Monday, April 14, 2014


This is not the post I was planning on.  This weekend I took 3 days to go to far north east Texas.  Twice a year  I visit a brother who is too disabled to leave his home.  He loves my homemade sauce, meatballs and Italian sausage.  He now has enough to last him until the Fall when we return.

But during this trip as I drive through one small town after another I am reminded of Brownsville's failures.

I think what angers so many people about Brownsville is, they know Brownsville should be the metroplex central of the LRGV, but it is not.

As I drove through towns with 50,000 residents and could see from the side of the road they have a bookstore, and Brownsville with 200,000 does not, it just reminded me of our lack of leadership.  Our esteemed failed mayor cannot even seem to recruit a bookstore chain to open a store in Brownsville.

Brownsville is the jewel of the LRGV and our leadership seems to be the only ones who do not know this.

Look at the Port Race - Congressman Vela is working day and night to get the port the money it needs  to deepen the channel so as to improve the business it receives.  Why is this not being discussed?


McAllen is getting the administrative offices for UT RGV and the medical school because it has an airport on the  IH 2 formally 83, and amenities like bookstores.  Call me crazy, but university administrators tend to like bookstores, and easy access airports.

The BV has documented the endless lies about expanding the runway since 2003.  We now have the money to build a new terminal.  Even if it means commissioners being voted out,  they still need to lead and force the issue of a new airport with a 12,000 runway on 511.  To waste the money on a new terminal at the old shack we now call an airport should be a basis to vote everyone out of office.

Other than a lack of vision, there is no reason why the City of Brownsville cannot create a corporation for trade of perishables from South America.  We have the port, rail and trucking to move the perishables all over Texas and  up the Mississippi.

The corporation in the hands of a highly qualified president can bring in enough trade from South American for the corporation to pay off the bonds for the new airport.  It just takes vision. 

We do not need a cargo airline bringing the perishables to Brownsville. What we need is a competent corporate head of the Brownsville Trade Corporation to convince the trade offices of the various south American countries to force the existing cargo corporations to  consider flights into Brownsville so they can better process their perishables. This is all doable - but we simply have no leadership willing to lead.

For over 9 years I have complained about the bombed out road which is Iowa in front of the shack we call an airport.  In my mind the more the people complain about Iowa the more the city commission resolves it will not be repaired.


Anonymous said...

They are too busy promoting Bicycle trails!!!

BobbyWC said...

The bicycle trails are good and in fact a factor looked at when cities are rated for amenities - they problem is they cannot think bigger than the bicycle trails.

We have one final chance to make a new airport the anchor of Brownsville - we need to get Luke Fria, Cardenas Motors, Tipton Form Don Johnson, Payne and all the other major Car Dealers to pressure the city commission - they are big donors to the campaigns = a bigger airport means a bigger Brownsville which means more car sales - bottom line

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

How about Luke fruia for mayor he won't take any shit ,either do the job or right or get replaced just what the Dallas cowboys need!