Sunday, April 27, 2014


It is a bloodbath people - the full story on Monday.

Here is an undisputed fact - Joe Rivera's decision to get in bed with Sylvia Garza-Perez proved he has no loyalty and a very poor handle on the current status of politics in Cameron county.  His own workers want to have nothing to do with him - for them his decision to align with Sylvia was the ultimate betrayal of trust.  It shows them years of loyal service meant nothing to Joe Rivera.

I have personally interviewed civil service employees who have already met with counsel and are ready to sue if Sylvia Garza-Perez wins.  Several civil service employees have basically been put to sit at their desk and do nothing as retaliation for working on the A.R. Flores campaign.  If there is a county clerk employee backing Sylvia - well without duress and threat of discharge - I cannot find one.

Please - I do not want to hear about civil service protection - the employees know it means nothing.  They know Joe Rivera as county judge will make sure however much taxpayer money needs to be spent to protect him will be spent. 

Several county clerk employees know they are done at the county if Sylvia wins.  They are not taking it lightly.  They fully intend to sue Joe Rivera for the retaliation he has already initiated against a select few.

The people of Cameron county are so tired of all of this bullshit.  The mere filing of a lawsuit against Joe Rivera before November will cost him the election.  The press will cover it - the blogs will cover it - and the people will believe every accusation whether true or false.

Now if Sylvia loses, and Rivera wins, it all comes down to how he plays it.  If he fails to restore all of the workers to their positions which include allowing them to get back to work, suit will follow and it will cost him the election.

The workers I have spoken with I advised to put their claims in affidavit form and turn them over to the DOJ and FBI.  The county workers know Joe Rivera will turn over any complaint to Saenz who will use it to retaliate against the worker instead of upholding the law.  Some county workers are already being set up for discharge based on bogus claims.

Long term county employees know the system.  They have seen one corrupt DA after another come and go while turning a blind eye to Joe's 30 years of abuse of office. 

It is simple - if you want Cascos to win in November vote for Joe Rivera and Sylvia Garza-Perez.  A bloodbath of litigation will follow and Cascos will go from a major thumping to a make victory.

Saenz's days are numbered.  He dropped the charges against Ernie Hernandez because he cannot afford another open investigation for official oppression.  Any deal he may have made with Ernie to not file the charges would be held void as a matter of law - a legal nullity.  But Ernie will not file - he is just glad to have his family out of the nightmare.

But I will file - I have the documents which prove Saenz knew about the cheating by the sheriff's deputies and that A.R. Flores was justified in his decision to reorganize civil service within H.R. Ernie Hernandez had nothing to do with the reorganization as alleged by Saenz.  The full complaint is going to the same FBI agent already investigating Saenz - so Saenz accomplished nothing.

Saenz is beyond stupid - he thinks AG Abbott before an election is going to piss on all of the judges statewide charging a fee for an expedited wedding as part of the waiver.  It is happening statewide.  District court judges in Harris county I am sure have made their opinion known to AG Abbott.  Abbot has pending opinions which are over a year old.

People, those of you who think the Hernandez family are or were the problem are the fools who insure the corruption continues.  On the politquera issue - guilty as sin - but then so too is Saenz, and nearly every other currently elected official.

But in your simplistic minds you think if you blame one person all will be well.

Nothing is well and the full truth will come out soon enough.

The greatest challenge being faced by the feds who want to help is corrupt DOJ lawyers, FBI agents and local victims who have seen enough that they fear Saenz, the DOJ, and FBI.  Which is why I am taking it to Washington - I just need to convince one person to do as I am saying and Washington will be all over the DOJ and FBI in Cameron county.  But if this one person refuses - then we are screwed and it is best everyone just sit back and move on with their life while the criminal enterprises continue to run the county.


Anonymous said...

You are one crazy person! When Joe Rivera beats The crooked Ruben Peña, he will easily defeat the dumb duo of Cascos, Valadez. You know nothing of politics sir.

BobbyWC said...

You know what is really crazy - you have not even read the story and the why but you have already formed an opinion.

What you are telling my readers is, no amount of facts will get in the way of what you already believe - now that is crazy

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

My friends and family will be voting for both Sylvia and Joe ! God bless both candidates who have to deal with allegations of corruption and the evil venom spewed by all the brownsville Blogs .

