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The state and the DOJ are on this issue. In the case of former sheriff Treviño it involved drug money. What is happening is, people want to keep the true funding of their campaign and who they are paying secret so they have individuals fund their campaign secretly through their own checking accounts.

I have now interviewed two people considering signing affidavits who were called to an office and offered money directly from someone other than the candidate to get out the vote and work the mail-ballots.  On Sunday I was told another person has people ready to sign affidavits with the same claims.

This issue is already under investigation regarding BISD.  Mary Rey testified that Luci Longoria passed a check to Juan Montoya which was never reported anywhere.  That matter is under investigation and could lead to the first indictments.

My goal is to push for these affidavits.

The issue of the fake J.A. Sandoval and the ads he took out for Arg Miller and against Debbie Portillo are fully under investigation as part of the laundering of campaign money to hide the true source of funding.

This is the next big election fraud we need to stop.  The BV will stay on it until those accountable are indicted.




Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Beyond predicting Ed Rivera will win, I have no idea how any of the elections will come out.  I think all of them will come down to which candidates best target their core supporters and get them out to vote.  People are electioned out.  Now we have three elections back to back after the primary. 

Jonathan Gracia and Leo Lopez passed out hundreds of push cards at the Knights of Columbus event Sunday.  It was the single largest turn out I have eve seen at one of their events.  The other candidates did not see it as important.  How many of the people vote - I do not know.  But getting a personal handshake from the candidate helps.

In the end all I can say is, the turnout each candidate can create will decide the election.  There is no mood right now for anyone to vote unless you are doing it because you are a strong supporter of a particular candidate.

Sorry for the short post - but I am tired.  This hypothalamic dysfunction has me on no sleep.  I almost left Bingo last night.  I could not remember which games we were playing and was marking all of the wrong numbers.  I'm back to bed to try and sleep - but I know it is useless.  The medicine they have me on to try and help me sleep is useless.

Monday, April 28, 2014


From Zeke "He stood up against the Hernandez first.."  He referring to Alex Dominguez.  When Zeke is willing to lie about something which is so verifiable as a lie, what does that say about his trustworthiness about everything else he says, especially about Alex Dominguez?

Ruben Pena and I fought Ernie Hernandez first on the politiqueras and based on the trial transcript I submitted to the AG Margarita Ozuna was indicted and convicted.  Alex Dominguez had nothing, and I mean nothing to do with it.  Zeke has yet to discredit Montoya for his endless attacks on myself and Ruben Peña for our work against Margarita Ozuna.

Ruben Pena actually gets nearly all of the credit because he brought the lawsuit and paid for half of the transcript.  The court had order each side pay half.

But Zeke will keep on lying because that is what he does.
The plain language of the opinion shows it was a complete loss for DA Saenz. "Accordingly, a court would likely conclude that a justice of the peace is not a "judge of a court with jurisdiction in family law cases" for purposes of subsection 2.204( c) of the Family Code and thus may not grant a waiver of the 72-hour waiting period after the issuance of a marriage license."

By second grade you should know the meaning of the word likely - it does not mean it is illegal - all it means is the AG was not willing to take a firm position and say - a court would rule it illegal. The fact the AG was not willing to go all the way proves the law is too unclear for a definitive answer.

It is really that simple.

The AG refused to get to the fee question.  He knew district court judges all of the state are charging waiver fees.  It is illegal for the District Clerk to charge the fees.  AG Abbott knew he would have had a mess on his hands had he ruled judges charging for the waiver fees is illegal.

So AG Abbott basically issued an opinion saying "I don't know but suspect a court likely would find JP's have no jurisdiction - this is a far cry from saying they have no jurisdiction.

This is happening statewide.  I would not be surprised if a group of JP's now sue the state for a  declaratory action to secure a court  ruling on the matter.  Before such a case can be completed I suspect the state legislature will amend the law to make clear JP's cannot sign waivers - which is beyond silly.  Why give district court judges the financial advantage of charging a fee for the waivers and marriage. but not an equal opportunity to the other judges?  An equal protection challenge could follow if the state were to amend the law as a way to stop any litigation brought by JP's elsewhere in the state.

The door has been opened and now the mess will follow.



I initially could not find the opinion because the AG changed the number from 1160 to 1053. I was looking at the current opinions when I realized those released today contained the opinion in 1053, and not the original 1160 assigned to the case.  Yes, then did post his get a clue post with the same information.

From the Opinion.  AG Abbott refuses to find JP's have no legal authority to sign waivers, but does find a court likely might find they have no jurisdiction.  In fact because the AG will not affirmatively agree with DA Saenz he refuses to address the fee issue.  Why? Because it is happening all over the state and AG Abbott as I predicted did not want to open that can of worms.

"Accordingly, a court would likely conclude that a justice of the peace is not a "judge of a court with

jurisdiction in family law cases" for purposes of subsection 2.204( c) of the Family Code and thus

may not grant a waiver of the 72-hour waiting period after the issuance of a marriage license.

Because your remaining questions concerning related fees are expressly premised on an

affirmative answer to your first question, we do not address them."


The opinion makes clear the state legislature has never defined "court with jurisdiction in family law cases."

"Further, although the Legislature does not define the phrase "court with jurisdiction in family law cases" in the Family Code, references in other
statutes that set forth the jurisdiction of various courts strongly suggest that the phrase does not
include courts with only Title 3 jurisdiction in truancy cases."

Case law which suggests does not supplant the authority of the Texas Legislature.  The fact there is no clear rule is why the AG refused to answer in the affirmative.  AG Abbott knows where this is headed if it were to become a bigger legal issue, a void for vagueness..

But like I have said, the Legislature needs to clean up this mess to include how much any judge can charge for a wedding.

