Monday, March 3, 2014


As is the tradition on Election day I will make a blueberry pie and be posting results at 7 p.m.

To all of the candidates who ran clean campaigns - sit back and enjoy the night.  Have faith in God that he has an agenda  for you.  There is so much more to life than elective office.  If you lose have faith God has his agenda for you.  Losing to evil is not losing - it is being too honorable to take the  low road. 

We are desperate in Cameron county for lawyers to do pro bono work.  In my view that is a lot more honorable than being a judge.  As to the JP's all of the non-lawyers are on short leashes.  I fully expect in the next legislative session for the law to be changed to require all JP's be lawyers.  This will make reelection for all of the non-lawyers nearly impossible.  They will be grandfathered in, but will have a hard time winning.

To the losers - take away from the process a lesson and look for more meaningful ways to serve our community.

I have no idea how this nonsense is going to play out.  Word is leaking out about the early counts so far - no one can possibly keep an eye on that many ballots so it is all BS.

I know two things for sure - Joe Rivera will be the next county judge, and Luis Saenz will be indicted within 6 months.  My sources at the DOJ and AG are clear - they have no use for him and there are open criminal investigations against Saenz and Begum.  In the case of Josefina Canales Fisher they refused to reject her criminal complaint.  But to be frank Josefina Fisher is the least of his problems.

I will concede the Hernandez family has a really hard uphill battle.  They may lose the election, but Saenz will lose his freedom - so hey who had the bigger loss.

Good luck to all of the candidates who ran clean elections - and remember a loss is not a loss - it just means God has another agenda for you.


Anonymous said...

that is great where do you go and play bingo at, i would like to go play bingo.. best of luck next time hope you win big

BobbyWC said...

I play at the Knighta of Columbus on OPI

Anonymous said...

I think Saenz and the Begums will see me as a big problem. I will be speaking to the FBI as to the incident report that never made it to the DA"S office in 2009. I make a police report of a suspicious death of Micheal Begum Jr and it goes off the radar. Yolanda Begum goes to the same police department and I get indicted for calling her a " FAKE". I want to know if Villalbos took money from Alex to have this report not make light. Motive was money and always has begin.