Anonymous said...

Come on Bobby,ms top it already with all your predictions already. Nostradamus must be your hero.You have a terrible track record....stop it already,ms ace yourself the embarrassment. What if Joe wins and Arnold Flores wins...then Cascos loses?

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of people who do not believe Joe Rivera is qualified to be County Judge.

BobbyWC said...

What has me amazed is I have not even printed the story and people have formed opinions.

If AR Flores and Rivera wins, what matters is how Joe Rivera responds to Sylvia's loss. Right now he may not have too many employees voting for him.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Both corrupt loosers

BobbyWC said...

So now for the first time you raise the issue of the DA - nothing new here - this is Texas - this is how it is done. It is wrong -

But trying to say this is limited to Hernandez family makes you look silly - I note you are not even acknowledging how the police chief and Saenz tried to destroy Pedraza for the same thing

This is happening here and now and you seem to have no interest in it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

DA Saenz has put the word out in Cameron County that AR Flores is his choice for County Clerk and it would be in your best interest to vote the same . Your DA insider is blowing smoke your way on orders from the BOSS .

Anonymous said...

When you were talking about Joe Rivera and his employees not wanting Sylvia as their new boss,for the first time, i totally agreed with with you, and even thought that you sounded lucid, but then you start going crazy again ranting about the Hernandez and suing the FBI, The AG, Luis Saenz, Je Rivera etc. you lost it again! Too bad

Anonymous said...

"Saenz's days are numbered."

Please be specific, how many days? As per your previous predictions, you had Saenz to be indicted within six months. Later, you said within a year. When question about your prediction, you indicated that it could be more than a year due to the federal government taking their time to bring about the indictment. Therefore, how many days are you talking about on your recent statement (10, 100, 1,000 days)?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have been talking to Ruben Peña and his nutty wife Bobby. It is no surprise you are for Peña, you and his CAVA bullcrap. The guy is as corrupt as they come and you are in bed with him. Amazing! You think people forget how Ruben cleaned out a life savings of his client? The guy is a crook and You run this story to help him win? You are delusional.

BobbyWC said...

I'm not sure where to begin with all of the silly posts - Even though I am the only one to consistently expose CAVA and its leader as a con artist I am not one of them - Do you people know how srupid you sound when you make up this nonsense.

Nowhere in the article is Ruben Pena an issue - good or bad. He has nothing to do with the theme of the article so why should I comment.

If you agree about how Joe runs the office then you have to agree he has a lot of angry employees - that is the point.

As to the Hernandez family to one of you idiots the following means the Hernandez family is going to sue.

"But Ernie will not file - he is just glad to have his family out of the nightmare>

You silly willies cannot even read a simple sentence and understand it.

What you do not like is I make a clear argument about Joe and how his employees feel about him, but then add in how that may affect the election and it causes you to go off into endless conspiracy theories.

As to Saenz "Days being number has nothing to do with a specific number of days - it means his career is going to come to a bad end.

The DA source comment is just bizarre because nothing in the post reflects it comes from within the DA's office.

So what the posts reflect is Joe Rivera and his lemmings or Sylvia and he lemmings posting a bunch of incoherent nonsense rather than to address the claims.

Does Joe have a problem with certain employees prepared to sue him for his retaliation - yes or no - and if yes how will that impact the November election assuming he wins the run-off?

Joe and Sylvia's people will never address the issue because they know the answer and it does not bode well for them

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

As one of your readers, it seems that over the past two years you have make predictions based on your so called reliable sources and your own interpretation of the political system in Cameron County. However, your credibility has reach the lowest point in regard to what issues you have addressed to the public. If you noticed most of the comments are addressed to you and are mostly in a negative nature. Perhaps, you need to take a step backward an analysis if you are indeed helping the community to make the necessary changes that will improve the political system of our community. This comment is not intended in a negative nature but once in a while we all need to receive some constructive criticism in order to move forward in life. Again, you may or may not agree with my comment; however, if you do. Make the most out of it because our political system is always changing and the needs of the people will always be there to be improved.

BobbyWC said...

