Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Montoya does what he always does - he cannot refute facts so he does what? He writes distractions.  Not one documented I posted yesterday concerning Alex Begum is refuted?  Why?  Because Montoya and Begum cannot refute the documents or claims.

I cannot even begin to go through all of the documents I have on Alex Begum.  They just keep coming.

I am not running for public office.  My history is of no consequence.  Yolanda Begum is running for public office and her history is of consequence.  But Montoya cannot refute the claims so he does what he does - he creates a distraction from the documents and facts.

One post I rejected yesterday stated that 19 year old Alex Begum paid for his own criminal defense.  Having read all of the pleadings it was an expensive defense and no 19 year old without mommy and daddy's money could have paid for such a defense.

And to be clear about something, I paid 100% of all of my student loans and much of the interest.  The Department of Education agreed that based on medical records, which we now know to have been the initial stages of the hypothalamic dysfunction, to discharge the remaining interest on the loans.  Maybe a year or two earlier I had made one payment of $10,000 alone in one check.  At the time I was down - I could not function and the VA could not figure it out.

Once a person pays 100% of the money actually borrowed the interest under certain circumstances can be discharged.  There was no harassment of the Dept of Educ.  In fact the records show I gave them endless additional time to file documents.  The reason - the regulations were being reviewed.  They messed up and agreed as much in their final filing.

So what is the issue - a disabled veteran collapses and Yolanda Begum pays Montoya to trash the disabled veteran rather than directly address the claims against her.  Why?  She has no defense so the horribly dishonorable Yolanda Begum instead attacks a disabled veteran with half-truths. 

It gets better folks - this post only made matters worse - a veterans group will be handling the email campaign against everyone advertising with Montoya - Oscar Garcia was given the specifics and he basically said "go to hell veterans."  Well we shall see how well that works out for Oscar X. Garcia.

Being temporarily disabled is not a crime and a basis to trash someone on the Internet.  Are you so stupid that you cannot understand this?  How do you intend to handle intellectually disabled children during truancy hearings - you have shown your lack of respect for veterans and people who are disabled.  You Yolanda Begum are beyond contemptible to humanity.


Anonymous said...

Alex begum is not running for office either

BobbyWC said...

But he is funding the campaign and buying influence you his mommy dearist Yolanda Begum - he has used his money to bring bogus criminal charges to silence Josefina Fisher - he is using his money to pay Montoya to try and silence the BV

Montoya being paid by Cata has gone after Baltazar Salazar for the same thing - same time frame and he is not running for office -

But now seeking expungement of a criminal record unlawfully does not matter - it's all about the checks

Bobby WC