Wednesday, April 2, 2014


What you need to get from this story, and why I believe all teachers should read his book is, different needs are not special needs. Michael is different.  Just because he cannot run a marathon does not mean he cannot run a corporation.

We must stop this cubbyholing of people based on our preconceived notions about so called limitations.  People with full use of their body turn to crime and amount to nothing.  Whereas Michael has taken his difference and used it to his advantage.

It is terrible what we do to children when we cubbyhole them.  We impose the limitation on the child, as oppose to the child imposing the limitation on themselves.

But his story is not just about his difference.  When his father died he was put on the street.  Here is an excerpt from his book.  Did he say - "hell, I surrender?"  no - he persevered and continues to move forward.

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Unknown said...

So many people to thank. Bobby thank you for all you support regarding my son. The people at City Hall . I have to share that I met the most amazing person yesterday at my son's proclamation. I didn't know her but from the first hello I know in my heart we will be life time friends. I'm going to help her in her run for BISD. Mary S Contreras-Rey . Mary the fact that you came to honor my son will not go unnoticed. Please call me I need flyers and anything you can get us to get you elected. I will come back to Brownsville to go door to door or whatever you need. It sadness me that his father and grandfather are not here today to see just how amazing Mike Begum III turned out even when Yolanda Taran Begum asked him to leave his home of 18 years. I hope. One day she will ask my boys for forgiveness. They hold no ill will. God bless you all. And Marcy Martinez from Action 4 news. You rocked the interview.