Do you really believe the AG called Saenz on Friday to say the opinion would be delayed just so he could post it Monday morning?  Just another BS  lie story posted by Montoya under contract to Saenz to lie to Cameron county.  You cannot get around this reality.  The AG would have told Saenz the opinion was forthcoming and Montoya would have been at the ready - he was not - why?  because there was no  communication


The Herald's reporter Mark Reagan is showing his extraordinary lack of professionalism in the story.  He is demanding Erin Garcia and DA Saenz comment without a copy of the opinion.  He got it in an update he subscribes to.

It is not yet listed on the AG's web page, but it is no longer pending. [see correction above]

Now really, who is going to comment based on having a reporter who has proven himself over and over again incapable of understanding the simplest of legal concepts, reading the opinion to them?. Why not just release it and then allow Saenz and Garcia an opportunity to digest it before commenting?


I do not know about the fee issue.  Texas does not regulate what judges can charge - so a fee for an expedited wedding by itself would not be illegal.

For me the bigger issue is, depending what the opinion says I will be forwarding it to the Houston Chronicle with the names of the district court judges who charge a fee to sign waivers.

There are two legal issues here - the waiver - which  if signed by a judge improperly is of no legal consequence under the family law code, and the fee.  Without the opinion I cannot comment.  There is no law on fees judges can charge - but if the AG opinion says judges cannot charge for the waivers there are a lot of district court judges in Harris county in a lot of trouble.

AG Abbott may have opened a hornets nest he does not want.

On a final note, who believes on Friday as Montoya alleges that AG's office called Saenz to say the opinion would be delayed, only to have the opinion released on Monday morning.  Another bogus story.

But until I see and read the opinion this is all I can report.

For the record, I believe the AG is wrong- but I will consider his opinion.  The Texas legislature took the power away from county court at law judges.  This means the legislature knew how to take the power away from specific judges.  The fact JP's were not included in that list means under basic statutory construction the legislature did not address the issue.  The law clearly otherwise gives jurisdiction to any judge with jurisdiction in family law cases.

AG opinions are not binding and subject to challenge in court.  Trial judges are free to ignore any and all AG opinions, until upheld by an appellate court.

But once I read the reasoning of the AG I may change my mind - maybe they found something Saenz never referenced.


"Candidates with complaints would have a better shot contacting the Sheriff’s Office or Texas Rangers than the Palmview Police Department, Guerra said, adding that local lawmen probably wouldn’t want to investigate the city’s leaders.

“If they do,” Guerra said. “They’re just putting their heads on the chopping block.”

Read Full Story:  The Herald

Sunday, April 27, 2014


It is a bloodbath people - the full story on Monday.

Here is an undisputed fact - Joe Rivera's decision to get in bed with Sylvia Garza-Perez proved he has no loyalty and a very poor handle on the current status of politics in Cameron county.  His own workers want to have nothing to do with him - for them his decision to align with Sylvia was the ultimate betrayal of trust.  It shows them years of loyal service meant nothing to Joe Rivera.

I have personally interviewed civil service employees who have already met with counsel and are ready to sue if Sylvia Garza-Perez wins.  Several civil service employees have basically been put to sit at their desk and do nothing as retaliation for working on the A.R. Flores campaign.  If there is a county clerk employee backing Sylvia - well without duress and threat of discharge - I cannot find one.

Please - I do not want to hear about civil service protection - the employees know it means nothing.  They know Joe Rivera as county judge will make sure however much taxpayer money needs to be spent to protect him will be spent. 

Several county clerk employees know they are done at the county if Sylvia wins.  They are not taking it lightly.  They fully intend to sue Joe Rivera for the retaliation he has already initiated against a select few.

The people of Cameron county are so tired of all of this bullshit.  The mere filing of a lawsuit against Joe Rivera before November will cost him the election.  The press will cover it - the blogs will cover it - and the people will believe every accusation whether true or false.

Now if Sylvia loses, and Rivera wins, it all comes down to how he plays it.  If he fails to restore all of the workers to their positions which include allowing them to get back to work, suit will follow and it will cost him the election.

The workers I have spoken with I advised to put their claims in affidavit form and turn them over to the DOJ and FBI.  The county workers know Joe Rivera will turn over any complaint to Saenz who will use it to retaliate against the worker instead of upholding the law.  Some county workers are already being set up for discharge based on bogus claims.

Long term county employees know the system.  They have seen one corrupt DA after another come and go while turning a blind eye to Joe's 30 years of abuse of office. 

It is simple - if you want Cascos to win in November vote for Joe Rivera and Sylvia Garza-Perez.  A bloodbath of litigation will follow and Cascos will go from a major thumping to a make victory.

Saenz's days are numbered.  He dropped the charges against Ernie Hernandez because he cannot afford another open investigation for official oppression.  Any deal he may have made with Ernie to not file the charges would be held void as a matter of law - a legal nullity.  But Ernie will not file - he is just glad to have his family out of the nightmare.

But I will file - I have the documents which prove Saenz knew about the cheating by the sheriff's deputies and that A.R. Flores was justified in his decision to reorganize civil service within H.R. Ernie Hernandez had nothing to do with the reorganization as alleged by Saenz.  The full complaint is going to the same FBI agent already investigating Saenz - so Saenz accomplished nothing.

Saenz is beyond stupid - he thinks AG Abbott before an election is going to piss on all of the judges statewide charging a fee for an expedited wedding as part of the waiver.  It is happening statewide.  District court judges in Harris county I am sure have made their opinion known to AG Abbott.  Abbot has pending opinions which are over a year old.

People, those of you who think the Hernandez family are or were the problem are the fools who insure the corruption continues.  On the politquera issue - guilty as sin - but then so too is Saenz, and nearly every other currently elected official.

But in your simplistic minds you think if you blame one person all will be well.

Nothing is well and the full truth will come out soon enough.

