Friday, May 9, 2014


No one came to the defense of Judge Oscar X. Garcia over Amber Medina's unwarranted attack on Judge Garcia, like the BV.  Amber Medina's intellect has not changed since that of the overseers of the slaves during the time Texas was still a slave state.

Amber Medina as the chair of the Cameron County Democratic Party seems to think she is the overseer of the slaves owned by the Texas Democratic Party.  Nothing is ever going to change the racist mindset of this woman.


My mother as a social worker in the 60-'s-70's saw how President Johnson's welfare state was turning good hard working people into dependents of the state.  This forced her to vote for Nixon twice, even though she was a Democrat.  I will admit her last vote was for President Carter.  She felt betrayed by Nixon and Ford over the pardon.

But by 1980, people in droves started to leave the Democratic Party to become Independents or Republicans over the welfare state issue.  Highly educated Latino's and Black's are a growing part of the Independents.  They clearly see what Plantation Democratic Politics has done to their communities.  This notion that Amber Medina owns us is so archaic is blows my mind she can show her face in public.

Today people are shocked to learn seemingly socially liberal Hollywood types are Republicans. With rare cases, the move is more of an anti-Democratic move than a prove Republican move.  It is the welfare state that they oppose.  President Clinton understood this and brought about significant welfare reform. 

Many social programs are needed, and are in fact underfunded.  But it is nonsense that so many people on welfare do not have to do anything to get their welfare.  My mother had dignity, and with 7 kids at home she worked as a hall monitor at a school for intellectually disabled children while attending Hofstra university at night to become a social worker.  This was all a condition of getting welfare - welfare we paid back after her house sold.  The State of New York had a $10,000 lien on the house for the welfare payments.  This was a good thing. 

The problem with the welfare state is not the assistance in and of itself - it is how it is used to get people to vote Democrat and thereby become enslaved by the Democrats giving the Democrats the mindset they own us.  They do not.


Based on my independent research I would never vote for her - it is that simple.  BUT - she paid her fees to run as a Democratic.  The Democratic Party is a party of many views.  It is what makes us strong - smart Democrats do not slam the door on people who have different views from their own.

The decision of Amber Medina to shun Kesha Rogers is just the same old Plantation Politics Amber Medina practices.  She seems to think she gets to think for us.  She does not.  I did my research and would never vote for Kesha Rogers.  That is my decision - it may not be yours.  If you want to vote for her to move the Democratic Party in that direction - then I say vote for her.  The decision belongs to the people and not the Plantation Overseer Amber Medina.

Until the Democrats rid itself of the Plantation Democrats like Gilberto Hinojosa and Amber Medina, it will never win statewide office in Texas.  These two simply will never allow for a free flow of ideas within the Democratic Party.  The end result is, people will stay home and not vote. 


Anonymous said...

Corporate welfare is 4 times the size of social programs and companies like Exxon certainly dont need them with billion dollar profits....but as is the practice everyone wants to focus on Lupita in front of them at the HEB....

It is time for people to focus on corporate welfare that is the livelyhood of the republican party instead of Lupita from HEB

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for your comment - it is the comment which makes the BV work.

You are 100% about corporate welfare.

No ne has spoken more against Corporatism and the Republican party than the BV.

On the reverse side, a lot of traditional Republicans are becoming Independents because of the corporate welfare you speak of.

And you are correct - the Democrats need to push this issue.

But my point here was not to trash social programs - like I said many are under funded.

My point in p art was to speak to why so many educated blacks and Latinos are becoming Independents.

Can we not agree the social welfare programs would be better if they were more like when my mom was on welfare.

She had to work - she kept her dignity - raised 7 kids with the help of the community and our extended family. When she died the government got their $10,000 back.

You must agree those young mothers on welfare would be better off if we had them in meaningful job training during the day to help move them off welfare.

Of course none of this compares to the billions we give corporations - on this issue the Republican Corporatists have no shame.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I do agree 110% with your article. Although I had attended only couple meetings, the night Wendy Davis came to Brownsville was all I needed to see to know that the Hinojosas were running the party. Poor woman!!
Thanks and keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Amber is just a "yes ma'am" woman to Cynthia. THAT'S THE SAD PART!!!