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During my meeting Tuesday with Norma Hernandez I was reminded of an incident with my mother.  I will say this clearly, the Hernandez family is prepared to take on any investigator who believes a word from Sonia Solis.  They are adamant the meeting never happened. 

I am certain that it was not lost on the AUSA when Judge Tagle noted that her decision of a light sentence was in part because of the total lack of evidence beyond accusations and any evidence in the CAVA and Begum statements which showed Sonia Solis was anything but a small fry.  In fact Judge Tagle went out of her way to tell Sonia Solis' lawyer that she let in the CAVA statements because they helped his client because they were of no consequence in terms of implicating his client.

Accusations unsupported by evidence is worthless is basically what Judge Tagle was saying.  Beyond identifying five votes came from one home, CAVA's reports were of no value, and Judge Tagle made note of such in justifying her light sentence. My point is I suspect the AUSA knows he better do better than mere accusations by interested parties before he proceeds against others.

I have zero trust in the FBI agents in Brownsville.  They all need to be transferred all over the rest of the country and separated.  It is not that they are bad people - but they are overseen by people who have come to buy into the hopeless corruption of Cameron county.  No rules - indict on perjured testimony if necessary.  The fundamental problem is a lack of leadership and supervision from the main office in San Antonio.  While it is not the Hernandez family, another person has come to me to call in the FBI IG to investigate the Brownsville office and its willful ties to Luis Saenz and his corruption.  The facts have been documented.  It is my understanding we are just waiting on one more affidavit before the formal request for an IG investigation is made to include a complaint of official oppression against an unknown FBI agent, Saenz and one of his investigators.  It is possible we just have one rogue agent working with a very corrupt AUSA over at the DOJ, and Saenz.


Picture it [I loved Sofia Petrillos stories] 1963, an immigrant from Nicaragua for a mere 16 years is left with 7 children and no husband. She came from a wealthy family.  My grandfather, Jose Angel Cervantes, born in 1875, was the president of the Bank of London in Managua.  He married my grandmother, Francisca Gonzales, born in 1898, of the original Gonzales family to settle Nicaragua.  My mother was raised in a home of extreme privilege with 7 maids for 7 kids.  She was well educated.

1963 was a different time.  Just because you had 7 kids did not mean you got to stay home and collect welfare.  If she wanted government help she had to work in a school as a hall monitor for the intellectually disabled while attending Hofstra university to become a social worker. And even with all of that, the government had a $10,000 lien on the house to cover the assistance she received.  When she died in 77' the government collected on the lien when we sold the house.  I have no problem with this policy. The taxpayers got back their money.  Food stamps was going to the court house once a month for government surplus food.  The cheese was the best, but the canned meat was used for our dog.

She worked for a federal agency as a social worker.  She was chosen for the program because she was already very well educated when she came to the U.S., after meeting my father at a Christmas party for Pan Am in Panama City, Panama.  They actually first met in Nicaragua but never connected.

One of her jobs was as a translator in federal court.  The influx of Puerto Ricans and Salvadorans was such the government really needed someone who was fully bilingual and well educated.  This is why my mother was chosen for the program. 

During a proceeding in federal court a witness claimed my mother saw the defendant bribe the federal judge.  Until the day she died she denied the claim.  She was interviewed repeatedly.  She thought it was over with.

I will never forget that night when the FBI came to the house.  She sat with them in the kitchen while telling us to go to living room.  After they left, she was never the same.  She saw the reality - the U.S. was not much  different than the Nicaragua she left under Tacho - Somoza Sr.  The FBI informed her that after a year of being followed and having her calls monitored she had been cleared as a witness to the alleged bribed.  They had a portfolio of pictures of her, us, and her friends with her.  In her mind she was back in the oppressive Nicaragua she left.

Dictatorships are generational.  My grandmother's brother - Tio Luis, was a general in Somoza's national guard, and her brother Benjamin was Somoza's personal barber.  Needless to say my grandmother was close to the Somoza family.  She saw it as before Somoza there was nearly no electrification in Nicaragua and no sewer systems.  There was no meaningful healthcare for the poor.  So my grandmother did not see the oppression - she saw how things changed for the better.

I will never forget our trip for Semana Santa for my mother's 50th.  Mi abuelita commissioned a portrait of Somoza senior.  The artist unveiled it and everyone in the room stood up but my mother.  She was not a Somoza fan.  My grandmother basically gave her no choice - stand and stand now.

After the FBI incident brought her back to what she thought she left in Nicaragua, she was never the same.  Intellectually she went down hill until she finally died in 77' completely dishearten with the government.  She quit her job not being able to handle the endless criminal conduct and corruption she was being asked to cover for. 

I saw that same disbelief in Norma Hernandez's eyes.  She does not deny hiring politiqueras - she denies ever authorizing criminal conduct.  To be fair to those who will attack me for this post - everyone who hired politiqueras knew some were crossing the line.  There are not many clean politicos in this town who have not hired politiqueras to harvest mail ballots - including Saenz, and Masso [by the way my NO MAS MASSO POST IS COMING].

I saw in the Villalobos trial no one believed a word of the DOJ IG when forced to discredit Oscar de La Fuentes claims against AUSA'sPonce and Castro.  ODLF got immunity to remain silent about the corruption within the DOJ, and not because of what he knew about Villallobos.  ODLF's testimony against Villalobos came across as scripted and not credible.

Within the last few weeks we saw an IG for Homeland Security convicted.  The DOJ and FBI leaders need to come to the LRGV and clean house.  Their agents and lawyers have been compromised by the virus which is the corruption in the LRGV.  There must be a complete and total putsch of all FBI agents and DOJ lawyers within the LRGV before justice will return to the valley.

I can only hope this one family wanting to call for an investigation signs off on the complaint and follows up with a federal lawsuit with a Bivens action.  Then and only then will justice return to the LRGV.


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"justice return to the LRGV" Has there ever been any?

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Bobby, can you review my request for public information I submitted to the Sheriff's Department? They blew me off. How do I send it to you?
Do you have a contact e-mail?

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