Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Look at the dates on the two documents - they go hand in hand - they may be off by a year but the point is Begum is giving to the BPD while demanding criminal investigations - and I can assure my readers this is not the first one.
Well yesterday the BV was very, very well read in Canada - so  for all the new readers here is some background.
Alex Dominguez her son while giving donations in kind to the Brownsville police, under former chief Garcia demanded that Josefina Canales [Fisher] be charged with criminal conduct.  The eventual charge was obscene language - to wit:  Calling Yolanda Begum a fake.
After Josefina Fisher's lawyer did nothing to get the case dismissed she fired him.  We learned he was negotiating a possible position with the DA at the time.
A visiting judge dismissed the charges.  Josefina Fisher filed official oppression charges against District Attorney Luis Saenz, Alex and Yolanda Begum, and Judge Art McDonald.  She was notified by the FBI the complaint was accepted and the name of the agent in charge.
These documents will allow her to add former police Chief Garcia and others at the police department.  Whether it is too late for her to sue the Chief Garcia I do not know - if the Discovery Rule applies then former Chief Garcia and others can and should be sued
This story is bigger - I am wanting to post more but I am waiting on two documents.  The evidence which suggests corruption between the Brownsville police and Alex Begum is significant.  More tomorrow if I get the documents today. 
The current chief of police is going to have a lot to explain.  Of course Ms. Fisher is forwarding these emails and a lot more to the FBI agent in charge.
For those who have been following the news, this is the same Yolanda Begum running for JP and who according to her grandson threw him out of his home after his father died.  The stories on Mike Begum III have played all over Texas.  He is forced to live on a special wheeled table because of a birth defect.  His father dies, and he is sent packing by Yolanda Begum his grandmother.
His mother who lost custody of her son Mike during the divorce, went and got him and he has lived with her ever since - his mother - Josefina Fisher.  He just published a book on his life and why he has never given up. 
If you vote for Yolanda Begum for JP you deserve bad and incompetent government.

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Unknown said...

The good people of Brownsville will hopefully see just how Alex and Yolanda Begum will do whatever it takes to get power at any cost. If you go against them they will pay through donations to get you prosecuted. They did it to me that was once related by marriage. What will she do to your family if elected? I pray that they will be stopped before they do what they tried doing to me. I didn't give up and they lost their bogus cases brought against me. Open your eyes people they don't care about anything but themselves. Anything to put money in their pockets. I'm now suing them in Houston for malicious prosecution. Vote no to elect the fake Yolanda Begum and find a way to fight back for justice without a price tag.