Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The state and the DOJ are on this issue. In the case of former sheriff Treviño it involved drug money. What is happening is, people want to keep the true funding of their campaign and who they are paying secret so they have individuals fund their campaign secretly through their own checking accounts.

I have now interviewed two people considering signing affidavits who were called to an office and offered money directly from someone other than the candidate to get out the vote and work the mail-ballots.  On Sunday I was told another person has people ready to sign affidavits with the same claims.

This issue is already under investigation regarding BISD.  Mary Rey testified that Luci Longoria passed a check to Juan Montoya which was never reported anywhere.  That matter is under investigation and could lead to the first indictments.

My goal is to push for these affidavits.

The issue of the fake J.A. Sandoval and the ads he took out for Arg Miller and against Debbie Portillo are fully under investigation as part of the laundering of campaign money to hide the true source of funding.

This is the next big election fraud we need to stop.  The BV will stay on it until those accountable are indicted.


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