And yet you cannot bring forth one example - after Villalobos won the primary the second time I said he would be indicted. I posted the story of when he was served with subpoenas months earlier than his indictment - for you this is evidence of no evidence - I said I was going to take the transcript from the Hernandez Pena trial and get an indictment - Margarita Ozuna was inducted.

The fact no indictments have come down on BISD is meaningless - Saenz office showed up at Escobedo's home with search warrants on the morning he killed himself - I have independent confirmation twice - one including as to the moment he was told he the impending search warrant the night before.

All of the sanctions against all of the public figures speak for themselves.

Every win to force the city, and TSC to release documents are wins in the real world.

I have never lost with the AG in in open records request.

My endless wins against BISD for children is well documented.

I cannot fore anyone's hand - the FBI is at least three years when they are dealing with big cases.

You seem to think I can force their hand.

I wrote the official Oppression charge against Alex and Yolanda Bgeum, and Luis Sanez, and an agent was assigned to investigate

Now I have listed my wins - now try listing the loses -
No one wins everything - you do your best - but contrary to your nonsense and lies , my track record is quite solid

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

" but contrary to your nonsense and lies"

What lies? I made an honest constructive criticism of your credibility before the eyes of your readers and I am being told that I am a liar. Perhaps you have bigger problems than what you fail to understand. Alcoholics have a hard time admitting that they are alcoholics. It seem that you have the same problem and you can not see it but others can.

BobbyWC said...

And yet you continue to fail to give any examples, although I refuted your post with a long list.

Lets add to that list - the BV broke the story about the sheriff's deputies and stated that Saenz was upset because he proved he had no case on the first 7 countys against Ernie - then Saenz admits defeat and drops the first 7 charges

According to you that would be evidence of me being wrong.

The comments on the internet are overwhelmingly against Saenz for dropping the charges. Winning on those 7 counts have guaranteed his reelection, but losing meant death to his career.

Then to top it off he puts out a false press release that the Herald would not even repeat once the reporter verified for his editor the press release was false he was in the courtroom and Ernie never plead guilty.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Read Full Story: The Heerald"

How many times have you told your readers not to subscribe to the Brownsville Herald. Not subscribing means not reading. Those that have credibility have it because they earn it. Lack of credibility also takes place when you fail to post comments that you disagree with.

BobbyWC said...

You really need to learn the difference between the words subscribe and free - The internet is free - got it - subscribe is paid for.

I have never hidden the fact I read the free online posts.

Further, I have also said with the new publisher I am looking at changes - we have seen some good changes.

Cavasos never would have corrected the lies Sanez put out In his press release - Ty Johnson had no problem getting his bossed to believe him that the press release was inaccurate and they immediately changed the story to reflect Ernie never plead guilty.

If thinks continue to go in this direction I will subscribe [meaning pay for] the Herald.

Thanks for not pointing out the typo

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Grammar is important; however, typos can be corrected. However, the intend of your statement can be questioned and so can your credibility. Again, constructive criticism is just an instrument for improvement whether you agree or not. Have a beautiful day!

BobbyWC said...

How is it helpful without one example - and even on the Erin Garcia I nailed it - there is not law which defines the issue so all the AG would do he say he would not answer the fee issue because he could not definitively agree with Saenz on the waiver issue, although the AG did say a court likely might say no jurisdiction

But still waiting on the example of how I am always wrong

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It was certainly not my intention to prove your lack of credibility. I was only giving you constructive criticism; however, upon your persistence if all of the following few things are to happen we can say that you were not "wrong".
1. Saenz is indicted within six months (statement made by you two months ago)
2. Saenz fails to get re-elected. (“Saenz's days are numbered.” April 28th)
3. Cata will get indicted. (Statement made more than two years ago – let’s give it until the end of the year 2014)
4. JP’s have the authority to sign marriage waivers. (Ops! AG has given an opinion according to you and the Herald. JP’s do not have the authority to sign marriage waivers. However, there is always a possibility of an appeal or the legislature changing the law.)
5. I am shutting down the BV. (I will give it to you. You did shut it down but then you did reopened it)

Anonymous said...

Venom is being spewed by Joe and Sylvia with their dirty politics...soon it will all come to the light..and you will feel like an idiot..