Thursday, March 27, 2014


Putin has completed his annexing of the Crimea.  The west proved itself 100% impotent to stop him.  War is not an option.  Europe is dependent on Russian energy.  Greece as part of NATO gets 55% of its energy needs from Russia. 

The only thing which the west can do to shut down Putin is to stop the flow of their energy resources west.  If this were to happen the Russian economy would collapse, but so to would a fragile European economy and Greece would probably end up in civil war.  Their economy remains on the verge of collapse as people continue to refuse to pay taxes to fund the government and the EU bailout.

So in the end, the U.S. policy of meddling in Russia's backyard has made us weaker and very vulnerable.

The U.S. created the monsters who executed 9/11 - which resulted in many of our privacy liberties being taken away.  The US decided to meddle along the old Soviet Union's southern border where we knew they were having problems with Muslim extremists - we funded the Taliban and Osama bin Ladin.  Our special forces along with those of the UK watch haplessly as these monsters played soccer with the head of Russian teenagers captured in battle. In the end the Soviets pulled out and our reward was 9/11.

The U.S. cannot seem to learn lessons from failed past policies.  Today's failure is the result of the U.S.'s policy of trying to bring former Soviet Republics into NATO and under western influence.  The policy has created a disaster.

China owns the U.S. - without China's money the U.S. economy would be in complete shambles - China now knows that the U.S. is 100% impotent.  If China cuts off the money we collapse.  My fear is within the year China will move on Taiwan and the U.S. will either have to declare war on China and go to the aid of Taiwan or simply allow Taiwan to fall to China.  Once that happens - the U.S.  will become a hapless portrait of  a lame horse claiming it can still run.

And before the idiots chime in - this began long before Obama - it started under Ford, Carter allowed it to continue, Reagan and Bush escalated the problem and Obama embraced it.


Anonymous said...

And all CNN wants to talk about is where is the plane. We could be at the brink of escalation leading to a war with Russia or China and all they cover is the darn plane

Anonymous said...

Take a nap BWC and go back and read what you have written on this topic when you have rested.