Thursday, April 10, 2014


Sorry guys, but I have all day meetings and will be out the door early and did not have time to finish the post I intended for Friday. But this issue is on my mind.

Every year I tell parents you do not have to do the candy.  I  found a really nice Easter bucket for Bela which will hold a lot of her art supplies.  I found out the other day when we went for her Easter dress she was almost out of all of her art supplies.

Her Easter bucket will be art supplies, strawberries, the fish cheese things, raisins and a yogurt candy sold for toddlers.  I may buy a small bunny.

She will be very happy with everything in the bucket with no candy. 

Parents, if you think healthy now, your kids will eat healthy.  Bela likes carrots roasted on the grill.  I wrap them in foil and they roast and she loves them.

Bela cannot get enough strawberries.  So why not give her healthy fruit I know she loves.

Funny story - the other day after buying her Easter dress we went to the HEB on Central and Boca Chica.  Mary Rey recognized Bela and we said hello.  Mary Rey was very nice to Bela and Bela did something she has never, ever done - she hugged Mary Rey.  When people recognize her she always hides behind her mother or I put her behind me until I know we are secure.  But I realized it was Mary Rey.  Bela's mother was so surprised Bela was willing to give Mary Rey a hug. 


Unknown said...

Hearing you talk about Bella is awesome. She is a lucky young lady. Hope I will meet her one fine day.

Anonymous said...

I have never written to your blog but there is something I have to tell you.

Sophie Benavidez is at it again Bobby. She is using her power as a commissioner to help bad mouth her daughter's opponent and is now using her position to help her good friend John Wood.

You are correct that Montoya is on the payroll of Sorola and Sofia Benavidez and he is writing stories to trash Pete Avila.

They are now putting pressure on Chris Davis to open up precincts to help John Wood. Sofia is showing her true colors.