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When representatives of the Hernandez/Garcia family met with police Chief Rodriguez concerning alleged barratry charges against Luis Sorola and Mary Ester Garcia, Chief Rodriguez clearly stated he was bringing in ICE so this could be part of a joint investigation. He lied - in the same way he lied to Norma Hernandez that her police complaint against Zeke Silva would be amended to reflect her video taped interview - until this day nothing - she has not even been allowed to see her own interview.

 It is a very dangerous thing when we have a police chief in cahoots with the district attorney. This is how the bogus criminal charges came about against Sonny Pedraza. He filed claims of wrongdoing against superiors in the police department and then was charged with criminal conduct.  Justice Chew did not even let the case go to the jury.  After DA Saenz closed his case Justice Chew dismissed the case for want of evidence. If you think this cannot happen to you, you are dead wrong.

Alex Begum gave donations in kind to the police.  He had direct communications with the chief and other high ranking officials and managed to force them to bring charges against Josefina Canales [Fisher].  A visiting judge threw those charges out for what they were - frivolous.  It is not obscene to call Yolanda Begum a fake.

I can only hope the FBI extends the existing investigation involving Saenz and Begum to the Brownsville police department - there is no doubt Chief Rodriguez is in cahoots with DA Saenz to engage in official oppression and block valid criminal complaints filed against the protected, such as Mary Ester Garcia.

Now that I have the white wash report from Detective Rey Ybarra at the BPD, the criminal complaint is formally going to the Texas Rangers, ICE, FBI, and the Criminal Enforcement Section of the AG.

According to the text messages sent by Ybarra Saenz will not prosecute Mary Ester Garcia because Luis Saenz dropped the federal lawsuit - what about the bogus state lawsuit?  That one will get all law enforcement involved because of just how egregious it was.



EMPLOYMENT.  (a) A person commits an offense if, with intent to obtain an economic benefit the person:

(2)  solicits employment, either in person or by telephone, for himself or for another;

[the evidence collected showed Mary Ester Garcia approached the couple who sued Erin Garcia - their defense seems to be if you know the person you can encourage them to file frivolous lawsuits and refer them to a specific attorney]

 (3)  pays, gives, or advances or offers to pay, give, or advance to a prospective client money or anything of value to obtain employment as a professional from the prospective client;

 (4)  pays or gives or offers to pay or give a person money or anything of value to solicit employment;

[Luis Sorola paid for both lawsuits.  What the police have been unwilling to do is find out if Solora and Mary Ester Garcia encouraged the couple to seek an expedited wedding and waiver expressly from Erin Garcia.  What became clear to the investigator was, after the initial visit someone told the couple to not speak with the police - this by itself is a crime]

(6)  accepts or agrees to accept money or anything of value to solicit employment.

[Mary Ester Garcia works for Luis Sorola - this is what barratry runners do - they work for the law firm involved and then get paid as a worker to find clients]

(d)  A person commits an offense if the person: 
 (1)  is an attorney, chiropractor, physician, surgeon, or private investigator licensed to practice in this state or any person licensed, certified, or registered by a health care regulatory agency of this state;

(2)  with the intent to obtain professional employment for himself or for another, sends or knowingly permits to be sent to an individual who has not sought the person's employment, legal representation, advice, or care a written communication that

(F)  involves coercion, duress, fraud, overreaching, harassment, intimidation, or undue influence;  or
(G)  contains a false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or unfair statement or claim.

[The latter will apply if Sorola recruited the couple knowing what he was doing was for the purpose of fraud and in fact possible duress - making the couple believe they non resident spouse could be deported.]

Detective Rey Ybarra was so determined to make the complaint go away he did not even bother to read the barratry statute before interviewing the couple.  If you do not know the elements of the crime, then how do you know what questions to ask?

At every level it has been lies by Chief Rodriguez and his trained monkey staff.

But this is Brownsville and Cameron county - there is no law enforcement without outsiders coming in to stop the corruption of the protected.

I believe a key witness in all of this is now Gaby Garcia.  She cannot seem to keep her mouth shut.  It will be for investigators to get the entire story, but she is going around telling people Erin Garcia learned what happens when you F...k with Luis Sorola


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Check the article out Mary - what's worse losing the run-off, or winning and then being removed from office after conviction.  The Texas AG prosecuted the case of Medrano after the Dallas DA refused to do his job.  Yes, he won the election, but then was removed after his conviction.

You might want to reflect on this Mary.

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