Saturday, March 1, 2014


In 2000, the editors at the Dallas Morning News asked me who is the greatest threat to the US and I said, Vladimir Putin. One actually laughed. They asked why, I said "Nemitz" The transliteration is not exact, but it allows you to pronounce it. It means either mute or foreigner. You see the Russians considered anyone who did not speak Russian as being mute. Given later in their history much of the aristocracy only spoke French the word has an odd history. My point was Putin was an old guard Russian - which meant Russia is superior to everyone else.

I was trained by the same man who trained our military officers in military intelligence in regards to the old Soviet Union.  He was a former polish partisan who went on to eventually graduate the University of Chicago in Soviet Studies.  He still teaches at UTEP.  This syllabus will tell you something about how he teachers and where I learned the importance of creating an analytical model.

It was because of my training under Dr. Kruszewski that I was able to write a graduate paper two years before the Soviet Union collapsed predicting its collapsed based on glasnost and perestroika when modeled with the revolution of rising expectations.
It started with Bush and continued with Obama - this nonsense of meddling in the great bear's back yard and bringing the Ukraine into NATO was stupid.  It reflected a complete lack of understanding of what it meant to be a Russian. 
So now Putin has troops on the ground in the Ukraine and the US will have no choice but to concede defeat.  If President Obama does nothing he comes across as weak and empowers Putin to step by step take back the old Soviet Union's territory.  If Obama pushes for sanctions the Cold War is officially  restarted and we go no where.
The Ukraine NATO policy was started under Bush and continued under Obama.  We have no where to turn but defeat.  A new Cold War means more military spending and more national debt.  But this time, the national debt issue is going to take down the US and not the old Soviet Union.
As a nation the US is so divided we are incapable of uniting for our own self preservation.  Increasing our debt to China only empowers China more. 
We have Putin forcing our hand to increase our national debt by  restarting the Cold War and China being given a free hand to do as it will because without their money we cannot pay our bills.
Our greatness as a nation is only a facade believed by intellectually weak US Americans who think waiving a flag is all it takes.
If there is an issue, which takes down Hillary Clinton it will be this one.  Depending on what the record shows her role was in pushing the Ukraine towards NATO, as the new Cold War develops the blame could fall into her lap.

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