The greatest challenge being faced by the feds who want to help is corrupt DOJ lawyers, FBI agents and local victims who have seen enough that they fear Saenz, the DOJ, and FBI.  Which is why I am taking it to Washington - I just need to convince one person to do as I am saying and Washington will be all over the DOJ and FBI in Cameron county.  But if this one person refuses - then we are screwed and it is best everyone just sit back and move on with their life while the criminal enterprises continue to run the county.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Brownsville is a bastion of corruption, but its parks and weather are amazing - get off the computer - pack a lunch and go to the park with your kids, significant other - just enjoy two of Brownsville's greatest assets - its weather and parks.

Friday, April 25, 2014




The was no court action taken in the Ernie Henandez case.  Ernie Hernandez plead guilty to nothing.  Outside the  presence of the court Ernie Hernandez signed a pretrial diversion contract which has the basic no no's for a year.  Count 8 will be dismissed if he meets the conditions.  If he fails to meet the conditions under the pretrial diversion, he did sign an agreement which states he will then plead guilty.  But as of now - no guilty plea and no finding of guilt.  This is according to John Blaylock - Ernie Hernandez's attorney.



For the challenged who go elsewhere for made up facts - there will be no appointment until the run-offs.  In about a month we will know the name of the new commissioner.  That person, whomever it may be will replace Ernie Hernandez - it is not complex unless you live in a bizarre world of endless bought and paid for lies and delusions.

Now further for the intellectually challenged:  Pretrial - now think about it very, very slowly -it means before trial - which means there was no trial and not plea of guilty.

In simple terms - the BV reported Saenz when psycho after the BV reported on the sheriff's deputies testing scandal.  Why?  Because it blew 7 of 8 counts against Ernie Hernandez.  Once the truth came out that A.R. Flores was justified in reorganizing HR as he himself said in his own emails, there became no evidence to support counts 1-.7.  Saenz had no where to go other than to drop the charges.

Now here is a major fact - the BV repeatedly said counts 1-6 were bogus because all of the Internal emails at the county showed they were bogus and without merit.  The BV made clear that count 7 was 100% bogus.  Now anyone - someone - explain to me - why would a District Attorney at a time the people want blood from elected officials drop 7 of 8 criminal counts, and then basically allow Ernie Hernandez to plead guilty [Blaylock says this never happened] on a charge he called a county employee to coerce him into allowing an 8 Liner to reopen?

Also, if John Blaylock's account is correct our DA basically dropped all 8 counts.  There is not so much as a guilty plea on any of the 8 counts.  This means there was never any case - but smart money says take the deal.  Ernie lost the election anyway so he was out of a job.  He basically got all 8 counts  dropped.  Dropped at a time the people are prepared to presume as guilty any indicted public figure.

The BV initially did say count 8 was bogus because it would come down to interpretation of the tape and once the jury found him not guilty on counts 1-7, the balance on count 8 would move to Ernie's favor. 

In today's world and how the people of Cameron county feel about  there politicians had Saenz had the evidence, which he did not, he would have proceeded on counts 1-7. 

Now, Saenz not being very learned in the law fails to understand Norma Hernandez can still sue over counts 1-7, and file formal federal criminal charges.  Saenz is clueless as to the hornet's nest he just opened - for himself and the DOJ.

Montoya's spin that Ernie Hernandez counsel came up with this today during pretrial is pure spin and paid for BS by Saenz.  You will note it is not in his press release.  This was on the table several weeks ago.

As the BV repeatedly stated in the last few weeks, Saenz went psycho when the BV broke the story about the sheriff's department and the cheating contest.  Saenz knew counts 1-7 were now dead and desperately looking for a way out of the Hernandez trial.  Saenz got out of the trial by dropping the charges for all practical purposes.

Here is the deal - when a DA offers to drop 7 of 8 charges and then basically gives you a slap on the hand, and allows all of your charges to be subject to expungement he is admitting he played the grand jury.

 Count 8 will not be a true expungement -a record of the pretrial diversion is kept so the defendant cannot get it a second time)


This week we saw two very unusual rulings.  Neither were necessarily on party lines- which is good and bad - but both in my view seem disturbing.

The most disturbing one involved how do you assess damages suffered by a child during a rape and the posting of that rape on the Internet so viewers of child pornography can enjoy themselves.

The Court found there is no way to assess the  damages - duh!!!  And because there is no measurable way to assess the damages the Court threw out the judgment by the trial court.  In my view any rational mind would find the damages are so immeasurable that there is no limit.  The notion that there is a finite number to compensate a victim of child pornography should offend the conscience of every living human being.  Congress wrote the law with this in mind - but the Supreme Court found the law to be unfair to those who view child pornography.

The other ruling which also was not along party lines - the faux conservative Antonin Scalia dissenting for example - found that it is okay for the police to stop and search a car based solely on me calling in an anony tip about a car swerving.  The fact the police did not see the same behavior of the driver is meaningless.  The fact you cannot confront your accuser because they are anony is also meaningless.  Under this new rule,  I can be  driving along and decide I am mad at someone for cutting me off and make an anony call to the police and say they are swerving on the highway - this will be enough for the police to be dispatched and do a search without a warrant.

It seems to me bad politics guided the Court in both decisions.  When it comes to children and child pornography - a billion dollar judgment is not sufficient - but according to the Supreme Court a couple of million is too much.

SIDE NOTE:  The faux conservatives are full of shit when they claim original intent.  Historically the case law said that punitive damages were designed to send a message to the defendant to not repeat their conduct.  The key world was message.  The anti-accountability Republicans started a national campaign to convince the American people that punitive damages had become lottery tickets for the plaintiffs and it should stop.  They basically won the war.  If you know as a manufacturer of a dangerous product that the punitive damages you have to pay will be so low it will have no impact on your conduct and you get to keep most of the profits you made on your dangerous product, why care about whether your product kills people? 

