Thursday, April 17, 2014


As I suspected the certified letter at the post office was from none other than the city attorney's office related to my request that the AG sue the City of Brownsville to force them to comply with my open records request.

Allison Bastion concedes as she must she simply ignored the request made on September 25, 2013, until threatened with an enforcement action.  The most remarkable thing is rather than argue specifics she asks that the AG look at various statutes and  decide for the city whether or not they are entitled to withhold the information requested. 

She has lost two round with me already and she will lose this one.  For example the Casa de Nylon purchase is done - it is behind the city.  I am certainly entitled to any email or text from Diane Dillard informing Tony Martinez he is conflicted out from voting on the purchase because his law firm was negotiating for the seller.  This is what I am after.

The idea that Tony Martinez is protected from disclosure notice that the law barred him from voting on the purchase or disclosing to the Commission his firm was negotiating the deal is just bizarre.  I am fully prepared to brief the AG on this issue and how evidence of criminal conduct by the mayor is not subject to protection.

Her claims about all of this redacted nonsense in the last request is without merit.  I asked for the billing and got it.  I will be addressing this misrepresentation with the AG.


Is it not Mark Sossi's duty to determine how the law applies to the COB as opposed to having his flunky say to the AG, "and seek your guidance on what portions of the information are subject to withholding."  It is not for the AG to defend the COB.  And for the record - what then are we paying Mark Sossi and the other two attorneys for to do anyway?

Sorry for the late post, but once I went out to get the letter - my phone kept me busy.  People if you want to fight the corruption you need to learn to stand up and be heard - to be quite frank with you I am getting tired of people telling me it is my job.  You have the documents - post them - create a blog - put your name to it - stop cowering in the corner.  I wanted to be in bed today recovering from what ever it is I have and I instead had to deal with a bunch of people too cowardly to stand up for themselves.
You know, everyone can blame Tony Martinez and Mark Sossi, but it remains the City Commission doing nothing to stop this.  They are entitled to every document I requested.  They can  demand the documents directly from Diane Dillard.  If there is evidence of criminal conduct it is for the City Commission to take it to the FBI, because we all know Saenz will run cover for Tony Martinez.
Now I agree the City Commission is finally getting a bit more aggressive with Tony Martinez - but they need to get even more aggressive.  It is time they stand up and say enough is enough and if necessary pass a resolution demanding Saenz indict Tony Martiinez for failing to reveal his conflict in the Casa de Nylon purchase and authorize the city to sue Abraham Galonsky, and his lawyers which include Tony Martinez, to get the city's money back with interest.  If they are unwilling to do these two things, then the city commission is just blowing smoke to make it appear they care when in fact they do not.

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