behind my fence, digging up a bush and repairing a broken fence panel.  I then did another 8 feet of PVC pipe as part of my drainage system from the gutters.  I also did 15 laps in the pool while reading for two hours and getting some sun.  Trust me - I have to take breaks every 15 minutes because of my back and breathing problems.  There are lots of breaks. 

So now I need my truck - I have to get to Sams.  In the time for a friend to come from the others side of town to get me, I knew I could walk to PEP Boys.  It took  me 26 minutes.  I  did not let the lumbar pain stop me - although had I wore my special sneakers I would have probably not felt any pain, and I did not let my chronic shortness of breath stop me.  It was stupid to go at 2:15 p.m. without a hat.  Walking in flip flops is also stupid

But I resolved in my mind I had to do this and no amount of pain or shortness of breath was going to stop me.  The shortness of breath was challenging - but I said - I have to do this in under 30 minutes and I did.  The lumbar paid never would have happened had I wore my special sneakers.

I will now walk every morning for 30 minutes - his time I will wear my special sneakers and a hat.

I just had to make that decision to no longer allow the pain or shortness of breath to stop me - I endured because of my skills with mind over matter.

I had given in to the problem - but no longer - I have made a choice - and a good choice it be.

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