The judicial activism by the faux conservatives on the Supreme Court and Texas Supreme Court will end no time soon.  The Democrats cower in the corner rather than speak to the issue.  Keeping their elected offices is more important than the historical rights of the people, or the accountability of the wrongdoers.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Carlos Cascos and Luis Saenz prove party labels mean nothing when your object is to corrupt the community.  At the end of this post I am going to deal with the exchange I had last night with probably Cris Valadez.

Something every student, teacher, and administrator at BISD knows, but Carlos Cascos claims ignorance of - you do not bring cell phones into testing areas.

This morning he is defending Dalia Robles as the former  head of civil service for the county for not knowing what every student, teacher, and administrator knows - no cell phones in the testing area.

Saenz's investigator will testify in defense of Dalia Robles on the theory she had too many duties to have time to monitor the testing.

This is all important because when Gus Garza during the Raul Garza trial inflamed the jury with the claim Ernie Hernandez had orchestrated retaliation against personnel in HR for testifying at Raul Salazar's trial he knew it was all lies.

Saenz already had the HR department under investigation for Dalia Robles failures' in allowing prospective sheriff department employees to take cell phones into the testing area and then not monitoring them.   As we all know 8 deputies lost their jobs for using copies of the test taken with a cell phone.

The BV has already posted, and they will be a big issue if Raul Salazar ever gets his Motion for New Trial - or during the Ernie Hernandez trial, the emails sent by A.R. Flores long before the Salazar trial informing Dalia Robles he was removing her as the supervisor over Civil Service.  You see there was this little problem of Dalia Robles allowing cell phones in the testing area and not keeping an eye on the applicants while they were testing.  In any normal corporation her removal from the position would have been standard.

So now comes Carlos Cascos today to say Dalia Robles is a victim of the cheating deputies.  According to Carlos Cascos after such a mess no competent corporation would have reassigned her.

But the truth is, Carlos Cascos is running cover for Saenz - because with this truth the cases against Ernie Hernandez and Raul Salazar fall  apart and Saenz is looking at another official oppression investigation.


According to this person I was chatting with last night about June of last year I conceived of this conspiracy to tell a judge about an offer by Carlos Cascos' trained monkey Cris Valadez to pay me $200 plus to go on a bay fishing trip and take pictures of this county employee running his fishing tours on county time.  My conspiracy was so elaborate I conceived I would hold on to the story for some 8 months before going public.  I planted the story with the judge 8 months earlier to add credibility to the story.  This is what Cris Valadez wants you to believe.  And as we all know Saenz will take no action because when it comes to Carlos Cascos he is a friend with privileges.

I do not doubt the FBI is laughing their asses off over Carlos Cascos stunt this morning in defending Saenz and his lies.


It is worth the 10 minutes, especially the last 2 minutes on George Washington. I accept Fox news will continue to make money on this con artist. Ignorant people love to listen to any idiot who spews their ignorance. It is that simple.

The entire piece reminds me of the nonsense of trying to deal with the ignorant in Brownsville. Montoya accuses me of trying to create a war based on wealth by pointing out how Alex and Yolanda Begum used their wealth to buy Alex Begum privilege, then he attacks Juliet and Oscar Garcia for using their wealth to buy Oscar Jr. privilege. It is always wrong - well unless Alex Begum is cutting you a check to make it right in his case.

In further response to that particular post poor Don't Cry for me Yolanda Begum cries over how she had to stop working at the store so much when Alex was 13 because he was getting out of control. The heartache of privilege.

 6 years later the evidence shows all of her sacrifices netter her nothing because Alex is arrested speeding drunk at over 100 mph. Then she tells us that after 6 years of sacrifice and trying to bring Alex under control and failing, she has the answers for dealing with truant children in just one hearing.

But people believe this shit, which is why they say it. But if you watch nothing else, watch the last 2 minutes of the Stewart piece - he really brings home the proof Hannity is a con artist and his audience are idiots.

With the weather changing we eat a chick spinach salad about one a week.  It's simple.  I grill using real mesquite charcoal the two chicken breasts.  I do it on a low heat because I want it to smoke cook as cook with the heat.  I then put them in the refrigerator to cool.

In a separate bowel I put spinach, cucumber, sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hears - both marinated in olive oil and Italian seasonings, celery, sliced almonds, sliced yellow and orange bell peppers and let stand until the chicken cools.

I then slice the chicken once cooled.  You mix everything together with croutons and then put a tad bit of Parmesan cheese on top and you have a very satisfying salad.

Editor's note:  For reasons I do not know, my computer will not open the picture I took of the salad with my cell phone.  So this is not my salad, but next time I will probably add avocado.

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Congressman Vela is one of 435 members of the House of Representatives and one of 535 members of congress.  He only has so much power. But he is working overtime, nonetheless to try and bring to the LRGV what is needed.


The Herald's lack of coverage of his work to raise the money to deepen the port frustrates me.  It is a subject he loves to talk about.  He understands its importance in terms of economic development.  But his work goes unnoticed because - the idea of moving forward eludes our leaders and newspaper.

Critical to deepening of the port is the new  commercial bridge from Matamoros to the port.  The naysayers say that Pharr owns the trucking traffic.  I ask why?  Mexico has a major interstate highway going directly into Matamoros.  Getting the products moved into the U.S. is a lot more efficient if the trucks can go from the Mexican interstate highway directly to our port.

We have  a highly fractured County Commission with zero leadership at this time.  The disgust the commissioners have for Carlos Cascos makes it nearly impossible to get anything done.  Then the commissioners themselves without leadership are scavenging for money for their precincts while nearly engaging in cannibalism against one another.  In the meantime - nothing is getting done to make it easier for Mexican trucking to get to the port.  Congressman Vela is not going to give up his battle to deepen the port - but conversely this  feckless county commission will do nothing at this point to make Brownsville the destination of choice for Mexican trucking.  The trucks will fill IH2 and IH 69 from Pharr in their trek to the port, instead of coming through Brownsville.


