Thursday, May 29, 2014


Let me begin by qualifying what I mean by rape.  The woman fought back.  Her pants were torn down, but during the fight she believes there was no penetration and the attacker only ejaculated on her leg.  She was trained to fight back and did.

The attack happened on the trail behind the old T-Mobile building.

It takes a lot for a woman to seek help after an attack - it could be months before they report it.  In this case it was months.  The report happened after she broke down and ended up at the hospital and her doctor.

The woman has no insurance because a major employer after learning of the incident first, and then after the breakdown released her from her job.  That is a big story which would make national headlines because of who the employer is and the fact the man who made the same mistake as the woman was not discharged.  That matter is being handled directly between the former employee and general counsel for the corporation.  I  see no reason for a private lawyer at this point.  I think the corporation will do the right thing now that their general counsel has all of the facts.


There are so many factors to how a rape victim responds to the attack.  Every year women abort babies who are the product of rape.  The abortion is entirely unnecessary because at the emergency room the doctor can handle it before conception.  But women do not seek immediate help because we still exist in a world of Police Chief's like Rodriguez.

It is not disputed that because the evidence is gone, and the victim claims it was too dark to ever be able to ID her three attackers, there is not much the police can do other than to better patrol the trails at night.

But what they can do is provide the victim with key information, and support.  Now if no organization exists in Brownsville to help rape victims, shame on every female lawyer in Cameron county.  But if such help does exist then the victim should have been referred to the organization.

The big failure is, at no time was she told she could apply for state assistance to pay her medical bills.  Nothing about the victims program run by the state was provided to this woman.  I have completed the application and they will pick up the bill for her counselling.  She needs a lot.  Without this help she would have remained silent and suffered with no help.

In the end she was just blown off because her case cannot be solved.  In the case of rape the victim should never be blown off  - every bit of comfort and help should be provided and nothing was provided.

So long as we continue to have police Chief's like Rodriguez women will continue to not report rape and continue to seek needless abortions.

As to our city commission, do not hold your breath - they see nothing wrong in this.  The female commissioners should be up in arms - the most I can hope for is a perfunctory email to the city manager which will die and go nowhere.


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