Thursday, April 24, 2014


Carlos Cascos and Luis Saenz prove party labels mean nothing when your object is to corrupt the community.  At the end of this post I am going to deal with the exchange I had last night with probably Cris Valadez.

Something every student, teacher, and administrator at BISD knows, but Carlos Cascos claims ignorance of - you do not bring cell phones into testing areas.

This morning he is defending Dalia Robles as the former  head of civil service for the county for not knowing what every student, teacher, and administrator knows - no cell phones in the testing area.

Saenz's investigator will testify in defense of Dalia Robles on the theory she had too many duties to have time to monitor the testing.

This is all important because when Gus Garza during the Raul Garza trial inflamed the jury with the claim Ernie Hernandez had orchestrated retaliation against personnel in HR for testifying at Raul Salazar's trial he knew it was all lies.

Saenz already had the HR department under investigation for Dalia Robles failures' in allowing prospective sheriff department employees to take cell phones into the testing area and then not monitoring them.   As we all know 8 deputies lost their jobs for using copies of the test taken with a cell phone.

The BV has already posted, and they will be a big issue if Raul Salazar ever gets his Motion for New Trial - or during the Ernie Hernandez trial, the emails sent by A.R. Flores long before the Salazar trial informing Dalia Robles he was removing her as the supervisor over Civil Service.  You see there was this little problem of Dalia Robles allowing cell phones in the testing area and not keeping an eye on the applicants while they were testing.  In any normal corporation her removal from the position would have been standard.

So now comes Carlos Cascos today to say Dalia Robles is a victim of the cheating deputies.  According to Carlos Cascos after such a mess no competent corporation would have reassigned her.

But the truth is, Carlos Cascos is running cover for Saenz - because with this truth the cases against Ernie Hernandez and Raul Salazar fall  apart and Saenz is looking at another official oppression investigation.


According to this person I was chatting with last night about June of last year I conceived of this conspiracy to tell a judge about an offer by Carlos Cascos' trained monkey Cris Valadez to pay me $200 plus to go on a bay fishing trip and take pictures of this county employee running his fishing tours on county time.  My conspiracy was so elaborate I conceived I would hold on to the story for some 8 months before going public.  I planted the story with the judge 8 months earlier to add credibility to the story.  This is what Cris Valadez wants you to believe.  And as we all know Saenz will take no action because when it comes to Carlos Cascos he is a friend with privileges.

I do not doubt the FBI is laughing their asses off over Carlos Cascos stunt this morning in defending Saenz and his lies.


Anonymous said...

If you knew anything about the law, which you have made clear you don't, you should have gone on that fishing trip. You have pure hearsay. If you would have taken their "deal", and gone, and they would have paid you the money you say they offered you, then you might have gotten them, but you did nothing. Now you have nothing but a story, but your ravenous hate blinds you.

BobbyWC said...

just keep on digging that hole - you will be in China any day now.

How about we do this - since you are so sure of yourself - you pay for Cris and I to take a lie detector test performed by a former FBI agent

That's what I thought - Cris will run for the border and refuse to participate
Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

As a reader I am analyzing the case of the fishing trip. In very simple words, were you offered to be paid $200.00 to go fishing or were you offered $200.00 to pay for the fishing trip? It seems to me that the whole objective was to establishing a sting to catch the county employee abusing the system. Correct me if I am wrong, it seems that the $200.00 was to be use to pay for the fishing trip (fees) in order to implement the sting. I am no con artist, I am a reader who is concern about the abuse of authority and the corruption in our politics.

BobbyWC said...

I was offered $200 plus expenses over the cost of the fishing trip. To be frank with you I have never heard of anyone getting $200 for bay fishing - I saw the entire things as wrong at all levels.

Further, the county does not pay private people to carry out stings

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you. By the way, do you know what came about the individual who was abusing the system? Did he get fired or is he still working for the county?

Anonymous said...

"Further, the county does not pay private people to carry out stings."

You are a private person. Did the county official offer to pay you from county funds or did a county official offer to pay you out of his own pocket? We the citizens of the community are definitely concern about the use of our tax money and the recent events of corruption in our county.

BobbyWC said...

The source of the money was never identified - the thing is - the employees job is more of a task job versus hours - so it seemed to be he was not a 9-5 worker and what he did on his time was his business - Cascos just wanted him gone which is why they came to me instead of asking the sheriff's department to run a sting - I suspect it was private money

The point is the employee was unethically targeted - I never was presented an ounce of evidence the employee was doing anything wrong - like I said his job more task oriented than being there at a specific time

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Camon people doesn't Saenz look like Yosemite-sam, what up HAUS