Thursday, March 20, 2014


This is the Minerva Peña count. My source is telling me Chris Davis is showing consistent unprofessional conduct when challenged.  I was also told that a box he refused to have opened on election night was opened today which did include ballots.  There apparently are claims of another unopened box.  Several poll watchers have claimed ballot bags came in with broken seals.  I have yet to see the affidavits.  One poll watcher it is being alleged has already changed her statement from election night.

This county is incapable of a fair election.  The Elections Commission needs to call Chris Davis in and get to the truth.  If we cannot have competent and fair elections then what is the point?  If Chris Davis cannot guarantee to the Elections Commission that all of the ballot bags were secure when they arrived, then he needs to be dismissed.

If the poll watchers are lying then they need to be dealt with.

Here is a simple question, Chris Davis told me he did not know if it was illegal for Montoya to vote from an address which is not his address.  If this were the case then everyone running for office could just have their friends and family outside the district to register in the candidate's district, and vote for their friend and family member.  Of course Chris knows what Montoya did is a crime - but he cares more about covering up the fraud then fair elections.

If he honestly did not know it is illegal then the Elections Commission needs to release him immediately.  The matter is going before the same AG who prosecuted Margarita Ozuna.  It is clear to me and everyone I have spoken with that neither Chris Davis nor Luis Saenz can be trusted to enforce the law or insure this election was fraud  free.

Just because Chris Davis gets an A+ for bringing modern technology to the department does not mean he gets a pass for running a terrible election wherein candidates are claiming the ballot bags were compromised because the seals were broken before arriving for the count.


Anonymous said...

"My source is telling me Chris Davis is showing consistent unprofessional conduct when challenged."

Not to long ago, you stated that Chris was a person who acted in the upmost professional manner. It seem that your sources do not agree with you on Chris's professionalism. Not that I do not respect your opinion but are the opinion of your sources more realistic and accurate as per your previous opinion of Mr. Davis. You take pride in presenting your opinions on facts. Do you have the facts from your sources to support their opinion of Mr. Davis? If so, please present them to your reader because we want to support you on your statements regarding Mr. Davis.

BobbyWC said...

My relationship with Chris was very professional and easy going until I tried to get the information against Montoya for voting from an address where he has not lived for years. Like I said in that post he got all rude and unprofessional with me.

I have now had two people tell me the same thing - the second you ask him a question about how the election went or challenge him he gets very unprofessional - one person has agreed to speak about Chris threatening to hang up the phone over the issue of the unsealed ballot bags.

That by itself I would not have posted the comment - but I know how he handled me over the Montoya issue.

The Elections Commission needs to look into these complaints - if he is too thin skin to handle challenges or simple questions then he is in the wrong job.

But I am only going with the claim because he did the same to me. Otherwise I would have let it go.

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

In 1985 the Republican Party filed a law suite in Cameron County to overturn the election results from Nov. 1984. A Republican won the JP race in Harlingen by just over 100 votes. After a recount he lost by over 2000 votes. The recount touched even the Democratic vote totals. Nothing new in Cameron County when it comes to counting votes.

BobbyWC said...

All of the candidates need to file on Monday an election contest claiming the ballot bags seals were broken so no true winner can be determined. It does not matter what the trial judges does - what matters is the truth coming out so the people of Cameron county know this Election Commission does not care about fair and impartial elections.

Also if the evidence is there there is sufficient time to get the case to the court of appeals which I believe will order a new primary for everyone who is part of the election contest.

If the winners protest the election contest they will be telling the people of Cameron county they oppose fair and impartial elections and are prepared to win at any cost

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Because you make statements against the Benavides family I cannot verify I cannot approve your comment.

But be assured we are in basic agreement.

In the Hernandez/Pena election contest - Ruben lost but the community won because the trial transcript brought an end to the politiqueras.

Gloria Rincones fails to understand this. She is the one with the resources to file the election contest. She is the one who has been consulting with an election contest attorney in Austin.

The standard should not be if she can win the election contest - the standard should be will the trial show the people of Cameron county the count process was a joke and we need a new Elections Administrator.

A trial will expose all of the problems with the county from election night and the recounts. The people have a right to know this.

If she fails to file the election contest then all she is telling us is it was never about anything other than her seeking power, and not the community.

Personally even if she gets a new election I do not believe she will win. the lawyers are upset that she wants to make the 357th into a Family Law Court. This is what cost her the election. This will not change with a new election.

I also want to be clear no one is alleging any candidate was involved in the problems. It is 100% on Chris Davis.

I am certain that Juan Magallanes would handle himself with dignity and allow the admissible evidence to move forward if a contest is filed. He is not being accused of any wrongdoing.

This entire thing is so sad because both Juan and Gloria ran very dignified campaigns. The lawyers did what should happen in an election. They looked to an issue they cared about - having only one family law judge, and voted what they believed to be best. This is how elections should be decided. For me other than the ballot issue, this was a perfect election in terms of the candidates. A decision was made on the merits of their valid differences.

I can say I am very proud to have had both of them run. You can agree or disagree with Gloria about the family law issue - but isn't it great that a substantive issue which matters decided the election - even if you think Gloria had the better policy?

Wouldn't it be nice if all elections can be won or lost on substantive issues.

A side note - I was torn between Albert Garcia and Minerva Pena for JP. These two were so professional, unlike Mary Ester Garcia that at the library they were yelling out to the voters - "vote for me but if not me Albert Garcia - Pena would say, and Albert would say if not me then Pena. This is how adults and professionals conduct themselves. It is sad neither is in the run-off.

And like I said , Eric Garza and Elvira Ortiz are running very honorable campaigns.

And as far as I can tell Sylvia Perez and Arnold Flores are running very professional campaigns. I have not spoken to this campaign and will not unless either side starts to put out lies - but people who know me know I voted for Arnold Flores because he is least likely to try and redo the department with political appointees. You do not remove highly qualified staff to reward your campaign staff.

But both Sylvia and Arnold get my respect for honest campaigns and it is for you the voters on your standards not mine to decide who should win.

Bobby WC