Congressman Vela hit the ground running trying to educate himself on veterans issues.  His first lesson was the Veterans Administration is a hard nut to crack.  He understands the issue - we need more funding.  The clinics are understaffed and the staff is overworked.  The administrators are entrenched in their position and nothing will force them to change except an act of congress.

But Congressman Vela is fighting on all fronts to bring us better and faster care.


For reasons I do not know, Texas Education Region One lost a lot of funding for preschool education.  It has something to do with problems in the application process.  Congressman Vela understands the importance of preschool education. 

Oddly enough, the success rate in Oklahoma has made it the model state.  Congressman Vela is working  hard to restore the money so more 3 and 4 year olds can have access to preschool.

UTB and BISD would do well to study the Oklahoma model.  If educators nationally are looking at Oklahoma as a national model of doing it right - so too should we.

It is sad we finally have a Congressman working overtime to make our community a better place, and the people know so little of his efforts, and our city commission and county commission are doing so little to help him in his efforts.

We need the new airport.  We need the new bridge to bring Mexican commercial traffic directly from Matamoros to the port.

But our county cannot even work out the rail line problem on Morrison road.  The Morrison road development is a complete success save the incomplete road because no one can seem to find a solution to the rail line which crosses Morrison road.

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Monday, April 21, 2014


Guys, I am beyond tired of the elections.  People are going to be very, very election out by the time of the run-offs.  I am voting a blank ticket in the port race - I may change my mind and vote for Guerra - still researching.

In TSC Ed Rivera is getting my vote.

A.R. Flores is an easy choice for County Clerk.  County Judge -  I will not vote - Joe Rivera and Ruben Peña do not merit public support.  Ruben does get the credit for ending the politiquera mess - so at least he has that going for him.  It was an important issue and he owns the credit for ending it.

District Clerk is hard on me - both candidates will serve the community well.  Either way Cameron county wins.  I am voting for Eric Garza because he is family by marriage - my nephew's cousin's brother-in-law.  But I can assure you Eliva Ortiz is equally qualified and will serve the community just as well as Eric.

I have no idea what I will do in either JP race.  It is either Gracia and Avila or nothing. 


Nothing in this town will change until we the people change it.  The number one issue people approach me about is the airport.  There is huge support for a new airport on 511.  Now that money is cheap is the time to borrow.  It is that simple.  It may never be this cheap again.

I will not lead such a group, but if the citizens of Brownsville want to form a community airport board which will have as its purpose the group lobbying all of the big businesses to put pressure on the city commission to make the new airport happen, I will help with the organizational part.  But I will not agree to any leadership position.  I am simply too tired to take on such a responsibility.

A new airport will put Brownsville back on the map.  We need it and without a lot of public pressure it will not happen.

'The good news is, on Tuesday the entire city commission meeting is about real estate.  I do not think Tony Martinez is happy.  They will also vote on a community center.  I favor such a  center.  We need it.  Even if it means borrowing money.

Until the people are willing to act to take back Brownsville nothing will change.  We begin by forcing the city commission to build a new airport on 511.  It will be an economic engine which will help Brownsville to grow.

The city also needs to form a corporation which includes hiring a highly qualified CEO whose job it will be to lobby the trade offices of the various south American countries which will send perishables via air cargo via Brownsville.  The money we can make on such a corporation can help pay down the bonds for a new airport.

The BV is the only blog which as its logo promotes Brownsville.  The BV's logo is its signature.

But people, without you it will not happen.

So who in to start a community airport board to compel the city commission to build a new airport on 511?

Only you can make it happen.

I do not want an organizational meeting at an expensive restaurant.  Everyone who wants to be part of this should be able to afford to attend the meetings.  A church would be nice or an inexpensive locally owned restaurant.  If we do it at an inexpensive restaurant I would certainly sponsor the meal for one person who wants to be there but cannot afford to eat.  If just a handful of us agree to sponsor someone then every regardless of economic background can be part of this.

BISD's chess team makes Brownsville shine every place they go.  Its reputation as one of the best in the country has been profiled on HBO.  Daniel De La Fuente was one of the students on the HBO special.

These students are helping to market Brownsville and BISD is a positive light.  We must support them.  These trips are not free.  Without your help Daniel may not be able to make the trip.

When businesses look to places to relocate things like the BISD Chess Club makes BISD shine.  The more our students win at the nationals the better Brownsville looks to the country and in fact the world.

Here is your chance to do your part in promoting the positive image of Brownsville's children.


Sunday, April 20, 2014


Saturday, April 19, 2014


BISD's chess team makes Brownsville shine every place they go.  Its reputation as one of the best in the country has been profiled on HBO.  Daniel De La Fuente was one of the students on the HBO special.

These students are helping to market Brownsville and BISD is a positive light.  We must support them.  These trips are not free.  Without your help Daniel may not be able to make the trip.

When businesses look to places to relocate things like the BISD Chess Club makes BISD shine.  The more our students win at the nationals the better Brownsville looks to the country and in fact the world.

Here is your chance to do your part in promoting the positive image of Brownsville's children.




I added the TSC race and the names of other candidates in the other races.  If I have no link for the candidate you are supporting send it to me.  I have searched and cannot find anything for many of the candidates.  In one case  after multiple reach outs and even a conversation the candidate does not seem to want free advertising even through he complained to me he was surprised he was having to fund his own advertising.  It was just a completely bizarre conversation.  More on that next week.  If you treat the friends of your family a certain way - in a bad way - it tells us a lot about how you intend to treat the people.


The Plantation Democrats who run the Texas Democratic Party simply do not get it - they came to us and said "to hell with you, we know you voted Gilberto Hinojosa out of office in favor of a Republican, but it is time you learn your place so we are making him the Party Chair for the State."

