Tuesday, April 8, 2014


You will notice I have changed the graphic. I now know the name of the primary source of the story - so I will go with part of the story. Last night I was hesitant because one of the sources is known for his constant spreading of lies about people so I simply found it hard to believe given the fact they were claiming the press already has the story and nothing was on any of the news services.

But this morning I confirmed the name of the original primary source and this person is an insider. Massive evidence of cheating on the civil service test by sheriff department employees is about to be disclosed in the mainstream press. The number of employees involved range from a small number to upwards of 25. I do not believe it can be 25 - because if it is we no longer have a sheriff's department.

 But depending on the number the Commissioners Court will need to meet to demand the immediate resignation of Sheriff Lucio.


Anonymous said...

Breaking news is actually news that you break. You do not print rumors given to you by unreliable sources in order to say that you broke the story. You have no story and just because you mentioned it first does not make you thenonenwhonbroke it. You have nothing here that is breaking news. The fact is, you know nothing on the matter, you just threw a fish net wildly in hopes to catch something.

BobbyWC said...

Well actually, in the first post I used a comic graphic to downplay it was a rumor. I posted it as such because I know how the internet works and what I saw as unreliable I reported as kind of comic.

This one the source is an insider.

All I learned today is documents were removed from HR in the Dancy Bldg. People are working on the story - but I cannot force people to talk.

I only upgraded it once I learned the source was an insider - but I concede the insider could have it wrong

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"While Mr. Wightman raised the possibility of as many as 25 suspensions, I learned from a reliable source of 5 possible suspension"

"Until verification, this is simply a report of an unverified rumor, albeit from someone I consider to be a reliable source."

"Mean Mister Brownsville" has follow up with his own reporting of the situation in the Sheriff Department; however, it seems that reliable sources to both reporting blogs are providing different information.

BobbyWC said...

You will note I made the following comment "I do not believe it can be 25" I've also made clear the story is unclear.

As of tonight, nothing for sure is coming out. I was told Saenz was demanding to know how I knew something was up.

What I think is happening is something has happened and a high level employee in the department is putting out limited information which no one can confirm.

Bobby WC