Saturday, April 19, 2014


The Plantation Democrats who run the Texas Democratic Party simply do not get it - they came to us and said "to hell with you, we know you voted Gilberto Hinojosa out of office in favor of a Republican, but it is time you learn your place so we are making him the Party Chair for the State."

Wendy Davis as a Plantation Democrat thinks all she has to do is listen to Gilberto Hinojosa and she will carry the Latino vote and the state.  She knows nothing about us, and cares nothing about us.  She is Gilberto Hinojosa - so she is being rejected.

When a polling company run by Democrats have the women voters favoring Gregg Abbott, you know the election is all but over.

"Davis is as unpopular with women as men. Just 32 percent of women viewed her favorably, compared with 46 percent of women who viewed her unfavorably."

"Abbott leads Davis among women, 49 to 41 percent, and among men, 53 to 32 percent."

"The survey found that Abbott was leading Davis 51 to 37 percent, just about the same as Abbott’s 50-35 lead when they last polled in November."

Source:  America Statesman

For actual full poll, click here

What the Democrats fail to understand is, we want a leader who is a true Democrat, who knows how to lead, and knows the issues important to us.  Neither Wendy Davis nor Gilberto Hinojosa are Democrats who fit this bill.

It is time the national donors target their money to the U.S. Senate races where we could lose.  Every national penny coming to Wendy Davis is a potential loss of the U.S. Senate for the Democrats.  Wendy Davis' continued run for governor is just down right selfish.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobby! !
I am a member of the CCDTW, these (chair and just a few of her followers) are nothing but bullies with an agenda. I would probe this. I'm gathering more information on it.

Anonymous said...

So that means Carlos Cascos will win Big Also!! YEAYYYYY!!!!

BobbyWC said...

I suspect that election one way or the other will be nasty - in the run-offs I will be voting for neither candidate

November is a different story - I have to see how things go - I will vote Dem or nothing

Bobby WC