Thursday, April 10, 2014


Had she not died at age 58, today she would be 95. Alicia Concepcion Cervantes-Gonzales born April 10 - this is her as a teenager in Managua, Nicaragua.


Anonymous said...

What a Beautiful Mom!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

Thanks- she is greatly missed - her last great battle was to force the hospital where they killed her by claiming she was imagining her heart attacks, to post signs in both Spanish and English. Nassau County Community Hospital at the time had a lot of Puerto Rican and Salvadoran patients who did not read English.

She fought the battle and won. She was not well liked by the hospital administration.

They diagnosed her with female hysteria, put her in the psych ward where she proceeded to die from a massive heart attack.

This is why every August 1st I do the post to tell women - do not let the doctors tell you women do not have heart attacks.

Change doctors a thousands time if you have to until you find one who believes you.

Do not let the quacks do to you as a women what they did to my mother.

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

Wow so pretty thanks for sharing her with us.