Wendy Davis as a Plantation Democrat thinks all she has to do is listen to Gilberto Hinojosa and she will carry the Latino vote and the state.  She knows nothing about us, and cares nothing about us.  She is Gilberto Hinojosa - so she is being rejected.

When a polling company run by Democrats have the women voters favoring Gregg Abbott, you know the election is all but over.

"Davis is as unpopular with women as men. Just 32 percent of women viewed her favorably, compared with 46 percent of women who viewed her unfavorably."

"Abbott leads Davis among women, 49 to 41 percent, and among men, 53 to 32 percent."

"The survey found that Abbott was leading Davis 51 to 37 percent, just about the same as Abbott’s 50-35 lead when they last polled in November."

Source:  America Statesman

For actual full poll, click here

What the Democrats fail to understand is, we want a leader who is a true Democrat, who knows how to lead, and knows the issues important to us.  Neither Wendy Davis nor Gilberto Hinojosa are Democrats who fit this bill.

It is time the national donors target their money to the U.S. Senate races where we could lose.  Every national penny coming to Wendy Davis is a potential loss of the U.S. Senate for the Democrats.  Wendy Davis' continued run for governor is just down right selfish.

Friday, April 18, 2014



 BISD's chess team makes Brownsville shine every place they go.  Its reputation as one of the best in the country has been profiled on HBO.  Daniel De La Fuente was one of the students on the HBO special.

These students are helping to market Brownsville and BISD is a positive light.  We must support them.  These trips are not free.  Without your help Daniel may not be able to make the trip.

When businesses look to places to relocate things like the BISD Chess Club makes BISD shine.  The more our students win at the nationals the better Brownsville looks to the country and in fact the world.

Here is your chance to do your part in promoting the positive image of Brownsville's children.


Thursday, April 17, 2014


Justice must have the appearance of justice.  I first came upon this issue maybe 20 years ago.  A lawyer was elected as a county commissioner in Dallas.  A demand was made that he not practice law before any judges over whom he may have had an element of control - such as salaries.  In the end the compromise was the county commissioner recused himself on all votes impacting the judiciary.

This simple rule needs to be made into law.  Commissioner Sanchez practices law while also having voting authority over judicial salaries.  This is wrong.  We need a state law which bars elected officials who practice law from voting on any matter related judges.  Of course this would not work at the state level because so many state legislators and senators are lawyers.  But by the numbers the vote of one legislator or senator can not change anything related to judges.

The same problem has developed with the city of Brownsville.  City Commissioner Estela Chavez-Vasquez wants to have voting rights over the municipal judges who may be appointed to the court, or who may be dependent on her vote for a budgetary issue.  The solution is easy.  Unless Commissioner Chavez-Vasquez agrees to not practice law in municipal court, she should automatically recuse herself from voting on any matters related to the appoint of judges or their budgets.

Without a state law this simple solution will never happen.

This is an important area of law the state legislature needs to look at come January in order to restore the appearance of justice to justice.

For the record the same applies to Tony Martinez, but knowing what I know about his practice, I doubt very much anyone in his office has ever seen the inside of the municipal court.

BISD's chess team makes Brownsville shine every place they go.  Its reputation as one of the best in the country has been profiled on HBO.  Daniel De La Fuente was one of the students on the HBO special.

These students are helping to market Brownsville and BISD is a positive light.  We must support them.  These trips are not free.  Without your help Daniel may not be able to make the trip.

When businesses look to places to relocate things like the BISD Chess Club makes BISD shine.  The more our students win at the nationals the better Brownsville looks to the country and in fact the world.

Here is your chance to do your part in promoting the positive image of Brownsville's children.


As I suspected the certified letter at the post office was from none other than the city attorney's office related to my request that the AG sue the City of Brownsville to force them to comply with my open records request.

Allison Bastion concedes as she must she simply ignored the request made on September 25, 2013, until threatened with an enforcement action.  The most remarkable thing is rather than argue specifics she asks that the AG look at various statutes and  decide for the city whether or not they are entitled to withhold the information requested. 

She has lost two round with me already and she will lose this one.  For example the Casa de Nylon purchase is done - it is behind the city.  I am certainly entitled to any email or text from Diane Dillard informing Tony Martinez he is conflicted out from voting on the purchase because his law firm was negotiating for the seller.  This is what I am after.

The idea that Tony Martinez is protected from disclosure notice that the law barred him from voting on the purchase or disclosing to the Commission his firm was negotiating the deal is just bizarre.  I am fully prepared to brief the AG on this issue and how evidence of criminal conduct by the mayor is not subject to protection.

Her claims about all of this redacted nonsense in the last request is without merit.  I asked for the billing and got it.  I will be addressing this misrepresentation with the AG.


Is it not Mark Sossi's duty to determine how the law applies to the COB as opposed to having his flunky say to the AG, "and seek your guidance on what portions of the information are subject to withholding."  It is not for the AG to defend the COB.  And for the record - what then are we paying Mark Sossi and the other two attorneys for to do anyway?

Sorry for the late post, but once I went out to get the letter - my phone kept me busy.  People if you want to fight the corruption you need to learn to stand up and be heard - to be quite frank with you I am getting tired of people telling me it is my job.  You have the documents - post them - create a blog - put your name to it - stop cowering in the corner.  I wanted to be in bed today recovering from what ever it is I have and I instead had to deal with a bunch of people too cowardly to stand up for themselves.
You know, everyone can blame Tony Martinez and Mark Sossi, but it remains the City Commission doing nothing to stop this.  They are entitled to every document I requested.  They can  demand the documents directly from Diane Dillard.  If there is evidence of criminal conduct it is for the City Commission to take it to the FBI, because we all know Saenz will run cover for Tony Martinez.
Now I agree the City Commission is finally getting a bit more aggressive with Tony Martinez - but they need to get even more aggressive.  It is time they stand up and say enough is enough and if necessary pass a resolution demanding Saenz indict Tony Martiinez for failing to reveal his conflict in the Casa de Nylon purchase and authorize the city to sue Abraham Galonsky, and his lawyers which include Tony Martinez, to get the city's money back with interest.  If they are unwilling to do these two things, then the city commission is just blowing smoke to make it appear they care when in fact they do not.

