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The was no court action taken in the Ernie Henandez case.  Ernie Hernandez plead guilty to nothing.  Outside the  presence of the court Ernie Hernandez signed a pretrial diversion contract which has the basic no no's for a year.  Count 8 will be dismissed if he meets the conditions.  If he fails to meet the conditions under the pretrial diversion, he did sign an agreement which states he will then plead guilty.  But as of now - no guilty plea and no finding of guilt.  This is according to John Blaylock - Ernie Hernandez's attorney.



For the challenged who go elsewhere for made up facts - there will be no appointment until the run-offs.  In about a month we will know the name of the new commissioner.  That person, whomever it may be will replace Ernie Hernandez - it is not complex unless you live in a bizarre world of endless bought and paid for lies and delusions.

Now further for the intellectually challenged:  Pretrial - now think about it very, very slowly -it means before trial - which means there was no trial and not plea of guilty.

In simple terms - the BV reported Saenz when psycho after the BV reported on the sheriff's deputies testing scandal.  Why?  Because it blew 7 of 8 counts against Ernie Hernandez.  Once the truth came out that A.R. Flores was justified in reorganizing HR as he himself said in his own emails, there became no evidence to support counts 1-.7.  Saenz had no where to go other than to drop the charges.

Now here is a major fact - the BV repeatedly said counts 1-6 were bogus because all of the Internal emails at the county showed they were bogus and without merit.  The BV made clear that count 7 was 100% bogus.  Now anyone - someone - explain to me - why would a District Attorney at a time the people want blood from elected officials drop 7 of 8 criminal counts, and then basically allow Ernie Hernandez to plead guilty [Blaylock says this never happened] on a charge he called a county employee to coerce him into allowing an 8 Liner to reopen?

Also, if John Blaylock's account is correct our DA basically dropped all 8 counts.  There is not so much as a guilty plea on any of the 8 counts.  This means there was never any case - but smart money says take the deal.  Ernie lost the election anyway so he was out of a job.  He basically got all 8 counts  dropped.  Dropped at a time the people are prepared to presume as guilty any indicted public figure.

The BV initially did say count 8 was bogus because it would come down to interpretation of the tape and once the jury found him not guilty on counts 1-7, the balance on count 8 would move to Ernie's favor. 

In today's world and how the people of Cameron county feel about  there politicians had Saenz had the evidence, which he did not, he would have proceeded on counts 1-7. 

Now, Saenz not being very learned in the law fails to understand Norma Hernandez can still sue over counts 1-7, and file formal federal criminal charges.  Saenz is clueless as to the hornet's nest he just opened - for himself and the DOJ.

Montoya's spin that Ernie Hernandez counsel came up with this today during pretrial is pure spin and paid for BS by Saenz.  You will note it is not in his press release.  This was on the table several weeks ago.

As the BV repeatedly stated in the last few weeks, Saenz went psycho when the BV broke the story about the sheriff's department and the cheating contest.  Saenz knew counts 1-7 were now dead and desperately looking for a way out of the Hernandez trial.  Saenz got out of the trial by dropping the charges for all practical purposes.

Here is the deal - when a DA offers to drop 7 of 8 charges and then basically gives you a slap on the hand, and allows all of your charges to be subject to expungement he is admitting he played the grand jury.

 Count 8 will not be a true expungement -a record of the pretrial diversion is kept so the defendant cannot get it a second time)


Anonymous said...

Read 13-85-439-CV 197th court Judge Hester appeal 716 S.W. 2d 677 (1986) The Hernandez family is well known to me and Cameron County. Much more to this story but you don't have time.

BobbyWC said...

Above is he opinion for anyone to see. The Hernandez family is not even mentioned.

All your post proves is your obsession with this family over some tangential relationship which I am presuming since there is nothing in the opinion which even remotely references the Hernandez family.

Is this when he was on the city commission - because if he was, he had nothing to do with BUS and would have been one vote on how to proceed with litigation.

Retaliation is the norm in politics - I have more on this Monday and Saenz cover-up to protect the protected

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are a PENDEJO Bobby. Luis Saenz is supporting Joe Rivera. His son is employed with Joe Rivera. Your conspiracy theory that him and Cascos are in bed together proves you are an idiot.

BobbyWC said...

Saenz son has civil service protection - your lack of knowledge shows just how little you know.

People change sides all of the time. Saenz, Rivera, and Cascos are all playing one another and in the end it will not come out nicely

That is tomorrow's story

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Alfonso Pena was a Bus employee who had pictures taken of Bus employees working on the yellow Mercedes of then Mayor Hernandez. Alfonso Pena was a victim of Brownsville politics after making it public that is why I wanted u to read the story which brought about this case. The Hernandez family is well known to Brownsville.

BobbyWC said...

This guy Pena was clearly a victim - but your lack of real facts and selective indignation is giving you away. You are talking about Ernie's uncle - do you have any proof he ordered the retaliation or as an elected official did he vote to defend the city? Every governmental entity votes to defend the conduct of their employees - it is an unfortunately reality.

But since you want to be selective lets talk about today- Saenz worked with the Chief of Police to prosecute Pedraza on basically the same thing - Saenz did not give a crap that there was no evidence.

Justice Chew ordered the jury to find Pedraza not guilty based on the lack of evidence - Saenz never had any - in the same way he never had any in the Ernie Hernandez case - Saenz basically dropped the case rather than face a jury. He got nothing from Ernie - absolutely nothing - he can immediately expunge 7 of the 8 charges and expunge the last one in a year -

But you want to talk about something Ernie's uncle did nearly 30 years ago and have nothing to say about how Saenz sought to destroy Pedraza at the request of a corrupt police chief?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What I am trying to get u to read is how this case came about. The Hernandez family is well known to Brownsville from more than 30 years ago. If you own the political machine, no you will never have a DA cross you. Texas Monthly February 1994 page 8. Who was the DA then?

Anonymous said...

What I want to know it HOW did YOU get the press release with out a PUI done? You cried and cried that Vindictive Dick Luis Saenz ordered Melissa Zamora to take you off the Press Release email list yet here you are receiving it again? We are not stupid Bobby it is Melissa Zamora Public Information Officer giving you inside information. You attached the letter so you can't hide the fact that you received it from Melissa Zamora. Her days are numbered at the DA office. Luis Saenz had a melt down when he saw you had the press release.

I wonder if you will have the balls to allow this post through?

Melissa is as corrupt as the Hernandez. Melissa Zamora will be the reason Luis Saenz won't get re-elected.

BobbyWC said...

Your a complete and total idiot - Saenz posted it to his web page - if you even understood how to read a links you would see it is directly from his own web page.

Case close

Bobby WC