Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My original post was done in a comic strip post because that is what it merited.  In a second posted I said - " I do not believe it can be 25 - because if it is we no longer have a sheriff's department."  This is how reporting works - I reported what I was told and then went on to say I do not believe it.  This means - for some idiot whose comments I keep on rejecting - I did not find the claim credible.

Along these lines - "I simply found it hard to believe given the fact they were claiming the press already has the story and nothing was on any of the news services."  Again I am saying I am having a hard time with the story. 

But there is a story - I am working it.  Too many sources have now contacted me saying there are tight lips on whatever  was discovered.  All I know for sure it involves personnel at the sheriff's department.

But in this town - which is why I began with a comic strip post - people tend to hear more than is being said.  But at  this point enough independent sources, including an insider, is saying they are working hard to keep it under cover. 

As strange as it may seem, Sheriff Lucio is not going to sit down with anyone and discuss a personnel matter.


Anonymous said...

The sheriff's department has begun terminating deputies.

BobbyWC said...

The nasty comment is rejected.

Here is what we know - the BV reported first an inside source was claiming cheating on the civil service test by sheriff deputies.

Montoya wanting you to believe Saenz is not his source now claims the same.

Barton is claiming his sources are telling him the problem is with citizenship.

My inside source remains with the claim it was cheating.

The bottom line is the BV scooped the story if in fact it comes out it was cheating.

Saenz as I reported yesterday was upset the BV scooped the story - so I am sure he released information to Montoya today.

To be honest I am still a bit on the fence.

But let's say Montoya has the entire story correct - then Arnold Flores' decision to reorganize HR was well founded and it in fact had nothing to do with Ernie Hernandez - funny how Montoya changes the story as it suits his needs.

Both Saenz and Montoya seem too stupid to realize they are now admitting it was AR Flores all long pushing for the reorganization of HR all along and not Ernie - and if the story pans out - his decision was well founded.

How stupid can they be to allow people to bring cell phones in with them - again assuming the claim is correct.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

They have already commenced terminations of several deputies. The true disgraceful reality of this entire ordeal is that the civil service exam was not properly proctored and the exam is old and not updated. It makes you wonder how many deputies over the years have actually cheated. It's obviously unfortunate that a handful of deputies were actually caught this time. Some deputies didn't actually cheat but because they were involved they were terminated indefinitely. These are good honorable deputies in which the sheriff's invested time and money and have now terminated. What's even more disturbing is that these deputies were not read their garrity warnings, hence, violating their 5th Amendment rights. How many more deputies will Sheriff Lucio terminate?

Anonymous said...

If they were so honorable why were they involved?

Anonymous said...

And where is the Herald and our local TV channel newscasters?

BobbyWC said...

The Herald got the reputation a long time ago of running cover for politicos - so inside sources do not go to them.

My primary source who is an insider is now clammed up.

What I was told is Saenz went psychotic after my initial post. People are in fear of being prosecuted under the bogus claim on interfering with an investigation.

No one is talking right now.

Cris Valadez who never tells the truth is the one who said maybe 25 people - which is why I completely doubted it. But the primary source was more realistic.

The more interesting thing is, if whomever Montoya's source is, is correct then Saenz knew at the time of the Raul Salazar case that the head of Civil Service who AR Flores moved around, had already screwed up royally and needed to be moved around.

If this pans out to be the facts, Saenz is going to face down a very, very angry Justice Hinojosa over blaming Ernie Hernandez for something his own investigation was showing was a justified reassignment of the former head of civil service employees.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I have a question BobbyWC. Is it true that a source has discovered that a high ranking LT. is working with the Cameron County and is not a U.S. or Naturalized Citizen. I'm asking since I like reading the blogs and I have noticed that information on another blog. Just wondering if more than one of ya'll knows this. If true then he should not wear a badge. According to TCLEOSE you must be a U.S. or Naturalized Citizen to be a Texas Peace Officer. Something worth looking into.

BobbyWC said...

My source said and is holding the issue is cheating on the test - I have nothing else - other than to repeat Saenz lost it emotionally when I broke the story and ran to Montoya for cover.

ADA's and staff are reporting he has threatened to deal with the leak.

You see, the sheriff's case causes his case against Ernie to fall apart. Saenz got a grand jury to indict Ernie H on lies - lies Saenz knew were lies - I doubt not one bit the FBI is already putting together the official oppression charges

Bobby WC