Sorry, it started last night. I am just getting out of bed. I do have to go out for a certified mail. I think it relates to the city. If there is anything important in terms of documents I will try and post them when I get back.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014




Montoya does what he always does - he cannot refute facts so he does what? He writes distractions.  Not one documented I posted yesterday concerning Alex Begum is refuted?  Why?  Because Montoya and Begum cannot refute the documents or claims.

I cannot even begin to go through all of the documents I have on Alex Begum.  They just keep coming.

I am not running for public office.  My history is of no consequence.  Yolanda Begum is running for public office and her history is of consequence.  But Montoya cannot refute the claims so he does what he does - he creates a distraction from the documents and facts.

One post I rejected yesterday stated that 19 year old Alex Begum paid for his own criminal defense.  Having read all of the pleadings it was an expensive defense and no 19 year old without mommy and daddy's money could have paid for such a defense.

And to be clear about something, I paid 100% of all of my student loans and much of the interest.  The Department of Education agreed that based on medical records, which we now know to have been the initial stages of the hypothalamic dysfunction, to discharge the remaining interest on the loans.  Maybe a year or two earlier I had made one payment of $10,000 alone in one check.  At the time I was down - I could not function and the VA could not figure it out.

Once a person pays 100% of the money actually borrowed the interest under certain circumstances can be discharged.  There was no harassment of the Dept of Educ.  In fact the records show I gave them endless additional time to file documents.  The reason - the regulations were being reviewed.  They messed up and agreed as much in their final filing.

So what is the issue - a disabled veteran collapses and Yolanda Begum pays Montoya to trash the disabled veteran rather than directly address the claims against her.  Why?  She has no defense so the horribly dishonorable Yolanda Begum instead attacks a disabled veteran with half-truths. 

It gets better folks - this post only made matters worse - a veterans group will be handling the email campaign against everyone advertising with Montoya - Oscar Garcia was given the specifics and he basically said "go to hell veterans."  Well we shall see how well that works out for Oscar X. Garcia.

Being temporarily disabled is not a crime and a basis to trash someone on the Internet.  Are you so stupid that you cannot understand this?  How do you intend to handle intellectually disabled children during truancy hearings - you have shown your lack of respect for veterans and people who are disabled.  You Yolanda Begum are beyond contemptible to humanity.


When representatives of the Hernandez/Garcia family met with police Chief Rodriguez concerning alleged barratry charges against Luis Sorola and Mary Ester Garcia, Chief Rodriguez clearly stated he was bringing in ICE so this could be part of a joint investigation. He lied - in the same way he lied to Norma Hernandez that her police complaint against Zeke Silva would be amended to reflect her video taped interview - until this day nothing - she has not even been allowed to see her own interview.

 It is a very dangerous thing when we have a police chief in cahoots with the district attorney. This is how the bogus criminal charges came about against Sonny Pedraza. He filed claims of wrongdoing against superiors in the police department and then was charged with criminal conduct.  Justice Chew did not even let the case go to the jury.  After DA Saenz closed his case Justice Chew dismissed the case for want of evidence. If you think this cannot happen to you, you are dead wrong.

Alex Begum gave donations in kind to the police.  He had direct communications with the chief and other high ranking officials and managed to force them to bring charges against Josefina Canales [Fisher].  A visiting judge threw those charges out for what they were - frivolous.  It is not obscene to call Yolanda Begum a fake.

I can only hope the FBI extends the existing investigation involving Saenz and Begum to the Brownsville police department - there is no doubt Chief Rodriguez is in cahoots with DA Saenz to engage in official oppression and block valid criminal complaints filed against the protected, such as Mary Ester Garcia.

Now that I have the white wash report from Detective Rey Ybarra at the BPD, the criminal complaint is formally going to the Texas Rangers, ICE, FBI, and the Criminal Enforcement Section of the AG.

According to the text messages sent by Ybarra Saenz will not prosecute Mary Ester Garcia because Luis Saenz dropped the federal lawsuit - what about the bogus state lawsuit?  That one will get all law enforcement involved because of just how egregious it was.



EMPLOYMENT.  (a) A person commits an offense if, with intent to obtain an economic benefit the person:

(2)  solicits employment, either in person or by telephone, for himself or for another;

[the evidence collected showed Mary Ester Garcia approached the couple who sued Erin Garcia - their defense seems to be if you know the person you can encourage them to file frivolous lawsuits and refer them to a specific attorney]

 (3)  pays, gives, or advances or offers to pay, give, or advance to a prospective client money or anything of value to obtain employment as a professional from the prospective client;

 (4)  pays or gives or offers to pay or give a person money or anything of value to solicit employment;

[Luis Sorola paid for both lawsuits.  What the police have been unwilling to do is find out if Solora and Mary Ester Garcia encouraged the couple to seek an expedited wedding and waiver expressly from Erin Garcia.  What became clear to the investigator was, after the initial visit someone told the couple to not speak with the police - this by itself is a crime]

(6)  accepts or agrees to accept money or anything of value to solicit employment.

