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At some level this woman is just plain stupid.  Last night at 9:27 p.m. she sent an email to various park members claiming to have no knowledge about anything going on, but that it was all slander - idiota - slander is spoken - libel is written.  Well if as of 9:27 p.m. she had no knowledge of what was happening how then did she sign a letter on April 4, 2014, ordering the eviction of the Vietnam Veteran who is due to see his doctor over his medical condition?  And to boot if she knows nothing about this and is going to look into it how does she know everything I posted in my original post is false?  Patt - Stay in Canada - our laws apply and not yours.

HEY PAT - buy yourself a plane ticket to Brownsville - your email now makes you an essential witness in any legal proceedings.  This resident will be going for a TRO and you will be served with a subpoena through your counsel and will appear to explain your lies or get no relief at the temporary injunction hearing.  You cannot lie about people in an email and then hide in Canada - American law applies - not Patt Pratts delusions.


I want to be clear about something upfront. I know a lot of the Canadians at Palm Resaca and they are progressive open minded friendly people. A few bad apples in a bushel does not make for a bad bushel.

The Board President, Pat Pratt is absent in Canada.  But before leaving she left this message for anyone who dares challenge her.

Go to the bottom and read where it begins with "However."  A simple straight up and down question - is this the professionalism you expect from the Board of a Corporation running a Retirement Community.

Well Pat do the United States a favor - and stay in Canada where you belong.  People from other countries who have no regard for our diversity and laws have no business in Brownsville or anywhere else in the U.S.  You are not in Canada where the people of Canada have voted to criminalize protected speech.  If you think you are going to impose Canadian law on U.S. Vietnam Veterans in the U.S.  you are in for the fight of your life.  Upon your return [assuming your visa is not revoked - see below] you just may find veterans protesting in front of the park demanding you return to Canada.  Pat Pratt - you are not welcome in the U.S. - STAY OUT

Below is a basis for eviction from Palm Resaca Mobile Home Park

"h. Disrespect towards the country of origin of Park members, their flags or their National Anthems."

This may and in  fact does fly in Canada.  Speech in Canada is highly restricted in this area.  While we can all agree such speech is wrong, in the US we retain that right.  Click for a great article on how Ann Coulter [I am no fan] canceled a speaking engagement in Canada over its criminal laws related to such speech.

Pat Pratt, a Canadian, seems to not believe this rule applies to her Canadian compadres.  On more than one occasion while in the park Canadians have said to me "when are you people going to do something about that nigga in the White House destroying this country."

It is their absolute right to say what they said - rude - disrespectful and evidence of brain damage - but guaranteed speech nonetheless.  But does it violate the rule which can result in the eviction of a resident?

Moreover, Palm Resaca authorizes their residents to violate Texas Penal Code concerning marijuana.  "

k. Possession or use of narcotics, including marijuana, unless prescribed for medicinal purposes by a physician.*


If Mexican Nationals were the Board of Directors at Palm Resaca, would the DEA allow them back into the U.S. after learning they were promoting violation of both Texas and federal laws concerning Marijuana?  We all know the answer.  The answer is hell no.  If the State Department fails to pull Pat Pratt's and the other Canadians' on the Board of Directors visas then it is a clear case of racial discrimination by the Department of State - they cannot have one policy for Canadians and another for Mexicans.  The U.S. Americans on the Board need to be criminally prosecuted for promoting the illegal use of marijuana at Palm Resaca.

I will be reporting the promotion of criminal conduct to the DEA and Brownsville Police.  The Canadians need to learn they cannot turn a plot of land in Brownsville into Canada wherein they can then engage in what is criminal conduct in Texas and the U.S.

The Canadians need to learn they cannot take away the right to free speech of Americans just because until recently they controlled the park.  The Canadians need to learn they cannot run Palm Resaca as if it is Canada.  Protracted litigation is expected to follow with numerous residents already indicating they want to join a lawsuit removing the Board of Directors and end the imposition of Canadian law on U.S. American citizens.

If I were on the Internet telling senior citizens to violate the Texas Penal Code concerning marijuana I would be arrested.  The question is will Pat Pratt be detained at the Border by ICE upon her attempted reentry given her promotion of the use of medical marijuana, which is a crime in Texas and the U.S? If Pat Pratt is allowed reentry, then it is fair to say the Department of State uses race in deciding against whom criminal laws will be enforced, and that is 100% unacceptable.

