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CORRECTION:  It appears Pat Pratt has no use for rules.  The person who is accused of sexual misconduct is not a Board Member and had no business under the rules participating in the bogus eviction proceedings.  This person is a resident of the park.  Today a demand for her immediate eviction is being delivered to the Park - cause - sexual misconduct which under the non-existed rules is a basis for immediate eviction - you watch - nothing will be done.

UPDATE:  See first post for evidence State Department has now taken interest in the story

The story by 10:30 a.m. - I do want to say I met yesterday at the park and outside the park with a large number of shareholders and to a person I was thanked for going after Pat Pratt the Board President. They want her not to return from Canada. They want her gone.

What I have - Board Member sexually gropes resident and Board takes no action; debauchery at public parties without consequences, unless you are Mexican American and have a medical problem which offends the all Anglo Board; Pat Pratt Board Director lies in email - I have the email - she seems to think the Board can destroy recorded proceedings to avoid the truth. The story is really big - back by 10:30 a.m.

The residents want to be left alone to live in peace and finally be done with these oppressive Boards who think Board Members can sexually grope residents with impunity, and engage in debauchery while everyone else is subject to rules and regulations which do not even exist in writing.


If a Mexican American male in an act of debauchery at a public function at Palm Resaca drunk off his ass were to grope the breast of a white woman does anyone believe the park would have remained silent? NO - and there is the proof this is all racial. One rule for the whites, and non-existent rules arbitrarily enforced against browns.

A female Board Member during an act of debauchery and drunk at a public function with tons of witnesses grabbed the penis of a resident.  He made it clear she was out of line.  But he let it go - he saw her as a troubled woman.  But the fact he never filed a complaint changes nothing - far too many residents at the park were witness to the event.  I can also say from a liability position, if she ever acts this way again, the victim has a slam dunk lawsuit against the park.

I will not name this Board Member until she testifies under oath.  Litigation will follow unless rational minds prevail.  This woman in front of a jury of 12 - probably 90% or more Mexican American will have to explain her debauchery to a jury.  It is evidence of the racial discrimination by the Anglo Board who  runs this park and who in the past has tried to rid the park of Mexican Americans and lost.

Again to be clear - the majority of Canadians and park members are awesome people.  If they can just get rid of the oppressive board members the park can be a wonderful place to live.


Below is her email.  Pat - no one in the park likes you - they want you to stay in Canada.  I can tell you everything you are sending to park members will come to me - there is no one willing to protect you at this point.  The park members seem to agree your unprofessional demand that people who do not like the way you want to run the park can look for another park to live in crossed the line.


I have travelled the world.  I have never questioned the customs, laws, or way of life of the people of my host  country.  I have always considered myself a grateful guest.  Pat Pratt you are a guest in the U.S. and it is time you learn to act like one.  Your contempt for our laws and way of life is not how a guest acts in someone else's home.

As you can see I have redacted the emails of all concerned.  I do not want people emailing Pat Pratt and harassing her, or any of the people with whom she is communicating.

The email is just bizarre - if she knows nothing about this then why two days earlier did she sign the notice of eviction.  This is clear evidence she is a liar and is prepared to lie to protect her won butt.

Second, if she knows nothing about this, then how does she knows it is all lies?  She is a liar or just stupid as they come.

Here is a fact, Curtis on tape verified he went to my family member's father and told him my family member was drunk and hung over when served with the notice of eviction.  So Pat unless you have ordered the Board to destroy the tape - you are an idiot.  If the tape has been destroyed it is called spoliation of evidence for which there are major judicial sanctions.

On the issue of privacy - you got to be boinking kidding me.  Residents will verify they were on demand allowed to see the tape of my family member's alleged infraction.  Pat, are you going to get that growing list of residences to commit perjury for you.

Third, my niece has verified that the same person accused above of sexual groping told her "we had him served by a Mexican."  Now Pat who do you think a 90% Mexican American jury is going to believe?

Your published lies only serve to  further my family member's lawsuit against the Corporation.


Are you so stupid that you actually believe a court in Canada has jurisdiction over a U.S. American's right to free speech?  Just how stupid are you?  While I believe there is a lawyer willing to take your money - it only proves just how poorly educated you are.


If you read the eviction rule it says violations of II-12.  There is no II-12 rules to violate.

Here is all of Part II - It only goes to II-4

You will note in these Rules, the Board Member who sexually groped another park resident should have been immediately evicted.  But she is a white woman and part of the click of the park.  On public intoxication - Jesus- half the park would be evicted by now.  I have no problem with these people drinking in the park.  It is all safe.  They do it at the Thomas Center and then walk home - some in their golf carts - but basically safe.  They have done their time and let them enjoy their retirement
In terms of the rules and the claims against my family member maybe one claim of socially unacceptable conduct - and that is a maybe because I believe a judge would hold it as unenforceable as vague.

So why is Rentfro billing these residents of the park to pursue an eviction when there is no rule for eviction? - because he can.  Last time he realized he had the type client who would pay him to sue God for making them stupid.  They have over $600,000 in reserves.  He sees the same opportunity again.

There is more - look at II-02 - does the resident turn in the gate key the day they are served with the notice or 30 days later.  It is totally incoherent.  And even Rentfro knows contracts are construed against the author.  Which means every confusion in these rules as a matter of law will be construed against Palm Resaca.  And because there is no Savings Clause, if just one provision is held unenforceable the entire document is unenforceable.

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State Department looking at Palm Resaca and its authorization of medical marijuana.

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