Thursday, April 24, 2014


It is worth the 10 minutes, especially the last 2 minutes on George Washington. I accept Fox news will continue to make money on this con artist. Ignorant people love to listen to any idiot who spews their ignorance. It is that simple.

The entire piece reminds me of the nonsense of trying to deal with the ignorant in Brownsville. Montoya accuses me of trying to create a war based on wealth by pointing out how Alex and Yolanda Begum used their wealth to buy Alex Begum privilege, then he attacks Juliet and Oscar Garcia for using their wealth to buy Oscar Jr. privilege. It is always wrong - well unless Alex Begum is cutting you a check to make it right in his case.

In further response to that particular post poor Don't Cry for me Yolanda Begum cries over how she had to stop working at the store so much when Alex was 13 because he was getting out of control. The heartache of privilege.

 6 years later the evidence shows all of her sacrifices netter her nothing because Alex is arrested speeding drunk at over 100 mph. Then she tells us that after 6 years of sacrifice and trying to bring Alex under control and failing, she has the answers for dealing with truant children in just one hearing.

But people believe this shit, which is why they say it. But if you watch nothing else, watch the last 2 minutes of the Stewart piece - he really brings home the proof Hannity is a con artist and his audience are idiots.


Joaquin said...

The Hannity and Stewart have one thing in common. Neither deny what they are. Stewart calls himself a comedian and Hannity doens't deny his Conservative bias. This is quite the opposite with say, CNN or MSNBC who claim to be bias but are clearly not. Even Bill Maher, another comedian, calls out the likes of Maddow for saying her job is to report the news.

But you're intelligent enough to see this, I'm sure. I must have missed your post on the subject. No ignorance here.

BobbyWC said...

All of the news networks are biased - personally I cannot stand Maddow - she spins and distracts from the truth the same as Hannity.

But the Stewart piece was not a comedy piece although funny - it was to show Hannity has no idea what he was talking about - Hannity is many things but a conservative or reporter is not any of them.

Just because he calls himself a conservative does not make him one - he is a shock hack who makes money playing on the emotions of the ignorant - he plays it off as conservative which it is not

Bobby WC