I will be filing formal complaints with the DEA and ICE asking that every Canadian on the Board of Directors be barred reentry into the U.S. based on their promotion of the violation of both Texas and federal laws related to marijuana.


This entire mess goes back to 2007, when a group of White Supremacists at the Park tried to change the rules to force the only Mexican American out of the park.  My nephew has been targeted for sometime.  I have been in the park and around the pool watching the Canadians violate the rules.  But my nephew and I not being cackling hens have not run to the Canadian Board Members to cause problems for the Canadians.  But a handful of Canadians are determined to remove every Mexican American from the park - this will not happen without protracted litigation.

The below article describes part of the history at the park.  The original rule change was changed to be less oppressive when a group of Anglos came to my brother-in-law's defense and made it clear the rule would only apply to new residents.  I have read the legal letters related to the matter and the Fair Housing Act complaint filed by an Anglo to protect my brother-in-law.  It was decided the policy would have a disparate impact on Mexican Americans and the rational Shareholders voted against the White Supremacists at the park.

I remember at an event maybe a month later, a White Supremacist stood up at the function and announced that the park had changed in a way he and his wife did not like - he announced they were selling their trailer and moving - I wanted to jump up and yell - "eat shit asshole."

It should shock no one, that in 2007 these White Supremacists hired the law firm of Daniel Rentfro.  They have hired him again.  His knowledge of the law is so devoid of any knowledge it boggles my mind, but he knows the shareholders have about $600,000 they can use to pay attorneys fees for protracted litigation.

Hey Daniel - hire a real lawyer and learn about the function of a Savings Clause.  There are so many violations of Texas law  and unenforceable provisions in the Rules and By-Laws it boggles the mind.

Further, there was not even the pretext of following the rules by Board Director and promoter of medical marijuana in violation of U.S. and Texas law Pat Pratt that it boggles the mind.  She seems to think she can just ignore her own stupid rules and bully people.

Pat Pratt and the other Canadians on the Board, I will type my fingers to the bone fighting to have your visas to reenter the U.S. revoked for promoting the illegal use of marijuana.  The State Department is in for a battle if they fail to pull your visas.  This would be a no brainer if Mexican Nationals did the same thing.


The top photo is from the Original Brownsville Herald Article. 



Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I just read the rantings of an idiot. I do not live in Texas and therefore I do not live in this retirement community. This article was brought to my attention and I had to read it for the comic relief if nothing else. The writer states several times that his intended targets in this blog are racists. The writer states at least three times their desire for the Canadians to stay in Canada. It is obvious to see that the racism present here is that of the blogger. The writer also mentions the violation of US and Texas laws regarding the use of illegal drugs. In the beginning of your article you amateurishly try to quote laws regarding the use of Marijuana. You state clearly that it is only allowed for medical purposes in Texas and the US. While this is an inaccurate and vague clarification of the law at the least. It also contradicts a later statement in your article. You claim that the Canadians should not be allowed back in the country for their promotion of the use of medical Marijuana. Which according to your statements is legal. How anyone could take this blog or its contents seriously would be beyond my understanding. You praise the free speech of the US and yes this gives you the right to be ignorant arrogant and completely off base. Obviously the rantings of a race baiting narrow minded neanderthal. You are free to write such garbage as all Americans are. This is the United States Of America. The retirement community board as well as the residents have the legal right to pursue legal remediation to any grievances they may have. I am sure the blog author will not approve these comments as I am sure it clearly points out that the author is a race baiting rambling idiot.

BobbyWC said...

At best you're a child - I bet you will never approve this comment - really? are we 5 year olds on the play ground. Why would I reject the comment of an idiot.

In my writings I have never said medical marijuana is legal in Texas - it is not - in fact it is a violation of both federal and state law.

Further, in my coverage I have made clear I am unhappy with those residents putting all of the blame on the Canadians so on tis account you are full of shit.

I have by name mentioned US citizens involved in this mess.

My message is to those Canadians who have for years been pushing for non-Anglos to leave the park.

My story is documented on the medical marijuana issue - Pat Pratt is promoting it in violation of both federal and state law. As a racist yourself you seem to fail to understand that if the Board president were a Mexican national the DEA would be all over this in a NY second - but the board president is a white person so it is permissible. It is not. If Pat Pratt does not like our laws, then she needs to live elsewhere.

I can prove the Board has met since this was brought to their attention and they have failed to change the policy.

Bobby WC