[Mary Ester Garcia works for Luis Sorola - this is what barratry runners do - they work for the law firm involved and then get paid as a worker to find clients]

(d)  A person commits an offense if the person: 
 (1)  is an attorney, chiropractor, physician, surgeon, or private investigator licensed to practice in this state or any person licensed, certified, or registered by a health care regulatory agency of this state;

(2)  with the intent to obtain professional employment for himself or for another, sends or knowingly permits to be sent to an individual who has not sought the person's employment, legal representation, advice, or care a written communication that

(F)  involves coercion, duress, fraud, overreaching, harassment, intimidation, or undue influence;  or
(G)  contains a false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or unfair statement or claim.

[The latter will apply if Sorola recruited the couple knowing what he was doing was for the purpose of fraud and in fact possible duress - making the couple believe they non resident spouse could be deported.]

Detective Rey Ybarra was so determined to make the complaint go away he did not even bother to read the barratry statute before interviewing the couple.  If you do not know the elements of the crime, then how do you know what questions to ask?

At every level it has been lies by Chief Rodriguez and his trained monkey staff.

But this is Brownsville and Cameron county - there is no law enforcement without outsiders coming in to stop the corruption of the protected.

I believe a key witness in all of this is now Gaby Garcia.  She cannot seem to keep her mouth shut.  It will be for investigators to get the entire story, but she is going around telling people Erin Garcia learned what happens when you F...k with Luis Sorola


Click for Article

Check the article out Mary - what's worse losing the run-off, or winning and then being removed from office after conviction.  The Texas AG prosecuted the case of Medrano after the Dallas DA refused to do his job.  Yes, he won the election, but then was removed after his conviction.

You might want to reflect on this Mary.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Below in Alex Begum's deposition he says his criminal records were expunged.  I do not have the order - just the petition and his criminal history.  I will show [1] as a matter of law he was not entitled to expungement of the record, and [2] one key record was never expunged and is still available for anyone to see. 
On the issue of whether or not his records should have been expunged after receiving deferred adjudication, DPS has opened an investigation.  If the law was ignored their policy is to bring a Bill of Review to have all of the criminal records restored.  I emailed the full 30 pages of police reports, charges and court orders which were obtained before Alex Begum filed for expungement of same in 2012.  For the record, this was after Yolanda Begum had already been tossed from the race for JP.
Now in my world, when my son gets pulled over at 100 miles an hour drunk, and under age, as a responsible parent I say take your medicine.  BUT NOT YOLANDA BEGUM - she used her wealth to make most of it go away.  IS THIS WHO YOU REALLY WANT AS A JP? NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE WEALTHY
Below is the charge of reckless driving reduced from deadly conduct.  The cause number is 680459.  According to the Bexar county clerk the file no longer exists because it was expunged.  But as the Petition for Expungement shows, no request was ever made for expungement of this case.

See Petition Excerpt
Now, although requested to be expunged, Bexar county still has the original charge of deadly  conduct on file.  See below  Now, one would hope Alex Begum is not dumb enough to try and fix this while DPS is investigating.
This is important because if Yolanda Begum believes wealth buys privilege in the courts, do we want her as a JP dismissing tickets for the wealthy and connected, or not enforcing the truancy laws against children whose parents are wealthy and connected.  Any good parent would have told their child to take their medicine for their conduct.
The next document is the written report of the arresting police office which clocked Alex Begum going 100 mph using two different methods to confirm Alex Begum's speed.  We just had a woman get 50 years for speeding drunk on hwy 100 and killing several people.  When parents like Yolanda Begum seek to use their wealth to play the courts, this is what happens.  Any loving responsible parent would have told Alex Begum to take his medicine.
The below report shows it was referred to the homicide department.  They chose to file the deadly conduct charges, but the DA decided to give the young wealthy Alex Begum a break.
Below is the summary which shows the DWI allegations
It is not me saying cause number 680495 was expunged it is Alex Begum and the county clerk.  This is the matter under investigation by DPS.  As a matter of law Alex Begum would not have been entitled to expungement of this record.  If in fact it was expunged it is DPS's policy to bring a Bill of Review to have the entire record restored.
It is possible Begum's lawyer filed a Motion to Seal on the 680459, charge and he simply misrepresented the expungement during his deposition.
When it was proven BISD counsel Baltazar Salazar abused the legal system to illegally expunge his criminal history I called for his immediate dismissal.  It was not for his criminal history, but  for abusing the legal system.
This is not an isolated event with the Begum's.  They have used the courts to sue people to try and silence them.  They lost both the civil and criminal case against Josefina Canales Fisher.  There is an FBI agent assigned to the alleged claim of official oppression by Luis Saenz in conspiracy with Alex and Yolanda Begum.  The documents show although Alex Begum has no criminal practice he gave Luis Saenz in campaign donations $6,000 - all after it was clear Luis Saenz would be the next DA.  Some was given after Saenz brought the now dismissed bogus charges against Josefina Fisher for obscene language to wit:  calling Yolanda Begum a fake.
Alex Dominguez and Yolanda Begum could have simply used the fact Margarita Ozuna who worked the Hernandez campaign was indicted and convicted for illegally harvesting mail ballots - effectively.  There was no need for a dirty campaign.  This simple fact would have gotten them the same result in the primaries.  There is no defense to this fact.
These same people who claim to speak for law and order spin the claims against Alex Dominguez before the Texas Ethics Commission and the nightmare who is Yolanda Begum and her son.
Why?  It is about putting into power the corrupt politicians who will pay them money, and not the best interests of the community.
In both these run-offs you have a choice of a candidate who is not Alex Dominguez who has the protection of Saenz on the misdemeanor charges which come with the ethics violations, and a candidate who has not taken  down her opponents signs, lied under oath in a police affidavit, and conspired to bring bogus criminal charges against Josefina Canales.
You either want to clean up this county or not.  The bloggers backing Alex Dominguez and Yolanda Begum are about replacing old corruption with new corruption and not the best interests of the community.

But then of course when your son Alex Begum is making donations in kind to the police, it is okay for Yolanda Begum to lie under oath to the police and say she lives at her son's law office.