Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I basically agree with the sentence - Sonia Solis is just small fries in this mess.  But she is also a deceptive liar.  The entire reason for the continuance from the last hearing was so she could prove she was undergoing treatment for cancer and educate the court as to her medical needs.

Judge Tagle held her ground and even offered Ray Cantu Sonia's attorney another continuance to get the paperwork - he said no.  One of the first things Judge Tagle noticed was Sonia Solis tested positive for opiates.  Had Judge Tagle not pushed the issue no one would have known it was not for her medical treatment and cancer.  As Judge Tagle noted the pain killers were prescribed from a dentist for an infected tooth.

This is all reality.  Is it possible that anyone could believe a word this woman had to say?  Yes, our ballots are sacred.  They must be protected.  But so too should our justice system.  When AUSA Hagen made clear he is relying on Sonia Solis's claims against third parties he was basically saying our justice system is not sacred - just winning is.

The following comment by Montoya is 100% false.

"Cantu objected to the presentence narrative that indicated that federal authorities reported it was the investigative work of JP 2-2 candidate YTB (Yolanda Teran Begum), her associates, and Citizens Against Voter Abuse activist Mary Helen Flores that triggered the federal investigation."

The objection, albeit confusing as noted by Judge Tagle, was Ray Cantu believed it violated the rights of his client for the court to consider statements, not evidence by CAVA and people associated with CAVA.  He was not objecting to the AUSA saying the CAVA complaint helped them reach this point.  He was simply saying his client did not plead guilty to anything being alleged by CAVA or anyone associated with CAVA.  It was a straight up and down due process objection.

Judge Tagle overruled his objection, but clearly did not consider anything raised in the report through CAVA allegations because otherwise Judge Tagle would have given Sonia Solis 12 months in the federal pen, and not the 6 months of home confinement wherein she can basically come and go so long as she tells the probation officer she is leaving for church, shopping, the doctor - etc.

I told my readers I was going to provide the names and in the live blog I spelled out the alleged meeting with  Norma Hernandez at her business.  It is what I promised my readers and it is what I delivered.  I will not lie, I immediately contacted Norma Hernandez to get her response - its called being fair and getting both sides of the story.

Since day one she has told me she knows nothing about Sonia Solis.  I can tell you today she said the same.  She categorically denies Sonia Solis' claims that any meeting involving Sonia Solis happened with her or at her business.

I was not there so I have no way of knowing who the truth teller is.  But I know this, the Hernandez family has had it and they are prepared to take on the DOJ and FBI.  They are adamant this is manipulation of evidence by the DOJ and FBI and will fight it.

The BV has lead on the issue of the politiqueras.  Only an idiot would deny the Hernandez family's involvement with politiqueras.  But again the mere hiring of someone to work the mail ballots is not a crime.  This is why prosecuting the candidates is such a challenge.

For me the one person who deserves a lot of credit for ending the politiquera problem is Ruben Peña - but yet he remains silent on the issue and allows Montoya to continue to mislead people about the non-existed part of CAVA - which did not even exist when Ruben Peña did what needed to get done to end the problem.

Since Ruben Peña created the record which brought about the indictment of Margarita Ozuna, there has been no evidence  of a politiquera problem.  Everyone in Cameron County should know it was Ruben Peña who won this war and not CAVA.  Montoya will continue to deceive on this issue - let's not forget he attack Ruben daily for Ruben's actions and me for backing Ruben.

The next to go are the cyberpolitqueros like Montoya-  Yolanda Begum and Mary Helen Flores will never go after Montoya so long as he takes the money to do their dirty work.

But now Abelardo Gomez has no reason to pay Montoya - if Abelardo has a half a brain he will file the extortion complaint against Montoya and cooperate with the feds.


Beyond what you see in this post there is zero evidence any claims made by Sonia Solis are true.  The Abelardo Gomez connection is the only one proven. 

Through a phone call I verified in fact he did provide Sonia Solis a car.  I am certain Montoya knew this which is why he took Gonez's money and remained silent. He could not hide it today - it was in open court for everyone to hear. Sonia Solis admitted her son asked her to get involved.

People until we shut down all the vote harvesting, including from Adult Day Care Centers, nothing will change.

We have a long hard battle ahead of us.  But if the DOJ and FBI think they are going to destroy people on innuendo by the likes of Sonia Solis they are in for a battle.  I have no idea if the Hernandez family is innocent or guilty as alleged by Sonia Solis.  They certainly cannot claim they never used politiqueras.  But if they can prove federal investigators got Sonia Solis to sign a false statement, it will be the federal investigator facing federal prison.

The good news is, I think the problem with the harvesting of mail ballots is behind us.  Now we must focus on the nursing homes and Adult Day Care Centers.


Anonymous said...

There was a picture of Abel Gómez and Jr. Andrade at one of the polling stations, there was also a posted pic with the plates of the vehicle exposed from the Andrade car lot. This is proof they were complicit in vote harvesting. Both Sonia Solis And Herminia where both in hos tent. He can't possibly claim he had no knowledge of wrong doing. What's surprising is that's all they have on him so far.

Anonymous said...

Those same cousins of Abel Gómez that provided vehicles for voter fraud are some of the same people that had the magical bailbonds companies. Magical because if you had them or one of their buddies that had ties to Villalobos (Abel Gómez chief investigator) or Aurora then your DWI and other cases would magically disappear. The feds already know about this but haven't seemed to compile bonds with how cases were adjudicated. There is a paper trail somewhere

BobbyWC said...

The mere hiring of a politiquera is not illegal. They only way any candidate will be prosecuted is if they feds have an email or text of the candidate authorizing the illegal conduct.

Bobby wC