Tuesday, March 18, 2014


One of the few things which will get me talking about Brownsville in a very positive light is its parks.  I have had many an enjoyable day at Morningside and Dean Porter park.  Dean Porter is midway between my house and Bela's home so we spend a lot of time at Dean Porter.  I love Washington park and its water fountain.  I love how the city decorates it for the holidays.  I wish the city could afford to buy all of the land around Washington park and on the weekends turn it into a small flee market with food vendors and music.  Even Cabler park is great - when Bela is at my home we sometimes go to Cabler park.

I have been to Lincoln park while being one of two people in the park.  When my roommate was taking classes at TSC between classes we would sometimes go and shoot hoops.  It is not a very used park.

I am on the fence about the entire deal.  You cannot live life making decisions based on jaded opinions of the players.  If the current safety rules for NASA applied in 1969, we would still not have been to the moon.  If the environmental rules of today applied when Hoover Dam was built California and the western part of the US would be a different place than it is today.

Hoover Dam caused major problems with the environment, but as a civilization we are a lot better off because of the environmental sacrifices which were made so we could have the dam.  World environmentalist condemned China over its latest dam project, but what was China to do? - go without water and electricity.  There is a balance.  I have no idea where it is, but progress sometimes trumps the environment and immediate needs of the people.

While I do not believe the Chinese are ever going to build a canal across Nicarargua, world environmentalist are besides themselves over the damage which will be done to the environment if the canal is built.  Under today's standards the Panama Canal never would have been built.  We are a better and healthier world because of the Panama Canal.  A Nicaraguan canal will cause short term damage to the environment.  But right now lake Nicaragua which is a key part of the new canal is all but a cesspool of raw sewage.  A canal would mean cleaning the lake and creating a water treatment plant and bringing an end to the pollution.  It will bring better jobs to some of the poorest people in the hemisphere.  Yes, long term progress always means short term sacrifices.

The former UTB will never be more than a satellite campus to UT RGV based primarily in Edinburg with the administrative offices in McAllen.  McAllen has a real airport with easy access to the highway and more choices for travel.  McAllen has a bookstore - something educators tend to like.  McAllen has the McAllen Center for better quality of life options. Brownsville has no chance of getting the administrative offices of UT RGV.    Our leaders are not smart enough to know the value of simple things like bookstores, or an airport which is not a shack 15-20 minutes from the nearest highway - still not too late to put a new airport on 511.

I love our bike trails, but academics and scientists care more about quality of life issues than a bike trail.  Our leaders have chosen to do nothing to bring modern quality of life options to Brownsville.  Yes, we have awesome parks and I love them - but it is not enough.

My view on Lincoln park is simple - if a large number of people are finally ready to stand up and fight for something, I will stand with them - in part because UT RGV has no real interest in Brownsville and these give always are a joke.  The other side is, if the Brownsville campus is to grow as they claim, Lincoln Park could become an important quality of life part of the Brownsville campus.  On campus students  could come to rely on the park for exercise and just enjoying the outdoors. 


Anonymous said...

Any University of this caliber will always need more space to build on in order to compete and provide a greater education. The people in the lower RGV have choices to leave and seek larger campuses elsewhere, why not here?
This campus had added so many degree options, it's good for continue growth.
Parks are created by a city as "fillers" in my opinion,
and other parks will pop up where we least expect them.
I don't agree with just giving the property away!
If the University has future plans for this piece of prime property, they can could afford to pay high dollars. Our city government needs to step up to the plate and
Be Leaders!

Anonymous said...

"if a large number of people are finally ready to stand up and fight for something, I will stand with them'

Well if that is not a battle cry that will cause people to trip over each other to fight, I don't know what will...lol

You are a sap Bobby, lead by example. Since when do you need people to stand for something, in order for you to stand for it? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

If you want to stand for something do it...without conditions. Your words show just how little you care about the issue. You just write about it because others do and you want to throw your two cents in.

BobbyWC said...

You do not even know the meaning of the word sap but yet you use it.

The BV has written repeatedly the battles belong to the community. My point is simple - if the community is finally willing to fight for something I will join them. Brownsville never fights, which is why in this case if they are willing to fight I would join them.

Also you do not seem to understand the concept of a theme-

Progress means sacrifice - people like you would rather live in caves than move forward if it means giving something up.

My only point is, selling the park may be needed for progress, but if the people will fight I will join them.

They already seem to have leadership - they do not need more leaders - they need people who will join them.

The BV is the only social media to discuss the issue in context of progress and sacrifice -

You know, until you think out the entire issue you cannot form an informed opinion - something you seem to not enjoy.

If I believed for one second there was any chance the old UTB would be anything but a step-sister to a bad step mom and her daughters I would back letting Lincoln park go - but the writing is on the wall Brownsville will get nearly nothing compared to Edinburg and McAllen. McAllen and Edinburg are part of a large metroplex which is why they have already won this battle -only Tony Martinez, Juliet Garcia and a handful of their lemming followers fail to see this reality.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"but a step-sister to a bad step mom and her daughters"

This a perfect example of the incoherence that has come to characterize your blog. One cannot be a stepsister to a stepmom, regardless of good or bad.

It should be: but a stepdaughter to a bad stepmom among her fellow sisters.

BobbyWC said...

If your goal were to help you would say - you might change sentence .... to ,,,,,. But your intent to is to live your life being miserable and looking for things to say about people - how very sad.

I do not shy away from the fact my writing is going down hill. I know why - my doctors know why - I accept reality - I do not spent my life trolling the internet to mock people - your misery index must be very high.

As to my blog my readers grow daily - because intelligent people after knowledge read for substance and not to find petty things to point out -

but again simply saying it would be better is written as - would not be a problem - it would be helpful.

I have no concerns about where my blog is heading - far too many lawyers and elected officials call for information and insights for me to be concerned my blog is not being well received

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I thought this new University was supposed to be "regional" which is outlined in legislation passed. Up to now, all you hear is that UT system would like the Valley to be one region. Yet, the UT system issues an RFP to see which city can offer the most to land the main administrative offices. In essence, pitting one city against another. Very contradicting. And to top it off, UT system , just approved buying a whole city block in Austin for UT HQ offices WITHOUT an RFP process. Some things will never change. The Valley continues to be treated differently and unfairly compared to the rest of the state.

Anonymous said...

Misery index, good one.