Monday, May 12, 2014

Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be 100% wrong about this post, but somehow I do not believe India or the CIA are going to put India's national security issues behind the return of a confessed murderer to the U.S.

The least of Amit Livingston's problems is being extradited to the U.S. Such an immediate act could save his life.

I am not  discounting the death of the woman he murdered, but extradition for the murder is the last thing on India's mind right now.

India has a host of terrorist and separatist problems.  Key to their activity is the illegal wiring of money and fake ID's.  I am willing to bet the farm until India is certain Amit Livingston has no leads for them on either of these issues, their internal intelligence services are not going to let him go.  At this moment he is a major national security asset in terms of potential information.

They were not observing him at his home for no reason.  It was intelligence gathering.  If they had not already arrested the person who forged the documents before his arrest I am certain that person is now long gone.  The separatists and terrorists in India rely on these forgers to carry out their terrorism.  This is what most interests India.

Until they are certain Amit Livingston has zero to offer in terms of intelligence against forgers and those illegally transferring money around, India will never let him go.  I am certain our CIA is on the ground aiding India in the debriefing and interrogation of Amit Livingston..

It would shock me to learn he is not in isolation.  Those who specialize in forged documents know the U.S, CIA are all over this.  I am certain there is a price on Livingston's head.  Putting Livingston in  general population would be the equivalent of a death warrant.

It is possible the U.S, and India will agree that the U.S. in a federal detention center in isolation would be a safer place for him until they can be certain he has given up all possible intelligence information related to forgers and those who illegally transfer money around.  One would hope Amit and his father would see the same benefit in terms of his security.  But this is India's call, and their rules of interrogation are not as nice as ours - so India may want him for a while.


As the INTERPOL warrant proves the US was on this in 2008 and Saenz had nothing to do with it.  A year ago for publicity he announced he would not rest until Amit Livingston was caught.  I can just here the detectives in India now discussing their efforts with Luis Saenz while by-passing Indian and U.S. Intelligence Services.

Saenz first and foremost owes an apology to Mrs, Garcia for misleading her about his role in the capture and failing to explain to Mrs. Garcia and the press how the Intelligence gathering side of this case will take priority over the extradition for the murder of Mrs. Garcia's daughter.  She should have been told the truth, but the truth did not fit Luis Saenz script of deception.

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